My Boyfriend Wants Me To Dress Sexier (Reasons & Solutions)

“I’m bringin’ sexy back, Them other boys don’t know how to act” Justin Timberales sexy back is the perfect intro for this post, I mean your boyfriend wants you to bring sexy back or maybe be sexier than you already are. There is nothing abnormal about what your boyfriend wants after all “ Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider” Okay enough jokes, remember that the older we grow the more open-minded we have to be, and we also have to learn to negotiate certain things in our romantic relationships, This doesn’t mean that he hates the way that you look so have a lot at the reasons why your boyfriend wants you to look sexier and we have a few solutions that work no matter what.

6 Reasons your why boyfriend wants you to dress sexier

Your boyfriend wants you to dress sexier for two reasons, firstly he wants to brag to his friends and show you off as his beautiful and sexy girlfriend and secondly dressing sexier takes a lot of effort doing this shows him that you care about his opinions and the way that you look to the outside world.

He wants to brag to his friends

Boys will be boys they love competition and they love the title of having the hottest girlfriend in town, this might be what your boyfriend wants he wants to show off and brag to his friends. He does this all because of the male ego, it needs to be fed, and what better way to feed his ego than to have all his friends and other guys looking jealous at his beautiful girlfriend?

Dressing sexy turns him on

There is something about a woman who dresses sexy that can turn almost any guy on, he wants you to look sexier because to him the sexier you dress the more appealing you are. Seeing you in a short dress or a sleeveless top will get his blood boiling and who knows maybe he will take lots of pictures of you or maybe he might not be able to keep his hands off you.

It’s proof that you take care of yourself

Dressing sexy is a lot of hard work if it were easy all of us would look like a modal on the runway. It involves putting on makeup, doing your hair and carefully picking out your clothes, most everyday working or university-going women do not have the time to do that.

If you dress sexier it’s an indication that you take the way you present yourself in public seriously, taking into account everything that we have mentioned about what it entails, women who dress sexy do put in the extra effort, he might be looking for an indication that you care about the way you look.

He wants to make other females jealous

Who knows what’s going on in that head of his, he might be motivated by making other females jealous for one of two reasons, he wants all the females to be jealous of you as his girlfriend or he wants to be a hot commodity among other females as if to say ” look, I can get any female I want my girlfriend is sexy” women love an off-limits man and they love a challenge so seeing him with a sexy woman will make them want him even more.

You dress like a man

Well, do you? Have you looked at your closet and seen the type of clothing that you have? Do you go out with him looking like David the trucker wearing long baggy pants and a baseball cap? There is nothing wrong with that but if you have a masculine dressing style your boyfriend wants to see you embrace your femininity just a little. Don’t take this as him not liking you for who you are he probably loves you but looking more like a woman would not hurt.

He thinks he has a say in what you wear

African men are notorious for this all you have to do is a Google search to see so many women who are told by their husbands or boyfriends what to wear we can put this down to cultural practices or in some cases the influence of the church ( but no church will tell you to dress sexy, but you get my point about the right to tell you what to wear). Do you know what background your boyfriend comes from, is he from a cultural family where the men can tell what women what to wear?

7 Things that you can do when your boyfriend wants to you dress sexier

When your boyfriend wants you to dress sexier you must do two things, first, you must wear what feels comfortable to you and second, you must negotiate with your boyfriend about the times when he would appreciate you dressing sexier.

Wear what feels right

If the thought of dressing sexier makes you want to run away and move to Alaska where they only wear long coats and hibernate then don’t do it, wear what feels right to you, and if he has a problem with it then its time to be honest with him about how all of this is making you feel.

Be comfortable in your skin

Let’s be honest society loves women who are sexy if Instagram is anything to go by you know that half-dressed, almost naked women are the in thing. But here is the trick to being a sexier you, that is to be comfortable in your skin with what you want to wear. You can wear the most beautiful or the most expensive clothes out there. Paris Hilton herself could give you a dress but if you don’t like yourself all the dressing sexier in the world won’t do anything for your self-esteem, so first work on that.

Dont give him full control

Okay, we know that he loves you and we know that him wanting you to look sexier is not out of the ordinary but wait a minute, don’t give him full control of your life including what you wear. Try and strike a balance between showing him that you listen to his suggestions and making your own choices. Be on the lookout for other signs of controlling behavior that extends beyond wanting you to dress sexier we don’t want this to be the start of a traumatic relationship.

Get help

There are tons of online resources to help you if you are stuck online boutiques are the in-thing, there are people who are online personal stylists who can help you get the sexy look that is right for you. Go to Google and type ” Personal stylist in Las Vegas” or Online personal stylist” You must play around with the location so that you find a stylist in your area.

Start small

You don’t have to immediately look half naked, start small by trying on a dress with short sleeves then gradually graduate from short sleeves to a dress with an open back. You can play around with this at home and see how you look in certain outfits, and don’t be afraid of getting bigger sizes because dressing sexy is not about wearing the smallest size, if you are a size large it’s okay.

Negotiate the terms of dressing sexier

If you are not yet ready to reveal your sexy self to the public start with dressing sexy when you are at home with only him, this is negotiating the needs and wants of both of you. Don’t immediately brush off the idea of wearing a little black dress if you are self-conscious then make it about the two of you and play it up by doing a romantic candlelight dinner at home and wear the dress and take it from there.

Know there is nothing wrong with his request

His request is what we can put on the normal side of things and he is not asking you for something that no man has ever asked his wife or girlfriend. It’s a man thing, all men want a woman who not only looks sexy but puts in the effort.

Why does my bf want me to wear revealing clothes?

Your bf wants you to wear revealing clothes for two reasons the first being because he loves the way that you look when wearing them, he wants to see you wear sexier outfits, and the second reason could be that he wants to show off to his friends that he has a girlfriend who is sexy.

Is it right for your boyfriend to tell you what to wear?

No, it’s not right for your boyfriend to tell you what to wear, you can consider his opinions and what he likes but ultimately the decision is up to you.

Do guys like it when you dress up for them?

Most guys like it when their girlfriends dress up for them, this tells them that you are making an effort not only in the relationship but you take care of your overall appearance, guys love a woman who looks and smells great.

To wrap it up

I have read many stories from women who write to us saying ““My boyfriend wants me to be more feminine“, or “My boyfriend wants me to dress up for him, I don’t know what he means”. Dressing sexier doesn’t have to be this big thing that gives you a headache, make it fun by looking at the different dressing styles on the internet and finding one that best suits your body shape, dressing sexier doesn’t mean you have to wear nothing, you can look sexy in a shirt or jeans it’s all about how you style it. And remember Darling if it makes you feel uncomfortable don’t do it, clothes are superficial and if he has a problem with you not dressing sexier…..well you know what I always say.