My Boyfriend Wants Me To Go On Birth Control But I Don’t Want To (Solutions)

“Dear Sind, My boyfriend wants me to go on birth control” Well Darling what else does your boyfriend want you to do? Does he want you to dress sexier, or delete social media? Okay, Jokes aside Going on birth control is an issue all couples face, but as the women in the relationship since it’s your body the final decision lies with you.

Sure, you want to make your boyfriend happy but is going on birth control the right thing for you? Have you thought about the side effects or do you want to do it to make your boyfriend happy?

Think about the pros and cons, and make the decision that makes sense to you, but if you have not decided yet, have a look at the solutions that we have and hopefully, your boyfriend will give you the same time to decide.

11 Things you must do when your boyfriend wants you to go on birth control but you don’t Want to

When your boyfriend wants you to go on birth control but you don’t want to there are two things you must do: Keep an open mind and gather information about birth control and what it can do to your body secondly if you still don’t want to go on birth control after gathering all the information then you can simply tell your boyfriend that now is not the right time for you to go on birth control.

Keep an open mind

Taking birth control is not that bad, I mean what’s the worst thing that could happen? A lot of women complain about weight gain and that is the most talked about side effects. Be open about looking at the different birth control options, don’t right-off taking the pill because you are afraid of a few extra pounds, and if you are worried about gaining weight just think about the clean, smooth, and beautiful glass skin that you will have, a lot of women talk about great skin after taking birth control.

Don’t feel pressured

You don’t have to make the decision the right way, yes he has suggested that you go on birth control but that doesn’t mean this week, this month, or even this year. Taking birth control will require commitment, be ready to commit for the long haul otherwise prepare for your baby shower. Tell him that you will consider his suggestion but that you need time to browse around and find what works for you.

Ask him to compromise

Since he came up with the idea of you taking birth control how about he compromises a bit, he can contribute to the process by going on Google and searching for terms such as ” Best birth control for women” or “ Birth control with the least side effects” or even ” Family planning doctor in New York”, whatever your requirements will be make him also work.

Get professional advice

We can sit here and talk about what you should do but darling you should go and see a health professional, googling everything is not always the best thing. There are so many family planning doctors that will give you the correct information. Don’t ask your friends they are probably in the same boat as you and God forbid you give each other the wrong advice, ouch.

If you don’t want to go to your usual family doctor because you are afraid that they might tell your mom and she might ask you ” Are you having sex?”, go to any doctor. These days you don’t have to specifically be a patient of the said doctor, all you want is information about birth control, not major surgery.

Know the risks

Besides gaining 20 pounds taking birth control might have other side effects such as a rash, heartburn, and even nausea, but these side effects usually go away after three months of taking the pill. Does your schedule allow you to take in all of these side effects? Will you be able to take time off work or school if you are one of those people who experience the extreme side of birth control?

Commit to taking the pill

The pill only works if you take it as instructed if you don’t, well you have a long future of nappies and bottles, but seriously if you decide on taking birth control commit to it. Make your life easier by eating breakfast at the same time every day or taking your pills right after breakfast.

It doesn’t matter when you eat breakfast the point is to take the pill right after your first meal of the day. Program your mind and set a reminder or an alarm and title it something like ” Take your birth control now”.

Use condoms if it doesn’t work

If you feel like your body doesn’t feel right or you are not happy don’t be afraid of switching back to using condoms and letting your body recover from taking all those pills. If you don’t like the side effects then speak to your boyfriend about what taking the pill is doing to you. Then stock up on condoms and make sure that he puts them on, it doesn’t matter if he comes up with the usual boyfriend excuse of ” I don’t like putting on a condom”, ah men.

Have an honest conversation

Some women don’t want to take birth control for religious reasons, if this is you then speak up Darling there is nothing wrong with following your religious practices to the T. And if you don’t want to take birth control because you simply don’t want to there is also no harm in that.

Think about other dangers

Birth control works, but it does not prevent other issues that are transmitted during sex and you know what I am talking about. Just because you are taking birth control does not mean that your health is completely protected.

Darling, do you trust your boyfriend with your life? So much so that you are willing to be intimate with him without using protection? A baby is not the only thing that might derail your life.

Look at other options

We are living in a new era, an era where male birth control is available and why not suggest that he think about taking it? The concept of male birth control sounds strange but it’s something that he can take if he wants to be intimate without condoms.

Do what’s best for you

If after shopping around and getting all the information that you need you still don’t want to go on birth control then don’t, simply tell your boyfriend “ I love you, but now is not the right time for me to go on birth control”.

In conclusion

After reading this post if you are still thinking ” I don’t want to go on birth control” its okay, taking birth control is not something that should be taken lightly, the best advice that I can give you is to take your time, shop around and then make the decision, in the meantime, condoms are your best friend so use them and have safe fun.