My Boyfriend Keeps Taking Pictures Of Me (8 Reasons Why)

“I have been dating this guy for 6 months and this is my first serious relationship, he is sweet and we always go out on dates. I have never had a serious boyfriend before although I dated in high school but those relationships were not what I would call serious. My boyfriend has introduced me o his friends and they all seem to like me. But I have questions, this is not an issue but I have noticed that he loves taking pictures of me where we go. When he picks me up for a date he will take pictures of us together in his car, he will also take pictures of the food and my outfit, I think that this is strange. Why does he want to take photos of me?” – Emily, Alabama

Her Darling Life Answer

Why do you think it’s weird for your boyfriend to keep taking pictures of you? Have you never had a boyfriend who does this? Being with a guy who loves to keep photos of you can be strange especially if this is a new relationship, but guys sometimes do get like that, they take our pictures for whatever reasons. Your boyfriend might want to look at those random funny stolen moments of you when he is alone, or he might want to print one of your pictures and paste it all over your city, I am only kidding.

8 Reasons why your boyfriend keeps taking pictures of you

Your boyfriend admires the way that you look, taking pictures of you is his way of capturing the memories that you make together.

You are beautiful

Oh, Darling, own it, and be proud of it because this man thinks that you are beautiful and all that he wants to do is have as many pictures of his beautiful girlfriends as he can have. You might not think that you are the most beautiful woman in the world, but for him, your eyes, your body, your lips, and your overall appearance is something that he can’t get over and wants to keep looking at.

He loved how you look

Suppose the two of you are always going out on romantic dates and every time you go out your outfits on looking great, your hair is in place and your nails are nice, its only natural for him to want to take pictures of how you look with your sexy Fashion Nova or Shein outfits.

He wants to show his family

Well, your boyfriend has a family, doesn’t he? I am sure that he has brothers, sisters, cousins, and aunts that ask him if he has a girlfriend. So whenever the topic of his relationship with you comes up, he wants to have the perfect picture of you to show them and say to them “ Here you go, this is my gorgeous girlfriend”.

Imagine him showing his family a random picture of you waking up not looking your best, he would probably get sympathy stares from his family and they might say to him “ Oh, is that your girlfriend? Okay, as long as you are happy”, Ouch, they won’t even comment on the way that you look because he might only have 0ne picture of you. So let him collect as many pictures as he wants to.

He showed my picture to his mom

Well, I am not putting any ideas in your head but when a guy shows your picture to his mom it’s usually a good sign that he is in love with you and he wants his mom to know the special lady in his life.

He wants to show his friends

Guys love showing off to each other and talking about their girlfriends, he might want to show them different pictures of you, and he might even send some of the pictures to his friends who live far away.

When a guy shows his friends your picture

When a guy shows his friends your picture it means that he wants his friends to know who his girlfriend is, he wants them to know that he is dating you and of course that you are beautiful.

He loves taking pictures

Maybe your Prince Charming loves taking pictures of anything so this includes pictures of nature, landscapes, and of course even pictures of you. Photography might be something that he does on the side to keep his passion alive even if he is not a professional photographer. To practice his photography skills he might use some of your pictures and edit them to test out his skills.

He wants to remember the moment forever

Ncoo, this is sweet, he might want you to remember certain moments for a long time and what better way to take a picture, if you guys are celebrating a special day, then DUH, his camera will be out to capture your special moment.

He wants to make a photo album

Believe it or not, some guys are romantic, he might want to take pictures of you for a book collage he is making, he might not give you the collage but it’s something that he will keep for himself as part of a reminder of the memories you guys make together. If your birthday or anniversary is around the corner it might be part of the gift that he will give you, something for you to look at and see how far your relationship has come.

6 Things that you should do when your boyfriend keeps taking pictures of you

If you don’t like it when he takes pictures of you, try speaking to him about only taking pictures when you guys go out on a date and that he doesn’t need to take pictures all the time especially when you are not feeling your best.

Be happy

If I were you I would put out on my best Chanel lipstick and pose away, what harm can your boyfriend take pictures of you do? It’s not like he is part of some secret cult that loves taking pictures of their girlfriends and doing some magic voodoo over the pictures, I know it’s an extreme example but you get my point.

Agree to take pictures at certain times

If his taking pictures of you when you are not looking your best makes you feel self-conscious then tell him to take pictures of you when you look and feel your best, that way it’s a win-win situation, on the one hand, you look awesome and on the other hand, he gets to take his picture.

Send him an album full of your best pictures

If he insists on having as many pictures of you and you don’t want to take them you can send him the pictures that you have even if you took the pictures a long time ago, hey he needs to be happy that you are even sending him any pictures.

Ask him for his pictures

Don’t be a passive girlfriend and let him be the only one who is making any effort to capture special moments, so once in a while ask him for his pictures it doesn’t have to be a picture of a recent date, ask him to send you pictures of him when he was young.

Ask him to stop taking pictures of you

You can ask him to stop taking pictures of you if this is something that bothers you, he might get upset or feel sad because we know that men can be fragile.

Ask him why he keeps taking pictures of you

Since he is the one who keeps taking these pictures he is the one who has all the answers that you are looking for, so ask him why he likes to take pictures of you. It doesn’t have to be a thing where you call a meeting and make it formal as some question when you are out on a date you can ask him “Baby, why do you like to take so many pictures of me, I think it’s sweet but I want to know why?’

What does it mean when a guy takes a picture of you on his phone?

It means that he wants to have pictures of you so that he can keep looking at the pictures, you love the way you look.

Why does he take pics of me sleeping?

He thinks that you look beautiful or cute when you sleep, the way that you look is a precious moment for him, and he wants to remember it. If you don’t feel good about him taking pictures while you sleep you should speak to him and tell him that it makes you uncomfortable and self-conscious.

In the end, Darling

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and what better way of capturing that expression than with a picture of you? Enjoy this time, and enjoy how romantic and sweet your boyfriend is, but remember to speak up if you are not completely happy.

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