My Boyfriend Keeps Searching A Girl On Facebook (7 Reasons)

Looking at attractive people on social media is normal, most guys love to look at females whether online or offline, most of the time there is nothing to it, it doesn’t mean anything. Looking at a woman on Facebook becomes a problem if your boyfriend starts acting obsessed, compares the way that you look to this other female, or actively sends her direct messages or chats with her offline, like on WhatsApp.

But what is up with this particular female that your boyfriend keeps looking at? Is there something going on between the two?

6 Reasons why your boyfriend keeps searching a girl on Facebook

There are two reasons why your boyfriend keeps searching a girl on Facebook, the first reason could be that all of this is innocent and he just likes to see what she is up to, the second reason could be that your boyfriend is interested in dating this girl.

It doesn’t mean anything

There are millions of sexy guys and girls on Facebook, these are extremely attractive people we all like to look at. I might scroll through the profile of a cute guy or one who has his shirt off, and I might do that several times a week because the guy in question is sexy. But does that mean I want to leave my boyfriend? No, I would never leave him, especially for a fantasy on Facebook. The same goes for your boyfriend, this whole search for a girl on Facebook might be innocent and means nothing.

He knows her

It’s hard to make a definitive conclusion without knowing all the facts but all of this could be innocent with no feelings involved. Maybe your boyfriend knows this girl and he has become a typical “Facebook luker”, you know those people who always look but never comment or send an invite. I have plenty of people that I know on Facebook, but I never send them an invite, but on occasion, I like to look at what they are doing. Your boyfriend might know this girl maybe from high school or from where he grew up. But for whatever reason they are not friends and he has no intentions of sending her a friend request.

He likes her

There is no other way to say this, other than that your boyfriend likes this girl, how much he likes her is another question, but his searching for her every day that he is on Facebook, is a little suspicious, if they are friends, that’s fine, but if he types her name on the Facebook search bar, even though they are not friends and he is always on her page, he may have started to develop feelings for her.

He needs an ego boost

Facebook is a good way for your boyfriend to escape the realities of his day-to-day life. When he is on Facebook he doesn’t have to think or do much because most people use it as a distraction or a way to flirt. He might be looking for an ego boost, maybe he and this girl have been chatting and she gives him all the compliments that he wants, compliments that you no longer say to him. She tells him all the time that he is good-looking and sexy, and this is not your fault, but as women, we get comfortable in our relationships and we forget that our boyfriends have feelings.

He is planning to cheat

If he always looks at her Facebook page, you need to ask yourself the question “Why would he keep looking at the same girl if he has no intentions of eventually talking to her?”, and do you know if he has reached out to her? Are they chatting via Facebook DM? Are they even chatting on WhatsApp, his attraction to her might eventually lead him to cheat.

He doesn’t think that you are enough

He might be biding his time until his dream woman comes along, the girl he wants to be committed to, and by all accounts he may be a great boyfriend to you, but guys can be in committed relationships without intending to stay forever. Plenty of guys date girls for years, even decades just for the sake of dating, and once again, he might love you, but if his perfect girl or dream woman would ever say yes to him, he would be out the door in less than a minute.

They have something going

Without sounding too direct, they might have a relationship going that you do not know about, they might still be flirting on Facebook Messenger but there is a relationship that is happening.

7 Things you can do when your boyfriend keeps searching a girl on Facebook

If he keeps searching for the same girl, you need to speak to him and tell him that what he is doing is making you uncomfortable, if he acts defensive or makes you feel like you are overreacting then you need to think about the future of your relationship.

Ask him what is going on

Well, he is the one on Facebook, he is the one looking at this girl and he is the one who should answer the question as to why he is looking at this girl all the time. Don’t make a big deal out of asking him, no, you are not being clingy or insecure, you just want to know why he keeps searching and looking at the same girl. If the tables were turned? Would he like it if you looked at the same guy over and over again?

Keep your guard up

Girl, now is not the time to slumber, keep your eyes open to see if he has any intentions of taking his obsession with this girl to another level. If he was obsessed with his friend it would be fine because friends can obsess over each other without any feelings going on, but if he is obsessed over a stranger who looks sexy, and could be his next girlfriend, then keep your guard up. Do not be paranoid, but watch out so that you don’t emotionally and financially invest in the relationship, while he has emotionally checked out.

Ask him to get rid of his Facebook account

If this is a committed relationship and you know that he would not like it if you looked at another guy’s Facebook all the time, you can ask him to stop looking at her or get rid of his Facebook. Now this solution might not work because if he wants to cheat he will do it, with or without a Facebook account.

Monitor his reaction

When you ask him to stop chatting or looking at this girl on Facebook you must monitor his reaction. Look at signs that might tell you that he is interested in her. If he gets angry, defensive, or makes you feel guilty, then you need to keep him in check. If he doesn’t want her there will be no need for him to get angry. Be careful, he might make you feel guilty or a little stupid for telling him to stop.

Think about the future of the relationship

Do you honestly want to be with someone who doesn’t know that looking at the same girl will raise alarms? Do you want to be with someone who will have to question whether or not he wants another girl?

Do you want to spend day and night trying to figure out his passwords so that you can look at the messages that he is sending? So think about the future of this relationship, it’s exhausting to play detective and spend your days piecing clues together and figuring out if he is going to cheat.

Call out his behavior

His behavior is intentional, he is a man and he is a grown man, it doesn’t matter how old he is but the point is he is responsible for the way that he acts. If he is old enough to be on social media, then he is old enough to know what is right and what will hurt your feelings.

Find a man who makes you feel secure

Darling, a man who loves you won’t be obsessing over the same girl on Facebook, he will also not make you feel like you come second. It’s all up to you, you can choose to stay or go.

Is it normal for my boyfriend to look at other girls on social media?

Yes it is normal for your boyfriend to look at other girls on social media, but it usually doesn’t mean anything, it is human nature to look at girls or people who are sexy and attractive but it doesn’t mean that he will cheat or that he is interested in dating them. But if he reaches out and starts sending these girls messages, then you should be worried.

My boyfriend deleted his search history on Facebook

There could be many reasons why your boyfriend deleted his search history on Facebook, he could be concerned about his privacy or he could be hiding something such as women that he looks at and he doesn’t want you to know.

To wrap it up, Darling

If you find yourself always looking at your boyfriend’s Facebook search history, then it may be time to let go of the relationship. There are many reasons why he could be looking at this girl, it might be completely innocent, but the only way to find out is to ask him, so good luck Darling.