My Boyfriend Wants Me To Delete Social Media (6 Solutions)

“My boyfriend wants me to delete Snapchat, should I delete my social media for him?”….Darling we have heard so many stories similar to this one it’s like a social media apocalypse. Before you press delete Hold on why does your boyfriend want you to delete social media?

Does he spend hours telling you “Can you put down your phone?, Why are you on Facebook, it’s time to delete social media”. What does he hope deleting social media will achieve and most importantly should you do what he says?

Wait a minute Darling, don’t delete social media just yet, it’s your social media. Have a look at what you can do when your boyfriend says you must quit being online…. Fingers crossed.

6 Things that you must do when your boyfriend wants you to delete social media

The decision to delete social media is yours and you must make that decision on your own, try talking to him to make him understand that you are committed to him but you must only delete your social media when you want to, not when he tells you to.

Do what you want

I might come off as harsh but you need to hear this from me, your friend, and your sister. You have to decide if deleting your social media is the right thing for you. If you plan on making a living someday or you use it to keep in touch with long-lost friends are you prepared to give all of that up? What if you delete your social media and a week later you guys break up? Imagine all those thousands of contacts or followers you lost all because your boyfriend couldn’t handle you being popular.

Find a middle ground

If he wants you to delete social media because you are always scrolling on your phone then compromise on the times when you will be on social media, maybe look at Facebook or Snapchat when you are alone.

Tell him to delete his

Love is a two-way street, if he wants you all to himself then you have a right to also want him to yourself, if he doesn’t want to delete his social media then we have a problem. What does he use social media for? Does he spend hours searching a girl on Facebook or keep in touch with his friends? You know what it’s neither here nor there.

Social media is not like the olden days you can make money from your accounts no matter how small a following you have, and even if you have no intentions of being an influencer it’s still your account. So ask yourself why you must be the only one who deletes social media.

Look out for red flags

I mean if he wants you to delete social media, what else is he going to make you do next? Will he tell you to stop seeing your friend? Will he tell you what to dress sexier or will he tell you where you should go? This may be the beginning of a long and traumatic relationship that might leave with years in therapy, look at his overall behavior.

Be the bigger person

If he says that you must delete your social media because he doesn’t trust you or because you talk to guys all the time, why not stop talking to guys? Delete all those flirty messages or hide them, whatever you decide to do make sure that he doesn’t see you doing anything that will have him second-guessing your commitment.

Make your social media private

This is the last thing that you should do but we will put it here as a last resort, while you think about your relationship. If you make your social media private and he is not your friend you can tell him that you have deleted everything, then again why do you want to be in a relationship where you have to lie about deleting your social media?

5 Reasons why your boyfriend wants you to delete social media

Your boyfriend wants you to delete social media because he is afraid that other guys will notice you. He has insecurity issues and thinks that you might leave him for men on social media.

You are always scrolling on your phone

Do you spend every waking moment looking at the latest makeup trends on TikTok? Or spend hours following the beef between Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber, and Kylie Jenner? Your boyfriend might feel like a second option, for him it is almost as if when nothing is happening on social media, that’s the only time you will give him any attention and that’s why he is pleading with you to delete social media.

You have too many guys liking your stories

Darling, posting sexy thirst traps is all fine and dandy but all those bikini pictures on Instagram, Tik tok or Snapchat will attract a lot of attention unless that’s what you want. Never mind, if you have a lot of guys spending hours liking everything you post and on occasion sending you private messages your boyfriend will almost certainly lose some sleep.

He thinks social media is childish

How old is your boyfriend? Is he a snore-fest who hates social media and thinks everyone who uses any form of social media is childish and we all need to spend hours watching BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, or Wion News to be somebody? YAWWWN. If your boyfriend is anything like what I have just described, then he will most certainly want you to delete Snapchat, Facebook, or any other form of social media that he thinks is childish.

He is testing you

This might signal the beginning of the end or the beginning of the worst relationship you have ever been in and you won’t even see it because for the most part, he might still treat you like a princess and you are happy, but Darling listen… This might be a test on his part to see how far he can go, to see if you will do what he wants you to do. He knows that social media is a big deal and if you are willing to delete that, who knows what else you are willing to do for him?

He is afraid of losing you

In all fairness to him, there have been millions of relationships broken because of social media. All you have to do is a Reddit search to read the stories of how social media ended a happy relationship or even a marriage. If he knows that other men want you and he is not bringing much to the table he is scared of losing you. And even if he ticks all the boxes as in he has a good job, treats you well, and is good looking his insecurities might be getting the better of him.

Should I delete social media for my boyfriend?

No, you should not delete social media for your boyfriend. This is his way of dominating the relationship by telling you what to do, it’s your social media and you must delete it when you are ready.

Does getting rid of social media help relationships?

Getting rid of social media can help a relationship because social media takes up so much of our time, couples who are not on social media have more time to enjoy each other’s company without distractions.

To wrap it up

Deleting social media for a relationship is not a decision that should be forced on anyone, even though social media is not that important it has become an important part of our lives. You know what I always say, find a compromise and never do anything that you are not ready for… this includes deleting social media.

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