I Want My Boyfriend To Delete His Instagram (7 Solutions)

Hmmmm…Darling, why do you want your boyfriend to delete his Instagram, surely you know that this is just an app. Or is Instagram taking him away from spending time with you? Does he keep on scrolling the app day in and day out? But can we blame Instagram for this?

My boyfriend is always on Instagram…..but does this mean that he should delete the app altogether and will deleting Instagram improve your relationship? So many questions and we have the answers, so here is what you must do when you want your boyfriend to delete his Instagram.

I Want My Boyfriend To Delete His Instagram (7 Solutions)

If you want your boyfriend to delete his Instagram then you should talk to him about the reasons why you are not comfortable with the way he uses the app. If he does not want to delete Instagram you must compromise on the times that he can use the app and if he has not done anything wrong you should also learn to trust him and work on your insecurities.

Ask him to delete his Instagram account

If you keep thinking and saying to yourself I don’t trust him on social media because he keeps searching a girl on Facebook and Instagram, then, by all means, ask him to delete his account. He is your boyfriend you know his habits better than anyone, but then again darling if you don’t trust him why are we here?

Delete yours

Lead by example if you want him to delete his Instagram well do the mature thing and press the delete button on yours. He might be on Instagram because you still have yours and he sees nothing wrong with it because you are also always online.

If your boyfriend wants you to delete your social media have a look at our post my boyfriend wants me to delete social media for great solutions.

Work on your insecurities

Yup. Is this really about him deleting social media or is this about you not feeling secure in who you are? Even if he deletes his social media who is to say that your insecurities won’t get the better of you?

Should he delete his Instagram you might find something else to nitpick like telling him to stop hanging out with his friends. Look into why you feel insecure and why you don’t trust his online activities before your trust and insecurity issues get out of control.

Suggest other things to do

Come up with other things that you guys can do besides watching him scroll through social media all day. There are plenty of offline activities that can keep both of you fully engaged, try searching for activities around your area.

If you don’t want to leave your home you can search online for fun activities for couples at home, and fun activities for couples near me, or if you want to involve other people you can search for fun activities for large groups.

Let him continue using his social media

What if he deletes his social media and nothing changes? What if he is no longer on Instagram but still cheats, lies, and doesn’t spend any time with you? That is what we mean when we ask the question Is social media damaging our relationships or are there other problems that need to be dealt with?

In any case, if he cares and can see that his social media use is affecting you, you won’t have to fight tooth and nail to get him to stop. He will limit his Instrgam use when you are around so that he doesn’t make you feel bad.

Find the middle ground

If social media is pulling him away from you then find a middle ground and ask him to go on social media when you are not there. To save yourself from the heartache of seeing all the posts that he likes and all the women that he follows maybe unfollow him until you get to a point where his social media activities don’t bother you as much.

Learn to trust him

He keeps adding female friends on Instagram…..darling Technically this doesn’t mean anything lots of men add women all the time and I am sure that you have a few random men who follow you because that is what social media is there for.

Men like to follow females because it boosts their egos and let’s face it all females are beautiful to look at. Does this mean he is cheating or planning to cheat? No, unless his online activities start to negatively affect your relationship then we have a problem.

I Want My Boyfriend To Delete His Instagram: Should I Care About Who My Boyfriend Follows On Instagram?

You should only care if his activities on Instagram start to negatively impact your relationship, if everything is fine let your boyfriend follow who he wants, learn to trust him, and try not to let your insecurities get the better of you.

5 Reasons why you should not care who your boyfriend follows on Instagram

  1. Social media is not real life: At the end of the day, social media is an online fantasy world and should have no bearing on real life.
  2. It doesn’t mean he wants to cheat or leave you: Plenty of men follow women on Instagram because it is what men do, they love to look at beautiful women but this doesn’t mean he will or wants to cheat:
  3. You must learn to trust him: Unless he has a history of cheating never let your insecurities keep you awake at night to deal with your inner issues.
  4. He has been a great and loving boyfriend: If he has been treating you like a princess and with love and respect then you shouldn’t care about who he follows on social media:
  5. Obsessing about this can destroy your relationship: Obsessing about his social media use can create an unhealthy dynamic that will destroy your relationship.

Should I be upset if my boyfriend follows random girls on Instagram?

No, unless his behavior starts being suspicious you should let him follow who he wants and learn to be self-assured and understand that if he wants to cheat he will cheat regardless of who he follows on Instagram.

Is it normal for my bf to look at girls on Instagram?

Yes, it’s normal for your bf to look at girls on Instagram but if you notice that all he does is spend time looking at these girls, doing things without you, and neglecting your relationship then he might be cheating.

To wrap it up, Darling

Be careful…in the bigger scheme of things social media usage is not a problem unless this impacts your relationship and he starts to cheat or becomes addicted and that is a whole nother post.

Evaluate the situation objectively because your insecurities can drive you crazy when he deletes his Instagram you will look for other problems and end up asking us why he deleted his Instagram, he will never win, because he is damned if he does and he is damned if he doesn’t…..all the best Darling.