I Want A Tattoo But My Parents Would Kill Me (12 Solutions)

My parents won’t let me get a tattoo and I’m 18….Oh, darling, did you know that it doesn’t matter how old you are, If you are still living under your parent’s roof they will always treat you like a baby, heck Even if you have moved out your parents will always treat you like their child because well…you are that arent you?

Tattoos are the in thing and can be an expression of who you are but your parents would kill you if you got one, but why? Why don’t parents like their kids getting tattoos? We have some solutions that you have to try to solve this…so fingers crossed.

I Want A Tattoo But My Parents Would Kill Me (12 Solutions)

If you want a tattoo and are afraid that your parents would kill you there are a few things you can do such as: Ask them why they do not want you to a tattoo, think about the consequences of getting one and if you are not living at home are over the age of 18 and do not depend on your parents you can make your own decision and get one.

Evaluate your reasons

Seriously why do you want a tattoo so bad? Do all your friends have tattoos? Is it because Miley Cyrus had a tattoo? Why? You have to get clear on the reasons why you want a tattoo, This is a permanent thing, and if you are going with the latest fashion or feel pressure because all of your friends have tattoos you could end up regretting your decision.

So ask yourself the question why do I want a tattoo so bad-? Not to mention the expensive laser treatment that you will have to undergo if you do decide that you don’t want it anymore.

Depending on where you are doing things such as eyebrow tattoo laser removal, red tattoo laser removal or even getting a tattoo laser removal machine can be pricey.

Think of the repercussions

Before you run to a tattoo parlor near you stop and think about the repercussions, In the bigger scheme of things getting a tattoo is not a big deal but if you have strict parents it will be. You might think that they will be mad and get over it but darling what if they don’t?

You are the only one who knows your parents the best. If your parents are financially supporting you will they stop? What if your mom kicks you out because she hates tattoos, what then? Imagine getting your tattoo and having no place to live.

Understand society

Will getting a tattoo send me to hell? This depends on what you believe in but understand that some people view tattoos as some sort of rebellion. If you live in a conservative town they might look at you differently.

The question that you should be asking is will getting a tattoo affect job? The answer to this depends on the industry that you are in, Unless your whole face is covered with tattoos there should be no reason why it should affect your chances of employment unless your tattoo is extremely offensive.

Demonstrate maturity

Some parents equate tattoos with being irresponsible so try to weasel your way to get their approval by doing the things that you should do, if you live at home do your chores, and school work and come home on time.

If you live alone pay your bills, come home for Christmas take your mom out, whatever you want, something that can show you are mature. This may help them see that you are an adult and getting a tattoo won’t mean you are irresponsible.

Dedicate it to your culture or religion

Sometimes getting a tattoo is not that bad if you can dedicate it to your culture or religion. Maybe think of getting a tattoo of Buddha or a cultural symbol that kind of shows you are proud of where you come from.

Look at the advantages and disadvantages

Think my darling, think do just fantasize about looking sexy with your new tattoo come up with a list of advantages and disadvantages for example:

Advantages of getting a tattoo

  • A tattoo can boost your immune system
  • A tattoo can help you with your self-esteem
  • A tattoo can help you land a job depending on the industry
  • A tattoo can help you manage and reduce stress

Disadvantages of getting a tattoo

  • A tattoo can hinder your job prospects
  • You can have an allergic reaction
  • Tattoos can be expensive
  • You can regret your decision to get one
  • Some people in society can judge you based on your tattoo

Understand your parent’s background

There is an obvious generational gap between you and your parents so they grew up at a time when tattoos were frowned upon. Some parents don’t even let their daughters wear shorts, so be pleasant darling, and understand the reasons why they don’t want you to get one.

It’s not their fault that they were taught that certain behaviors or things were wrong and it can be hard for them to deprogram their mind from what they were taught.

Guage their reaction

Sure you are scared of your parents but maybe you are overthinking things, Gauge how they would react by saying something like ” Lisa got a butterfly tattoo Here is the picture How do you think it looks?” and see their reaction.

Get one

If you live on your own why are you super stressed about getting a tattoo? If you are not heavily reliant on your mom or dad and can do things for yourself you don’t need their permission you can hide your tattoo when you visit them. How long you hide it is up to you, but the time you confess it may or may not still be a big deal.

Pratice your response

If you do decide to be brave and go ahead and get your tattoo without your parent’s consent think ahead and try to predict what they are going to say. Try not to be too in your feelings and yell at your mom or dad, when your parents become angry speak calmly.

You know what they are going to say so why not practice you can say something like: I know you are disappointed but getting this tattoo is an expression of who I am, I did not get it to make you angry. I know the consequences of getting one but I am happy with my decision and please respect that. This tattoo doesn’t change who I am.

Let it go

If getting a tattoo is a recent fantasy that cropped up out of nowhere I would give it a few months before making a final decision. Who knows what has influenced your desire to get one, our minds can play tricks with us, one moment we want a tattoo and tomorrow we no longer want one.

Don’t overthink

Will my parents be mad if I get a tattoo? There is no other way to find this out other than biting the bullet and getting one. But don’t overthink it, they might not be that mad. Your mind might be super anxious because well… that’s what our minds do. But do not underestimate their reaction. The point is not to let this stress you to the point of having anxiety, it’s not a good thing.

Why are parents so against tattoos?

Most parents are against tattoos because they might be concerned about several things such as pain, infection, and the chances of getting employment.

In the end, Darling

Now that you have all the things that you can do remember if you do decide to get one anticipate your Parent’s reaction to the tattoo by thinking ahead a little. If this is just a phase then take your time because a tattoo is permanent.