My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Perfect (6 Reasons Why)

How lucky are you to have a boyfriend who thinks that you are perfect, if I didn’t know any better I would say that you have found the sweetest guy on earth. Depending on how long you have been together, it can be rare to get a compliment from your boyfriend especially if you have been dating for years.

Life is busy, we have days when our hair is looking like a mess, when we feel and look bloated, or when we look like we have had a hard night. It’s great that your boyfriend thinks that you are perfect, in case you are not sure why, here are possible reasons why.

6 Reasons why your boyfriend thinks you are perfect

When your boyfriend says that you are perfect it means that he thinks the qualities that you possess are right for him. It doesn’t always have to do with the way that you look, it can include everything, like your personality, the way you carry yourself, and your body.

He wants to see you smile

If this is the reason why he says that you are perfect then you have a keeper on your hands. He wants to see you smile, he wants to see you happy and that is what matters the most in his world. Maybe you have been feeling down for whatever reason, maybe you are having a hard time at school, or work or you have been feeling like life is not going well for you. He could have said that he thinks you are perfect to brighten up your day.

He wants to set an unrealistic standard

This is sort of like playing mind games with you, for example, if he says that he thinks you are perfect, it can have you feeling under pressure to maintain that image of perfection. You might find yourself doing things or not doing certain things to maintain this image of perfection that he says you have.

You are compatible

Compatibility has a lot more to do with age or stage in life, it has to do with beliefs, cultures, and personalities. He might not think you are perfect because of the way that you look but he thinks that you are perfect looking at the bigger picture. In this case “perfect” mean both of you share similar interest, you laugh, you communicate and you have great energy together.

He believes that you are perfect

He is your boyfriend because he wants to be with you and not because he has to. It’s not uncommon for boyfriends to say these things when they find the girl that they have been looking for. So as far as he is concerned he has dated around and out of all the girls he has dated, you are perfect for him.

He wants you to stop comparing yourself

As women we all have our bad days when we feel like we don’t look good or we compare ourselves with how the next woman looks or even worse, we can go as far as comparing ourselves to celebrities. Knowing fully well that celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, or Gigi Hadid have all the money in the world to pay for the perfect body. Yes, even Gigi Hadid has had some work done even if she looks “natural”.

The point is he wants you to stop comparing yourself to your friends, celebrities, or any other female you keep comparing yourself to.

He wants you to stop feeling insecure

Maybe you are afraid that your boyfriend will leave you because you don’t look or act a certain way, if he tells you that he thinks you are perfect it is his way of saying don’t try too much, be yourself and don’t be too concerned about whether or not a prettier woman will take him away. Don’t let your insecurity create what you fear most.

5 Things that you can do when your boyfriend thinks you are perfect

When your boyfriend says that you are perfect you can respond by complimenting him to also make him feel good about himself, but if what he says bothers you, then you should work on your self-confidence so that you can believe him when he says that he thinks you are perfect.

Do something nice for him

He deserves something nice for calling you perfect, don’t you think so? Do something nice like take him out, buy him tickets to see his favorite football game, or cook him his favorite meal, do not do anything that is over the top, a little gesture of appreciation will do.

Don’t feed into the perfect image

If hearing that you are perfect gives you a bit of pressure, don’t force yourself to live up to the expectation or the word ‘perfect”, this can make you feel like you cannot mess up, like you have to always give your boyfriend 100 percent and that if you make a mistake, he won’t think that you are perfect. Free yourself from the unrealistic burden that this word places on you, if it makes you uncomfortable, tell him to stop or find another word to compliment you with.

Work on your insecurities

If he thinks that you are perfect, then yes, for him you are, but if you don’t feel confident as his girlfriend you are not going to believe this. So work on your insecurities, work on those qualities that you think are not perfect, and learn to accept a compliment with a smile.

Don’t compare yourself to other women

Being called perfect can have a positive and negative impact on you, if you are not sure of the woman that you are, you can find yourself spending hours on Google trying to find out why your boyfriend thinks that you are perfect, and you can end up comparing yourself with celebrities, Instagram models and anyone who looks like they are perfect, so spare yourself that pain of comparison and don’t do it.

Seek help

If you have deep-rooted self-esteem issues, that you think you need help with, now is the time to seek the help of a confidence coach like myself. A confidence coach will help you work through your insecurities, they will guide you and help you remove your self-limiting beliefs.

How do you respond when your boyfriend calls you perfect? ( 13 ways )

So you don’t know what to say when your boyfriend calls you perfect? we have a few things that you can say so that he doesn’t feel like you don’t appreciate his compliment.

  1. “ That is so sweet of you”
  2. You always know the perfect thing to say”
  3. “ Hey, I am perfect, but so are you”
  4. “ This is the sweetest compliment”
  5. “ Thank you, you are the best”
  6. “Wow, I feel honored”
  7. “Thanks, baby insert heart emoji
  8. “ You know what? You have scored yourself a kiss”
  9. “ I appreciate all of the sweet things that you say”
  10. “ If you continue to call me perfect, I might have a surprise for you tonight”
  11. “ Well, a perfect woman deserves a perfect man like yourself”
  12. “ I was feeling awful and you just made my week”
  13. “ You are handsome and perfect”

To Wrap it up Darlings

Calling someone perfect is the ultimate expression of love, it’s better than being called ugly by your boyfriend. Even though you are not sure why he says this to you, why not relax and take in the compliment, If he is a good guy, and he doesn’t only say that you are perfect but his words are backed up with action, he means every word that he says.

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