My Boyfriend Says I Look Like A Model (11 Reasons)

Your boyfriend thinks you look like a model, it’s the sweetest thing but why does he say this? You dont think of yourself as a model and you might not even look like one but he keeps staring at you in the eyes and saying “ Baby you look like a model”.

Where does this come from, what could make him say this? Have a look at all the reasons why your darling boyfriend says that you look like a Naomi or Cindy Crawford, and we have a few things that you can do about it.

My Boyfriend Says I Look Like A Model (11 Reasons Why)

He thinks you look like a model because of the way you look and carry yourself. You might be tall and have perfect skin. You also might have a unique way of walking which is normally seen in models.

You are tall

Models are known for being tall and if you are a certain height people including your boyfriend will always be comparing you to models. You will get a lot of comments from people along the lines of “You are so tall you should be a model” or “ You are so tall are you a model”

He thinks you are perfect

You might not even look like a model you might be far from ever being one but that is fine because your boyfriend thinks you are perfect. He loves your body, your hair, your smile, your skin, and the way you walk and those are the only model features that he needs.

You are photogenic

Every photo that you take comes out flawless, it is very rare that you ever take a bad picture. Your boyfriend loves taking pictures of you and when you post your pictures on social media everyone instantly loves your photos. Your comment section is filled with comments such as “ Wow you take really good pictures” or “ Wow your facial structure is gorgeous”.

You have a slim figure

Even though in modern society models are no longer slim, if you are thin people can assume that you are a model, and yes your boyfriend will keep referring to you as his model because of your body size. If this is you then he says you look like a model because of your weight.

You have striking features

Have you seen how models look? Most models are not only tall and slim but they have something unique about them usually very striking facial features. You hear of models doing cosmetic surgery a lot because having striking cheekbones can make or break a model’s career. Cheekbones, flawless skin, and the perfect nose make up a model’s face.

This is what sells brands, advertisers and designers want models that have interesting facial features because people are more likely to take a second look. So look at yourself in the mirror. Is your skin flawless, do you have bone density or do people always compliment you on how lovely your cheekbones are? This could be one of the reasons your boyfriend says that you look like a model.

You have beautiful skin

Beautiful skin is an obsession in the beauty industry, and to be honest women all over the world are obsessed with flawless skin even if they are not models. Your skin might be flawless and without any pimples.

You might even have what is called glass skin. Do you know the kind of skin that women from South Korea have? Glass-like skin is skin that is soft and shines, most of the time you won’t need makeup only a few very expensive skin products.

You have great taste in fashion

If your fashion sense is anything like Victoria Beckham, Kimora Lee Simons, or Tyra Banks then it is safe to assume that your boyfriend will say that you look like a model. Models have great fashion taste and push the limits often wearing clothes that people who aren’t models would never wear.

You walk like a model

You walk like you are walking on water with your chest forward and shoulders back, you hold your head high and stride with confidence. Walking with confidence is what models do, and if you also do this this is the reason why your boyfriend says this.

It’s the way you carry yourself

You carry yourself with class and grace, you say please and thank you. Your makeup is always looking good. Your handbag always matches what you are wearing, your nails are always up to date. Does this sound like you?

He thinks you are vain

While his compliment is great he might also secretly think you are vain. He might think the only thing you care about is beauty, fashion, and what people think of you, so his compliment might be good or bad.

My Boyfriend Says I Look Like A Model: 4 Things To Do When Your Boyfriend Says You Look Like A Model

When he says that you look like a model appreciate the compliment and thank him for being sweet. Dont compare yourself to other females, remain humble and dont let the compliments get to your head.

Learn to appreciate a compliment

Oh, darling, this is your boyfriend and he loves showering you with compliments why not learn to enjoy what he says? Now is not the time to be modest, gone are the days when females had to be shy about their appearance. You are beautiful and you should be proud.

Dont compare yourself to other females

This is a compliment and you should treat it as such. The last thing that you should do is compare yourself to other females. Dont ruin the moment by saying “ I dont look like Cindy Crawford” or “ My sister is the one who looks like Kate Moss”. This will just mess up the moment and your boyfriend might be turned off by your lack of confidence.

Tell him if you are uncomfortable

A compliment is great and a compliment such as “You look like a model” is even better especially when your boyfriend says it. but if it makes you comfortable to the extent of making you self-conscious and you find yourself staring at yourself in the mirror and wondering “Why does my boyfriend say that I look like a model”, tell him to stop.

He won’t mind, it’s about you being comfortable with your image. while you work on yourself you can tell him to ease up on the model compliments because they make you feel self-conscious. When you are your self-esteem is in place then he can start calling you Tyra Banks or Kate Moss as many times as he likes.

Dont let it get to your head

Sure, you have a body to die for and look like a model with flawless skin, but dont let all the compliments get to your head. Dont start thinking too highly of yourself to the detriment of other people around you. There is no need to walk around town screaming “Everyone says I should be a model” so take the compliments with a smile and keep it moving.

What does it mean to look like a model?

Looking like a model means you eat healthy, you maintain good body weight, you take care of your skin, you keep your teeth good and you keep up with the latest fashion trends. Models also develop a unique way of walking which is known as a signature walk.

To wrap it up

When a guy says you look like a model it can sometimes throw you off. I wouldn’t see this as a bad thing, usually, model compliments mean that you are beautiful and when they come from your boyfriend it’s even sweeter, who better to pay you a compliment than the guy that you are dating? Even if you dont look like a model, to him you are and that is all that matters.