I Want My Boyfriend To Wear High Heels (11 Great Solutions)

Okay, I see you want your boyfriend to wear heels, there is nothing wrong with that it is not like heels are designed only for women otherwise why would men also have feet, right? As long as your boyfriend is okay with the idea, the only thing you need to focus on is making him comfortable enough to wear them.

There are several tips and tricks that I will give you, these are things that you can do such as go shopping with him or play dress up, but these are only a few, read all of the tips on what to do when you want your boyfriend to wear high heels.

So are high heels for men?, yes darling high heels are for men, women, and anyone who wants to wear them.

I Want My Boyfriend To Wear High Heels (11 Great Solutions)

There are several things that you can do to get your boyfriend to wear high heels. Make it fun by playing dress up in heels to put him in the mood. Make sure you also complement and reward him. If he feels uncomfortable or says that he is not ready don’t force him.

Play dress up

Roleplaying sites for adults are full of ideas and free dress-up games. Why not try this? Tell him that you will dress up in some of his clothes and he must dress up in some of your clothes. Make it fun by doing a simple activity like cooking together or just walking around the house in your different clothes and shoes.

This way he can feel how the heels are on his foot. Make playful dress-up a theme, and start small so that you don’t scare him, once or twice a month is enough until he starts feeling comfortable.

Start small

Wearing high heels can be intimidating, not to mention trying to walk in 6-inch heels can feel like you are climbing Mount Everest trust me I know. Don’t make him wear your highest heels, take out your medium-size stilettos and have him try those on, this way he won’t immediately say no to the idea and the best part is that he will still be able to walk.

Although they are no longer in fashion wedge heels can be a good starting point, they are high enough but he won’t have to balance his walk like a gymnast on a tight rope.

Encourage him to shave his legs

If he is Harry Barry and has hair all over his legs he might feel shy to wear them because no one looks sexy in heels covered in hair unless that’s what you are looking for. Make him shave his legs, he doesn’t have to shave everything but just enough to make the heels look presentable.

Tell him what you want

If your boyfriend loves it when you take control then by all means do it. Not in a bossy off-putting manner, but in a sexy, rough, adult-kitten kind of way. If your love language is wild passionate love-making where he wants you to be more aggressive in bed you can use that to your advantage.

ProTip: When the mood is right, you can make it a thing, take control, kiss him on the neck, look him in the eyes, and say: “ I want you to wear high heels, will you do that for me?”

Don’t force him

I know this is your fantasy and it turns you on but darling play nice, don’t force him to wear them if he doesn’t want to. If he is uncomfortable he will give you signals such as putting it off. He might say “ I will wear them tomorrow” and if you are not careful tomorrow becomes 24 months later. He may also laugh nervously, or ask you if he looks good several times, learn to take the hint, he is uncomfortable.

Go shopping

Who doesn’t love a little shopping spree? so shop away. He might be uncomfortable with trying on the shoes at the store, let’s face it not a lot of men request size 8-inch Stilleto heels. You can still go with him to the shops and see what styles they have to offer. No one will know who the heels are for and you can always return them later if he hates how they feel.

Remember you can also use Google, did you know that if you search for high heels for men on Amazon or custom high heels for men you will find what you are looking for? There are plenty of stores that sell wide-width high heels for men, sexy high heels for men, and since he most likely has a large foot, size 12 high heels for men.

Get him excited

What’s the point of having a boyfriend who thinks you are perfect and treats you like a baby if you cannot reward him? Make it fun, don’t be too serious about it. There is no need for a strict reward timetable.

Make it your own by having a rewards list, something that he can pick and choose what he wants you to do for him if he wears the high heels. Your rewards list should preferably have everything to do with the bedroom.

Make the heels comfortable

You are trying to get him to love wearing heels all the time, but if he has a big foot or open toes he won’t want to do that so make it comfortable for him by getting proper heel support. If he has a large foot he might have a problem walking make him wear comfortable-heeled sandals so look into getting him extra-wide high heels for men or high-heeled pumps for men.

Give him compliments

“Oh you are so good-looking, did I tell you how hot you look in those heels”. I have given you ideas of what you can say so think outside of the box. But don’t overdo it, if he still walks around like a frog then he walks around like a frog.

Make the compliments as realistic as possible. You can also send him an “ I appreciate you quotes for him “. Suppose you don’t want to sound dramatic then say something like “ I appreciate the fact that you are wearing these heels for me”.

Create a safe space

Your boyfriend will never want to look at another pair of high heels if he thinks that you will laugh at him. This is not about him looking perfect but allowing him to embrace your fantasy and creating a safe space for him to feel shy, embarrassed, or self-conscious without you judging him. So avoid saying things like “ Why can’t you walk in these shoes, I thought you could do this, you look unbalanced.

Once again, reward effort with naughty things like dressing sexier or melting chocolate all over your body, I will let you use your imagination.

Give him the pros

You have to back your request with positive points to convince him to wear heels, so tell him all the good things such as high purple high heels for men will make him appear sophisticated, high heels are a turn-on for you, and heels are not only for females.

Is It Okay For A Guy To Wear High heels?

Wearing high heels is something that is now embraced by both men and women, if you hang around open-minded people it is not uncommon to see a clean-shaved man wearing heels.

7 Reasons Why It’s Okay For Guys To Wear High Heels

  1. No law says high heels are only for women
  2. It shows that he is self-assured
  3. High heels can improve posture and confidence
  4. High heels can improve height
  5. There are a variety of heels not only stilettos to choose from
  6. It shows that he has a great sense of fashion
  7. High heels can be a turn-on for romantic partners

To wrap it up

I don’t know about you but the thought of a man wearing high heels and being so comfortable with himself that he doesn’t mind wearing heels is such a turn-on. It doesn’t matter if he wears these at home or outside, the fact that he wears them is more than enough. If he hasn’t reached the point of being okay with buying his own, let him borrow yours, I am sure you don’t mind.