My Mom Won’t Let Me Wear Shorts (7 Reasons For Her No)

So it’s summertime, the sun is out and you can’t wait to put on a cute pair of shorts, I mean why not shorts have always been in fashion. But wait a minute…that’s not gonna happen, No wearing shorts for you because your mom won’t let you. But why, what does she have against shorts, it’s not like you will be the first person to ever put them on so this leaves you thinking Why am I not allowed to wear shorts?

Good question darling…We have a few reasons why your mom says no to you wearing shorts and if you want to sort this out, you must try some of the solutions.

My Mom Won’t Let Me Wear Shorts (7 Reasons For Her No)

Your mom won’t let you wear shorts for several reasons: She doesn’t think it will be appropriate for you because of the environment that you live in, your body type might be too big for wearing shorts, or the shorts that you want are too revealing.

She doesn’t want people to look at you in a certain way

You might not live in a dangerous neighborhood but you might be living in a backward community where all the girls only wear dresses and wearing shorts is seen as something only the boys do.

Or if you wear shorts they might mistake you for a lesbian (there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian) or some outrageous thought. Your mom thinks that you will get awkward stares and some people might laugh or even make fun of you.

The shorts you want are too short

If you want to wear completely short shorts and show a bit of skin, then darling it’s your mommy’s duty to say” No way”. Wearing shorts it’s not the issue but wearing shorts that are too short and exposing your bum is a problem, Maybe pick another style of shorts.

She has certain beliefs

Your mom might not be religious but that does mean that she does not have certain beliefs, not wearing shorts is something that she believes is not good for you. She might not even have a valid reason for saying no, she only wants you to wear dresses because she likes how they look on you, that’s it. For her, wearing shorts is not something that she wants you to do, end of story.

They are too expensive

What type of shorts do you want and have you looked at how much they cost or do you assume that your mom will be able to afford this? She doesn’t want you to wear shorts because the style you want is out of her price range, brands like H&M, FashioNnova, and Woolworths might be too expensive for her to afford.

Religious reasons

Religion can play a big part in your mom refusing to let you wear shorts. If she is a highly religious woman then it makes sense, because women wearing shorts in certain faiths is frowned upon.

You live in a dangerous place

If you live in a country or neighborhood that is pretty dangerous and more so for females then this reason is perfectly understandable, your mom wants you to feel safe. She knows how some of the men in your community act towards females and a simple thing like wearing shorts can put you in danger.

Remember your safety comes first, for you wearing shorts is completely innocent but if you live in a country like India or South Africa for example it might not be safe because of how some men act

Your body structure

If you have a bigger body it’s not that your mom will think the shorts look bad on you but because you are bigger-boned some people might stare. Usually in the media clothes such as shorts are advertised using smaller-bodied women, Society is coming along but shorts are still seen as clothes that people wear when they have a specific physical frame.

My Mom Won’t Let Me Wear Shorts (8 Things To Do)

If our mom won’t let you wear shorts the best way to convince her is to involve her in selecting what you want to wear, ask her for her opinion, and give her examples of some of your friends and how they look wearing the shorts, pick shorts that are not too revealing so that she feels comfortable with your selection.

Wear shorts anyway

Darling, If you are over the age of 18 you can not still be saying things such as “My mom wont let me wear what I want”, You are an adult you still need your parent’s permission on certain things but wearing shorts is not one of them so why not go ahead and out the on. I should warn you darling that if you come from overly strict parents this might end badly for you.

Think about what might happen, What if your mom kicks you out? Or worse, she never stops talking about it? Yes, it’s a small thing but it happens. Maybe you can be a little sneaky if you are going to meet your friend why not wear a long dress at home and wear shorts underneath, and wear the dress when you’re on your way home? It’s a lot of work, but Darling we have all been there.


Speaking hypothetically if you live in a dangerous neighborhood or your mom is scared of what the neighbors will say why not negotiate on the days or occasions that you wear shorts? If there is a family holiday coming up there is no reason for her to not let go just a little. You won’t be wearing the shorts in your community you will be wearing them around your family, which is safe.

Lie to your friends

Ouch, it hurts to be the odd one out especially if all your friends are allowed to wear shorts, if all of you are getting together and the dress code is wearing shorts then come up with a creative lie, maybe say something like ” I fell so my legs are bruised” or ” My dog bit me“, you are young so use your imagination and come up with something creative.

Get your friends involved

Your parents don’t want you to not have any friends and feel left out, walking around telling everyone who cares to listen I have no friends because of my parents. They understand that it’s hard enough to be young, so take a picture of your friends all wearing Bermuda shorts and you wearing long jeans and show them how weird, awkward, and out of place you look.

Try to understand her point

You have to let go of your Barbie girl panties and put on your big girl ones, try to understand where she comes from, and then let the issue rest, once she explains why and she is adamant and doesn’t want you to wear shorts let it go until you are old enough or out of the house. Imagine if you had a mom who doesn’t care about anything, not even you wearing shorts your mom cares.

Don’t sulk

If your mom says no and means it, please don’t walk around your house with an angry face making everyone, including your siblings, miserable.

In any case, summer is a season that doesn’t last long, you don’t want to spend it in your room refusing to leave unless you get to wear shorts. You will make yourself depressed and for what reason? Darling, please enjoy your sunny days.

Wait until you are old enough

If wearing short shorts is your dream, to look like Cardi B or Kim Kardashian then hold onto that fantasy until you are in university or out of the house. Your mom won’t be able to police everything you do or wear, until then hold onto that short-wearing fantasy.

Learn to be self-assured

If nothing works you must learn to be comfortable with who you are and what you have. This is all a part of learning how to be a confident woman darling. Okay, it will be embarrassing if you are the only one amongst your friends who is not wearing shorts.

So it’s not like it will be summer forever, other seasons will come and everyone will have to wear something different. And in any case, wearing dresses never goes out of style.

In conclusion, Darling

We have highlighted different ways How to convince your parents to wear short clothes, Remember the key ingredient is to involve your mom in the selection process, maybe even allow her to pick out a style or two.

Your mom was once your age, she understands what it’s like to want to wear the latest fashion, so be open to her. If that fails, then Darling wait until you have your place and you can walk around wearing as many different styles of shorts as you want.