My Mom Wants To Kick Me Out (9 Essential Things You Can Do)

So you had a huge fight with your mom and she has decided to kick you out with immediate effect, this leaves you in a state of panic, you are not sure if she will follow through or if she was angry at that moment.

Either way, you have to come up with a plan fast so have a look at the situation one of our readers submitted and some of the things you can do when your mom( parents) wants to kick you out

Parents kicking me out at 22
“I am a 22-year-old female living in Seattle, I live with my parents and younger sister, recently I had another massive blowout with my parents more especially my mom and now I am being kicked out. I don’t have any savings whatsoever, I recently finished my studies at university and was hoping to stay for at least another 3 years while I find a job and save some money. I can’t approach my extended family because almost all the family we have are from my mother’s side of the family and I am not that close to them, It also doesn’t help that I only have a handful of friends ( we honestly don’t talk much) and they wouldn’t be in a position to give me a place to stay, I am at a loss. I have no idea what to do or where to go”- Anonymous

9 Things you can do when your mom kicks you out

If your mom is kicking you out with no warning the first thing you should do is to ask her to give you a few days to find alternative accommodation, secondly, try and see if you can change her mind, lastly, if that fails you need to find a place that is affordable, in future you should manage your finances well and stick to a budget.

Talk to your mother

This should be the very first thing that you do, give your mother a few hours or a few days to calm down and then talk to her, having pride will not let you win in this situation. Your main focus is to have a roof over your head. You should apologize and try and sound as sincere as possible.

When you speak to your mother, you should tell her all the things that will you do around the house or all the rules you will abide by. Ask her to give you a chance to prove yourself, this will not always work because this depends on what the fight was about.

Ask your mom for some time

Working on the assumption that your mom is reasonable, you can ask her to give you 3 to 6 months so that you can save a little money. Promise her that you plan on moving out, but that you are unprepared and hear what she has to say.

Accept the situation

It might seem like this is the end of the world for you but it is not, and it doesn’t have to be if you work to better your life and make yourself proud. If your mom kicks you out and you cannot convince her to let you stay your only option is to accept the situation, this might be something that turns out to be the best thing to ever happen to you.

Look for work

If you are over the age of 16 you should find work around your neighborhood. Fortunately, fast food and server jobs are not hard to come by, even though you will have to work long hours, this will give you a chance to get out of the house, save some money and maybe even end up finding a place to stay with your new coworkers.

If you have a car, this is a bonus, you can register your car with cab companies or deliver food around your area, this is the time to think outside of the box.

If you have a University degree it can be so tempting to sit and wait for a job that is related to what you studied at Uni but don’t be afraid to pick up odd jobs, while you are waiting for the perfect job, you can work at a fast food joint while applying for your dream job

Ask your friends for help

If you don’t have any friends this will be very tricky, but look through your phone book and try and find at least one person who is somewhat of an acquaintance give them a call and explain your situation. Find out if they can let you stay for a few nights while you look for alternative accommodation. Make it a point to tell them that you will only be coming to sleep and you will be out during the day so you won’t be a bother throughout the house.

If they still won’t let you spend a few nights, negotiate to have your things at their place until you are sorted, and ask them to keep a few of your things so that you are not carrying a lot of luggage around.

Find a youth shelter

Fortunately, In America, there is a mountain of youth centers that will help you get on your feet. It will be hard but you can look for one that also focuses on helping the youth find jobs. If your mom wants you out of the house immediately and you don’t have a job, these youth centers can come in handy.

Safety should be your number one priority, you should follow the rules and most importantly, keep alert of your surroundings.

You don’t have to feel ashamed of going to a youth center if your parents kick you out because it’s no secret that there are hundreds of thousands of young people all over the United States who don’t live at home, each with their reasons. All you have to do is drive along Los Angeles, New York, and even Seattle and you will see a lot of young faces who have nowhere to go. Your goal should be to stay and work very hard to leave and be on your feet as soon as possible.

Focus on your education and career

Even if your mom kicks you out the things that she will never be able to take away from you are your education and career. This is your meal ticket and the foundation of your future. If your mom has kicked you out and you have not finished school you need to find a way to balance getting a job and going to school part-time. If you have to go to university during the day you look for a job working security at night.

Getting your High school diploma, University degree and any other qualification should be at the top of your priorities list, many young people have balanced work and school and have gone on to lead very successful lives.

Find cheap accommodation

Once you have calmed down your next step should be to look for cheap accommodation, someone in your position should not be looking for anything fancy, a room where you can lay your head down is sufficient. Almost all states have long stretches of roads where you can find affordable motels. Although not in the best condition by any means, they can help stretch the little money that you have until you can afford something better.

In addition to motels, because of the large number of travelers around the United States, you can find hostels, these hostels usually have around 5 – 10 people living in one house but each with their own bedrooms, they are very affordable and most of the time are individually owned so you can speak to the owner directly about your situation.

Strictly manage your budget

Now is not the time to go wild and buy wine, beer, pizza, and other non-essential items. In any case, spending your money on all of these things will give you a moment of happiness and then it will be gone. I am not saying that you can’t buy yourself a burger, but in your situation, everything should be in moderation. If you need to get a car, buy a second-hand used car, it should be enough to get you around.

What to do if your mom kicks you out?

If your mom kicks you out try and keep calm, make a plan, get your finances in order, find the cheapest accommodation, and take it day by day.

At what age can parents kick you out?

Your parents can legally kick you out when you turn 18.

Can my mom kick me out at 22?

Yes, your mom can kick you out at the age of 22, you are over the legal age of 18.

To wrap it up

When your parents kick you out it can feel like the world is against you, as hard as it will be in the beginning, you can choose how this will impact your life. You are the only one who can make your life a success, if anything this will make you stronger, keep your head up.

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