My Mom Wants Me To Wear Dresses (7 Solutions You Can Try)

My darling princess that is what your mom calls you, and now she wants you not only to act like one but she wants you to wear dresses, I mean you are her princess after all. The only issue is that you don’t like dresses, sure you think dresses look good on other girls, but not you, you are not a dress-wearing lady. This is causing a lot of headaches between you and your mom, on the one hand, you want to make her happy, but on the other, oh no, you don’t see yourself as a girly girl.

Chill out, and relax, we have a few magic tricks you can try to get your mom off your back, and enjoy wearing whatever you want.

7 Things you can try when your mom wants you to wear dresses

If your mom wants you to wear dresses and you don’t like them, talk to her about how you can compromise, if you wearing dresses is important to her, then negotiate on the occasions that you must wear dresses and the times when she lets you wear what you want. If you are over the age of 18, you can stand your ground and let your mom know you won’t wear dresses and are comfortable with your style.

Be yourself

The most important thing you should do is to keep your authenticity, the things that make you unique. If you don’t like wearing dresses, that is fine, it’s who you are and you don’t have to change for anyone. Wearing dresses should be something you feel comfortable doing, even if you don’t wear dresses it doesn’t change the awesome person that you are.


If you live under your mom’s roof, it doesn’t matter how old you are, the fact of the matter is you will have to stick to her rules. It’s not all lost because you can talk to your mom and come up with a game plan. So if she wants you to wear dresses to church, that is understandable, there are specific standards that you have to uphold, but it doesn’t mean you are not welcome, in a situation like church the men wear male clothing and the ladies wear female clothing. You can wear a dress once a week to church and take it off immediately after. When you pick out a dress to wear it doesn’t have to be anything fancy it’s not like you are going to the Aoc met gala.

You can also comprise when it comes to events such as weddings where you must wear formal dresses and gowns to fit in with everyone. You can even wear what you want to wear under your dress, to make the taking off easier, how about that?

Listen to your mother

We come from different backgrounds and cultures and if you come from a culture where the women have to wear dresses it could be tricky, once again negotiating will go a long way. Ask your mom to let you wear dresses to cultural gatherings or religious activities, but outside of what is expected of you from your culture you will wear what you want.

Try it out

You can’t put down what you have never given an honest try, maybe in the past you never liked wearing dressing and that mentality has stuck with you throughout your life. It’s okay to change your views, no rule of law says just because you never liked wearing dresses you cant change your mind. Keep an open mind and allow your mother to pick out a nice dress for you; you don’t have to like it straight away, but the point is to give it a chance. If you don’t want your mother to pick out a dress you can look at the latest trends in magazines or ask a shop assistant to give you her opinion on what to wear.

Have an honest conversation

Have you ever sat down with your mother and told her why you don’t like wearing dresses and what you are comfortable with? Does she know your thoughts or have you always done what she has told you to do? If you have never spoken up she can’t be blamed for passing on her style requirements to you. If you have always allowed your mother to pick anything for you even as a young adult, then it’s time to speak up. All mothers know that there will come a time when their children have opinions about what they want to wear, and this conversation will not come as a surprise to her.

You can show your mother you have a fashion sense, you don’t have to prove that you are a fashionista, present a comfortable look for you.

When you speak to her, don’t make her feel like she has no sense of style or that what she has picked out for you in the past was not good. Instead, let her know that you are evolving as an individual and that your sense of style is different from what she grew up with.

Don’t act irrationally

As frustrating as this can be, don’t overreact, screaming, shouting, or storming out is not the way to do it, and will most likely irritate your mom. The only way to convince your mom to let you wear what you is is by showing her how secure you are in who you are and what you like to wear. Don’t force her to accept the fact that dresses are not your thing. Another thing you should avoid doing is comparing her to other moms, now that is the danger zone, abort the mission.

Move out( or wait until you are 18)

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, you can move out when you are 18, or if you are way older than 18, you need to start planning your exit from your mom’s house. She can’t control what she cannot see, having a place of your own will allow you the much-needed freedom to not wear dresses, you can wear, pant, shorts, or anything you fancy.

The only person who will ever has some sort of say in what you wear is your employer, every organization has a dress code, other than that you are good to go.

To wrap it up

I still say don’t knock it till you try it and if you have tried it and don’t like it, there is nothing wrong with that. Lots of females don’t wear dresses and it doesn’t make them any less female because they wear boy clothing. Your mom could have a valid reason for wanting you to wear dresses, don’t forget you grew up in different generations. There are so many things that are different, for example, Fast fashion is something your mom may not be aware of because it wasn’t around when she was growing up. She could also be thinking about so many things such as modesty, safety concerns, or societal pressure, any of these reasons is enough for you to meet her halfway.

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