My Mom Won’t Let Me Get A Job (8 Great Solutions To Try)

You want a job, you can get a job, and all your friends have jobs but your mom doesn’t want you to get a job. That sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? Why does your mom not want you to work? Is she afraid for your safety, are you still at school, do you have some sort of illness or does she want you all to yourself?

My parents won’t let me get a job… I know Darling getting a job will give you financial freedom, time away from home, and the feeling of being a productive member of society and that is what everyone wants. Before you sulk and have a big fight with your mom, read the solutions that you can try, and see some of the reasons why your mom is saying No way.

My Mom Won’t Let Me Get A Job (8 Great Solutions To Try)

If your mom won’t let you get a job there are several things that you can do such as: Negotiate and ask her if you can work during the holidays, convince her that you are ready for the pressures that come with working by showing her how responsible you are at home and lastly if you are over the age of 18 you can make your own decision without your mother’s permission.

Get an explanation

Ask your mother calmly and rationally why she doesn’t want you to work, she is the only one who can honestly tell you the truth. You can say something like: “Mom, I know you don’t want me to get a job but I feel like I can handle the responsibility, what is the real reason that you don’t want me to work?

Show some responsibility

Prove to her that you are a responsible and mature young adult by showing her that you are accountable for yourself. Do small things such as cleaning your room, doing your school work, coming home on time.

List the pros and cons

Sometimes parents need to see things from another angle, so instead of only talking why not write a few things down like the pros and cons? This is another way of showing her that you are level headed, Give her a list of the positives and negatives that will come from getting a job, here are some examples;


  • Getting a job will teach me how to handle money
  • Getting a job will teach me time management
  • Getting a job will help me with my social skills
  • Getting a job will make me more marketable for other jobs


  • Getting a job might take up a lot of time
  • Getting a job might keep me away from my family

As you can see we have listed more pros than cons so do something similar…..

Understand her side of things

Okay, let’s look at this from your mom’s perspective as hard as it may be she is your mom she knows you better than you know yourself it’s not like she is saying no to you getting a job because she wants you to fail, and have a miserable life. Sometimes we have to accept it when our parents so no, even if they don’t provide us with a reason.

Plan ahead

Maybe you can apply for a job and not tell your mom and only tell her when you have the job and sign the contract. If you don’t already have the job she might not be taking you seriously because you are talking about something that is yet to happen. If you come home and tell her that you are already employed she will have little room to say no.

Ask someone to speak to her

If she has her heart set on you not working you can ask someone to have a word with her. You can ask your aunt, your friend’s mom, or a career counselor at your school. More often than not this might work because the opinions of these people will hold more weight than what you have to say.

Work during the Holidays

If she tells you that you need to focus on your school work that is fine, and it might be the best thing for you. But this doesn’t mean you cannot work during the holidays, so a few weeks before winter or summer break start applying for jobs so that by the time schools close, you will have been hired.

Make your own decision

If you’re over the age of 18 and you know deep down that you will not depend on your mother then go ahead and get a job. Only do this if you can sustain yourself, if your mom finds out and is not happy she might want to kick you out and if you are broke what will happen to you? Have a plan and make sure that you will still have a roof over your head.

My Mom Won’t Let Me Get A Job: 9 Reasons Why

Your mom won’t let you get a job for several reasons: She wants you to dedicate your time to your school work, she thinks that you are too young or she thinks that you are not ready for the stress that comes with getting a job.

  1. You are too young: Slow down darling if you live in a country where the legal age to work is something extreme like 21 years and you are under that age well your mom is within her right to say no. It’s against the law for you to work if you are still young, why would you want to break the rules?
  2. You had a job that failed: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again, That motto only applies to some cases. Maybe you had a job and were fired so that did a number on your self-esteem, your mom doesn’t want you to go through that again. Or maybe you had a job but neglected your friends, family, and studies.
  3. She wants you to focus on your studies: A job is a ton of responsibility which means waking up early and in some cases sleeping very late. If you are at university how are you planning on balancing the two? Your schoolwork is more important for now. She might be worried about how you will manage your time and if your current grades at school are mediocre your mom might be right on this one. ‘
  4. You have shown yourself to be irresponsible: If you have had a job in the past and did things like not coming home, spending all your income, and sometimes not showing up for work then your mom will think you are not ready for that kind of responsibility.
  5. She has a hard time letting go: Believe it or not, this may have nothing to do with you, your mom might be having a hard time seeing you become all independent. This is a good and bad time for her, on the one hand, you are growing up but on the other, you are growing up too much. She doesn’t have a problem with you but getting a job will mean you might not have time for her, depending on her emotional stability she might even think you don’t love her. You will only understand these things when you are a mom.
  6. The job you want is inconvenient: The job you want might cause some inconvenience if you don’t have a car this means that she will have to drive you to and from work. If she is a single mom and you have siblings this means you won’t be around to help at home.
  7. She doesn’t want you to be rejected: Overprotective parents come from a good place in that they want to protect their children from rejection. Sending applications and being rejected is a real thing. You sometimes find yourself working at a mediocre job earning a mediocre wage but treated poorly.
  8. She has experience: Your mom might have had a bad work experience when she was your age so she knows how some work environments can be especially to young adults. She might have had a bad boss, experienced bullying, was underpaid, or harassed. This is her way of protecting you from what she went through when she had to work at your age.
  9. She finds it offensive: Depending on where you come from, parents take pride in the ability to provide for their kids. If she has this type of mentality she might feel like you are undermining her. For her, it’s almost as if you are saying to the outside world that she cannot take care of you and she is not a good mother.

Can parents stop you from getting a job at 18?

No, if you are 18 this means that you are an adult, Getting a job will be a choice that you can make on your own without their permission.

To end it off, Darling

So what do I do if my parents won’t let me get a job? Darling… Think outside the box if want to get a job solely for the money and not experience there are different ways of how to make money when your parents won’t let you get a job. You might have to start small, maybe only work on the weekend, during the holidays, or do something online that will keep you busy but also keep your mom from complaining about you working for now.