My Mom Criticizes My Clothes (5 Reasons Why & Solutions)

Arrgh what’s wrong with your mom, why can’t she give you compliments or better yet keep quiet? This is how you love to dress and she has nothing to do with it. It’s not like you are wearing offensive or dirty clothes so why does she criticize your clothing choices? There are reasons why your mom keeps making remarks about the clothes that you wear.

Could it be that the two of you just have a bad daughter-mother relationship or is she a mean person? I will let you be the judge of that.

We have the exact solutions that you have to try otherwise this won’t get sorted but before you read the solution read the reasons, I am holding my right finger for you darling.

My Mom Criticizes My Clothes (5 Reasons Why)

Your mom criticizes your clothes for several reasons: She doesn’t like or understand your sense of style, you dress in revealing or inappropriate clothing or she is a toxic mom who criticizes your clothes to get a reaction out of you.

You wear revealing clothes

Oh darling, do you dress like Britney Spears performing at the MTV Video Music Awards in the year 2000? Not only is that style out of date but it’s way too revealing. Clothing that looks like sexy party tops, revealing dresses, revealing swimsuits, or even sexy modest dresses is a no-no for most moms.

If your stomach and butt cheeks are showing then I agree with your mom. Your dress sense is too revealing, and as a female that can send the wrong message never mind you catching a cold. If you wear see-through crop tops, shorts, cheeky bum shorts, and hot sexy leggings your dress sense is too revealing.

She is religious

If you have a mom who is all about religion whether it be Christianity, Islam, or Hinduism this could be the reason that she criticizes your clothes. You see if your mom believes in a certain religion then she is taught customs, rituals, and standards to live by. While I might not agree with all the rules that religions say we must abide by, I respect that everyone has freedom of choice.

For example, if you love the goth look you will know that most religions don’t like that look, it doesn’t matter if your look is a simple goth look, a cute goth look, or a mild goth look, to them goth is goth. So think, is your mom very religious? If she is then it might explain why she criticizes your clothes.

The generational gap

Your mom was born in a different time than you, which means her sense of fashion, relationship views, and life experiences are different from yours.

There are plenty of generational barriers that will impact your relationship with your mom, in her eyes, she might think that by liking what you wear she is a good mom.

Unless she is what we can call a cool mom who wants to hang out with you all the time she won’t understand your clothing choices especially if you dress differently from everyone around you.

She is a toxic mom

Have you ever heard of mom competing with their daughters? Yes that is what we call a toxic mother it’s strange right, why would your mom compete with you but it does happen. If your mom is toxic and a narcissist then she thrives off making you scared, insecure, and self-conscious.

This is what makes her happy because of her personality type. In this case, you have done nothing wrong because even if you would dress the way that she wanted you to she would search high and low for something else to use to put you down.

If she continues and you take her comments to heart this can have you saying this like feeling like I’m not enough, I have a very judgmental mother.

Now there are solutions that you can look up like therapy for toxic parents, but for this to work your mom must want to change.

She wants the best for you

It may seem like she is being mean but your mom is old enough to know that society judges us by our appearance as well as our looks. If your dress sense is too revealing or does not conform to what society sees as normal she may be acting out of concern.

The way that she expresses herself by insulting your appearance might not be right but in her eyes, she wants the best for you. If you dress super sexy and you live in a community that is violent or has strong opinions about what women should wear then she is within her right to say something.

My Mom Criticizes My Clothes (6 Things You Have To Do)

If your mom criticizes your clothes you have several options: Talk to her and find out why she keeps criticizing you, ignore what she says and wear what you want, or show her the latest fashion and what modern society is wearing.

Look at the latest clothes

Fashion is always evolving so why not open your fashion style and incorporate something that will make you and your mom happy? Take her with you when you go shopping that way she will see all the styles on offer and you can even get the in-store style consultant to help you choose.

They always know what they are doing and they will choose something age-appropriate for you, and they might even choose something that you would have also chosen, so your mom will see that your style is indeed not that weird.

Wear what she wants you to wear on certain occasions

Reach a compromise and tell her if she won’t let you wear shorts when going out you won’t, but you will wear them at home. Negotiate the days, terms, and conditions of the style that she likes.

So wear conservative clothing when you are out in public and take it off when you are with your friends or at home. But once again if you are 18, there is no need to do this, darling just grab what you want.

Show her what people your age are wearing

There are so many magazines and websites that you can use to show her an example of what people your age wear. This is not the 1940s when females only wear long-sleeved dresses that are down to their ankles.

How about you google something like the latest trends in fashion for ladies, fashion for fun, fashion for plus size, or fashion for teens? Make your search applicable to your situation and show mommy dearest the trends.

Let it be

Your mom is your mom but that doesn’t mean she gets to tell you what to wear unless of course you are under age and even then kids at the age of ten can pick out their clothes so what is wrong with you as an adult (or close to being one) picking out what you want. Eventually, she will stop and accept your sense of style unless she truly wants to bring you down.

Understand her reasons

If you dress like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton on a night out clubbing then your mom has every reason to be worried, it’s what moms do Don’t immediately dismiss her as a toxic, overbearing, and narcissistic mom.

Listen to what she has to say. If I were you I would ask her something like “ Mom, why don’t you like my dress sense, does my style bother you?” Or “ Mom, you are always criticizing what I wear, in your eyes what would make you happy and why do you keep on doing this?”.

To wrap it up

It’s just clothes darling, it’s just clothes, if you can stick it out try not to let her comments affect your self-esteem. If you can find a friend to talk to that will be a great idea. But in the meantime, if you live at home, tone down your outfits and wear what she wants until you are no longer living with her. And if you are already living on your own, then why are we stressing about this?