Mother Insults My Appearance: This Is What You Must Do

“Why do you look like that, why do you dress like that, why is your body like this?” Does all of this sound familiar? Is your mom always criticizing your appearance? It’s not normal and certainly should be something you talk to her about. You must be asking yourself “Is my mother insulting my appearance because she is jealous and what can I do about this?” Well, we have the solutions.

Mother Insults My Appearance: This Is What You Must Do

When your mother insults your appearance the first thing you must do is talk to her about how this makes you feel and if she continues to insult you, then you can get the help of a family counselor, ignore her insults, or move out.

Understand that beauty is subjective

My mom says I’m not pretty: What your mom thinks is beautiful you might think is ugly, for example, you and your friends have different options about whether or not Brad Pitt is the hottest man on earth. You might think he is not and your friends might think he is, and this is because beauty is subjective. Don’t let your mother’s opinion on what your appearance should be dictate how you look.

Don’t let her opinions affect your self-esteem

Unfortunately, you cannot go back and get another mom, if that were possible all of us would have done that a long time ago. You are stuck with the mom that you have so try to make the best of this situation.

Your mom might be saying this because she is looking at ways to get back at you, she might feel like you look down on her or you don’t love her so this is her way to hurt you back. No one knows why but it does happen. Don’t let her opinion of you get the better of you, understand that she might be unhappy with who she is and this is not your fault.

Take care of your hygiene

If your mom is insulting the way you groom yourself maybe she has a point, if you are always wearing baggy clothes or don’t care about your hygiene then maybe do something about it. Google will always be your best friend so search for things like how to groom my face, or if you have oily skin search for facial products for oily skin and see what comes up.

Talk to her

She is the one who is insulting your appearance so she is the one who should be answering the question. Why? Why are you insulting me all the time? Keep this question simple and direct and allow your mother the opportunity to express herself.

In her defense, if she is from the older generation she also grew up with a mother who would insult her appearance so she might not see anything wrong with insulting you. She might also think you have no problem with it because you never say anything to her when she does it.

If you communicate how you feel this will give you insight into other issues that you may not be aware of. Your mom might be doing this to get your attention because you used to be close but things have changed.

She might be crying and reaching out but doesn’t know the correct way and insulting you is the only way that she can get your attention. It’s weird, but the relationship between mother and daughter has always been a strange one.

Understand that she might be projecting

Well, you are your mother’s daughter, you have her genes and I am almost willing to bet that you look like her a little bit. If your mom grew up around people who told her that she was not pretty, she was too fat, or too thin she might be criticizing your appearance because she is projecting her insecurities.

You are her daughter a reflection of her, she is not talking to you when she says that you are not pretty she is talking to herself.

Seek outside support

If she continues to impact how you feel about yourself and you find yourself always thinking and obsessing about your appearance then it’s time to seek help. Obsessing about this will lead to anxiety which will lead to feelings of hurt and this leads to resentment.

This is not about your mom but about you and doing the best that you can to protect your peace. Get the help of a trusted relative, or friend, or if you don’t want to involve them seek the help of a counselor.

The great thing about technology is that we don’t have to leave our homes to get the help that we need. A quick search of online therapy services or online therapy near me will help you find a therapist who will intervene.

Do what you can

Maybe your mother insults your appearance when it comes to your weight, you might be slightly overweight. It’s not a train smash many people are. In the meantime keep yourself fit and healthy by doing your best to eat right.

When you have the time go to the gym or work out at home. There are plenty of at-home workout equipment you can buy or beginner home workout routines that you can try.

Be happy

Darling, you cannot change the way that you look unless you have a lot of money like Paris Hilton. And even then there are things that you can’t change like who you are. Your appearance is just that, only an exterior representation of who you are, so do your best to be happy.

Understand that you are not being too sensitive

Hello, your mom is criticizing the way that you look it’s not like you can go back and give yourself another face or a new body. You are stuck with the way that you look and if anyone tells you that you are not pretty or do not look good you are not being sensitive so understand that your feelings are valid there is nothing sensitive about this.

Understand her jealousy

What is my mom jealous of me? darling it does happen, millions of moms are jealous of their daughters for a mountain of reasons, but this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you. This means that she feels like she may have wasted time. time to fulfill her dreams, and use her looks to land a better husband, the time that you now have.

Move out

If you are over the age of 18 or are in a good financial position, my darling do yourself a favor and move out. Unless she has expressed remorse and is changing the way she speaks to you it will not get better. If you can find a place that you can afford do, so and protect your mental health.

My mom keeps commenting on my looks in a negative way. Is this normal for parents to do?

No, it is not normal for your mom to comment negatively on your looks, your mom should be building your self-confidence and not insulting your appearance.

How do I get my mom to stop commenting on my appearance?

You should speak to your mom about how her comments make you feel, and tell her the negative impact her comments are having on your self-confidence. If she continues to do this, get the help of a trained professional to speak to her.

Why does my mother always comment on my body?

Your mother is projecting her insecurities onto you, she is not confident about her body or looks. This is her way of dealing with her insecurities about her body.

To wrap it up

No, you are not being too sensitive your feelings are valid, and your mom should not be continuously insulting your appearance. Work on your self-esteem so that you can ignore all her comments, and speak to her and if that doesn’t help, you can create a bit of distance between the two of you.