I Lied To My Friend About My Age (9 Things To Do)

“I am 26 years old, No, wait I am 23 years old, no wait, I am 21 years old”, Is this how it played out in your mind when you lied to your friend about your age?, Darling are we back in middle school?

Looking back now that you have a friend was lying about your age a good idea? But wait….do you have to come clean and tell your friend that you lied? Is lying about your age that big of a deal?

I Lied About My Age To My Friends (9 Things To Do)

If you lied to your friend about your age come clean and tell her the truth, You can say ” I lied about my age and I hope this wont come between our friendship”, in addition use this as a learning experience to always be yourself and avoid lying about who you are.

Tell the truth

Tell your friend the truth and come clean It’s always easiest to simply say” I lied about my age, I hope you are not mad at me”.

Understand why you had to lie

Maybe you had a good reason to lie, you thought the friendship was not going to last, you didn’t think lying was a huge deal or you had a bad experience with former friends when they found out your age. Whatever the reason is, look for solutions so that you don’t lie in the future.

Get help for your lying

If you lie about everything under the sun not just about this one thing then get help before it causes problems in your life. You might get into the habit of lying about everything and find that no one trusts you.

Always be yourself

If you want to have friends then be yourself, don’t change who you are, and try as much as you can to not lie. Your friend will be your friend regardless. So work on your self-esteem and try not to say negative things to yourself such as Why do my friends like me, I am weird. Your friends like you because they like you, sometimes we don’t need to know the reasons.

Face the consequence

Every action has consequences, your friend might decide that she no longer wants to be your friend because of this or that she may want a little space to together her thoughts. She might not want to spend as much with you as she did, she may even do things with other friends and forget about you. These are the consequences of lying you might not lose a friend or the relationship might not be as close as it was.

Explain why you lied

I can also bet that the first question your friend will ask you is “ Why did you lie” so have the answer to that question ready. Tell her your reasons, and try to keep your explanation short. Avoid explaining too many details like “ Well when I was younger my friend used to think I was dumb I used to be alone, and in grade 5 no one wanted to be my friend and….” Your friend needs to know why you lied to her not necessarily your whole history with friendships.

Don’t make a huge deal about it

Sure enough, you lied about your age, but it’s not like you lied about something that major that would break the friendship. If you lied about something unforgivable like sleeping with your friend’s partner or lie about your whole persona this being who you are, where you lived, and what you did for a living then we are talking about something else.

Try not to sound like you are begging and don’t be overly dramatic and say “ I lied about my age, please please please forgive me I promise not to lie again, I need this friendship” Can you see how weird and desperate this sounds?

Be prepared to answer questions

Your friend might have a list of questions that she has out of sheer shock and confusion, be ready to answer her questions no matter how uncomfortable answering them will be. As your friend she has a right to ask you what she wants to know, It will be uncomfortable and you will feel embarrassed but do your best and answer any questions or queries she has.

Use this as a learning experience

I hope you can see how uncomfortable lying can be especially if you lie to someone you talk to regularly. If you lied to be accepted then think about the people that you are lying to, if you have to change who you are to fit in maybe they are not the ones for you. Use this as a learning experience.

I Lied To My Friend About My Age (5 Reasons Why You Lied)

You lied to your friend about your age for two reasons: First, you thought that she might reject your friendship if she found out your real age and second, you thought that lying about your age was not a big deal.

  1. You were scared: You lied to your friend because you were scared of what she would say. If she was older or younger than you.
  2. You were rejected in the past: In the past, you might have faced rejection because the people you wanted to be friends with were older or younger than you and they didn’t want to be your friend.
  3. You didn’t think the friendship would last: You thought the friendship was not going to last, so you thought that lying wouldn’t be a problem because you might never talk to that person again.
  4. You thought that lying to your friend was cool: You are used to lying about certain things so lying about your age was not a big deal to you.
  5. You thought it was a small lie: In the bigger scope of things lying about your age is not such as huge thing because people lie about major topics.

How do I tell my friends I lied about my age?

You can send your friends a message or tell her face to face it is always better to do it in person You can say “ I lied about my age, I hope you are not mad or feel offended”

To wrap it up

Eventually, the lies that we tell catch up with us, but the good news is that this lie is not something that your friend will be really mad about. Remember to not be overly dramatic and say it in a light-hearted manner so that she can pick up on your mood. If you sound too serious she might make a big deal about it because she will see that you are afraid of her reaction.