Why Do My Friends Forget About Me? ( Reasons & Solutions)

Out of sight, out of mind? Well, not exactly, when your friends forget about you it’s not to say they don’t think or care about you, sometimes friends forget friends. But if your friends make it a habit to exclude you from activities that don’t require a lot of forethought, then we are talking about something completely different.

This leaves you wondering” Why do I feel like everyone forgets about me” Or if you said or did something wrong, I mean why would they make it a point to always forget you, they have your number, and they can call you.

There is no one good reason why your friends forget about you, so we have narrowed the reasons to the best possible ones.

Why do my friends always forget about me?

Your friends forget about you because they don’t think you will be interested in doing the same activities that they do. They might leave you behind because you have a history of flaking out at the last minute, canceling plans or they do not want to invite you even if you didn’t do anything to them.

It’s not about you

Your friends are not like your mom, they won’t dote on you and constantly think about you. Your friends freezing you out of activities doesn’t mean that you are forgettable, as mentioned before your friends have their own lives outside of the friendship. Lives that don’t necessarily include always checking in on how you are doing. Your friends might be busy with university assignments, practicals, work responsibilities or just trying to keep their heads above the water.

You have shut everyone out

I am guilty as charged back in the day I used to close myself off from my friends every time I was going through something, I just wanted to be by myself and wallow in my misery. Think about all the things that you have been going through in the last few months. Did you unintentionally close yourself off? Are you one of those females who only focus on their boyfriend and once the relationship ends you realize you have no friends after your breakup?

Even though you didn’t mean to be occupied with your life for them it turned into a one-sided friendship. So you try to reach out, but because you closed yourself off completely, your friends no longer feel the same about you. You are ready to socialize again, but they are not.

They are secretly mad at you

What kind of friend are you? Are you that blunt friend who says anything that comes to mind even if you know it will hurt the next person? Sometimes we are unaware of how mean we are, especially when we advise our friends. Your friends could intentionally be forgetting about you because they think you are mean, sure that’s not your intention but if you said something they don’t like, they could be mad at you

Things have changed

The friendship might not have anything in common anymore, so no more mean girls group or Thelma and Louise. You can not expect your friends to be the same friends that they were when you met, life happens things change, and unfortunately so do friendships.

You never make the effort to reach out

Oh Ya, if you are the friend who never reaches out, and you expect your friends to always be the one calling then it’s a no-brainer why they forget about you. Your friends might be tired of you never answering the phone or canceling plans at the eleventh hour.

You moved or they moved

If you were good friends in high school don’t expect the friendship to carry on even after high school, childhood friendships rarely stand the test of time. If you or some of your friends have moved, then keeping the friendship flowing can be a logistical nightmare. Living far from each other means that you have to make overnight arrangements such as booking an Air BnB, or hotel, besides the fact that all of these cost money, it’s a nightmare to arrange.

What to do when your friends forget about you

It’s best to talk to your friends to find out why they forget about you, if they have a problem that you are no aware of you can sort it out. But if they refuse to tell you what the problem is, or they continue to leave you out, you should spend time on your own or meet new people.

Find out what the issue is

Find out why they have been forgetting about you, and you will be surprised at how honest your friends will be. They could have been waiting for the opportunity to be upfront with you, they may have even been waiting for you to notice that they are not including you. Once they tell you the real reason, apologize, and see how wonderful the friendship becomes all over again.

Don’t be a person-pleaser

Don’t beg for friendship, arragh, you might come across as being weird, and your so-called friends will talk about you behind your back. They can and will most likely take advantage of the fact they know you want to spend time with them, you could find yourself paying for everything, lunch, dinner, drinks you name it. It’s so demeaning to be around people you know you had to force to spend time with you, people you know have been avoiding you on purpose, try not to go there no matter how lonely you may be.

Lower your expectations

People will always be busy, even when you do find new friends your friends will be busy because that’s how life works people are busy. Don’t expect your friends to be available every time you want to hook up, give people the space they want, and the friendship will naturally progress into a sisterhood.

Face reality

The truth is your friends might not want to be your friend anymore and that is okay, people have a right to choose who they spend their time with. You could be asking yourself if you did anything wrong and the answer might be that you did NOTHING wrong. They just don’t want to be your friend, it’s hard but sometimes it’s the truth.

Don’t be that person

Whooo, don’t be that person who goes around town heartbroken because your friends forgot about you, and in turn, you speak badly about them to everyone who cares to listen. Don’t be that person who goes around spreading rumors or keeping up with every move they make Doing this could lead you down a slippery slope of losing touch with reality.

What to do when friends forget about you?

Open the lines of communication and talk to your friends about how you are feeling, they might not be aware that you feel this way.

Darling conclusion

Friends come and go, are you still friends with your kindergarten bestie? I doubt it. Feeling left out, and saying things like Why am I so easily forgotten are all normal and to be expected, but do not let it turn into a pity party and something that you think about all the time, you can lose touch with who you are and not see the bigger picture which is that you can always make new friends.

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