Why Do My Friends Like Me? ( 9 Reasons Why)

Have you ever wondered why your friends are your friends? Why do they like you? Why do they keep calling you? And why do they want to spend time with you?
As weird as this sounds it’s a thought that crosses many people’s minds, so have a look at the reasons why your friends like you and tell us which one are you.

9 Reasons why your friends like you

If you have friends they can like you for a variety of reasons. If you have been friends for a long time your friends like you because you are a loyal friend, you are always there when your friends need you, and your friends also like you because you are genuine and fun to be around.

You are trustworthy

You are the kind of friend that people can rely on, the kind of friend that your friends can tell juicy gossip or a very serious secret knowing that you will not go and tell other people.

Why this is good: Your friends will also have your back, when you tell them secrets you can rest assured they won’t tell anyone.

You are genuine

Believe it or not, there are not too many people who are genuine out there, so the fact that your friends like you is proof that you are a genuine person. By being genuine you don’t care about material things (don’t get me wrong we all want to look good), but you tend to focus on what’s inside, you don’t care about how your friends look or if they have the latest designer bags, all you want to do is get to know them better and spend time as friends.

Why this is good: You can be yourself around your friends and they can also let their hair down, you do not have to worry about how you look, this is truly about friendship.

You always make your friends laugh

Now this is a plus, and if you have seen our article about “ friends who make you laugh”, you would have noted that a lot of people gravitate towards people who are funny, I mean why wouldn’t anyone want to be around you when you make them laugh?

Helpful tip: Although being funny is great, take note of serious situations, when you have to be serious around your friends, when they need you to be firm and give them solid advice, in these instances you don’t have to be funny.

You give your friends the best advice

This is one point that has to be emphasized multiple times, everyone loves a friend who can give solid non-judgmental advice, and if your friends like you, then you have this quality in you.

The good thing about this is that your friends know that they can come to you, even though you might not always have a solution, you make it a point to give the best advice and at the right time, I see why your friends like you.

Helpful tip: You won’t always know what to say to your friends, so it is okay to tell them when you have no advice to give, if they come to you with something serious that needs a professional don’t be afraid to help them look for one.

You are honest

When your friends are about to do something crazy you are the first person to tell them “ Girls, no way, that is not a good idea”, or when your friend is dating someone whom they should not be dating you are not afraid to say “Girl, I know you like him, but in all honesty, you can do better”, or how about when your friend is wearing something that is not flattering? You are not shy to say “ Friend, you have a nice body, but that dress is not a good fit”. Everyone appreciates a friend who can be honest because not everyone is brave enough to be.

Helpful tip: Although honesty is the best quality, you must access the situation, if you feel like your honesty will hurt one of your friend’s feelings, then it’s best to keep your opinion to yourself.

You give the best compliments

I love being around a friend who is not afraid to say I look fabulous, especially on the days when I have made an extra effort such as changing my hair color or wearing makeup. Your friends like you because you tell them they look nice on the days when they look good, it’s always a plus.

You stand up for your friends

Bullies better keep away because when they come near your friends, you stand up for them, this is the sweetest thing anybody can do. Not all of your friends will have enough self-confidence to stand up for themselves, and that is when you and the other girls can come in and defend them, keep it up.

Help tip: Defending your friend in public is not always a good plan, you need to look at the situation, for your safety, I mean there are a lot of unstable people running around.

They love the person that you are

Sometimes there is no direct explanation as to why your friends like you, they like you because you are you and that is enough. Some people are drawn to certain types of personalities and characteristics and you happen to possess all the ones your friends like.

You understand when they are not well (and vice-versa)

As much as we love spending time with our friends, sometimes we just want to be alone and that is okay, it doesn’t mean that you don’t like your friends or they want new ones. Knowing when to give the friendship a little break is totally normal, and if you and your friends can do this without anyone feeling offended, then girl you have the best group of friends.

What is friendship imposter syndrome?

Friendship imposter syndrome is when you feel like you do not deserve the friends that you have, you feel like they don’t really like you, and you have fooled them into liking you. You also think if they found out the real you, they wouldn’t want to be your friend.

In closing

You are you and that is why your friends like you, you have to trust that the person that you are is enough, there is no need to change yourself or adjust to meet the requirements of anyone, and if you have a close group of friends who like you just for being you, then you have won the jackpot.

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