My friend Wants To Cuddle (Same Sex) -6 Reasons Why It’s Ok

If you have a best friend of the same sex, is it ok or normal for the two of you to cuddle? At what point does it become strange? So you are not sure if you or your friend should continue to cuddle? You are even asking yourself “do friends cuddle?”

Don’t worry we have a few supporting reasons why it is perfectly normal for you and your friend to cuddle.

Is it okay for friends to cuddle?

Yes, it’s okay for friends to cuddle, you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to cuddle. Cuddling is a normal display of affection that can be shared between lovers, parents with their children, and even between friends.

6 Reasons why it’s ok to cuddle your same-sex friend

Its human nature

Physical intimacy in the form of touching is an inherent need for humans, we crave it, we need it and we want it. That need is something that all humans are born with. Have you ever seen a baby cry and immediately keep quiet when it’s picked up? From a young age, we are taught that physical touch is okay, and this means that it will be okay for the rest of our lives. You are human, it’s perfectly normal to like it.

It’s just a cuddle

Like duh, it’s just a cuddle, I am not sure why so many people have to think long and hard about this, this is just a cuddle nothing less, and certainly nothing more. Now it starts becoming something more when you attach feelings to it, when you find yourself fantasizing about a future other than a friendship with your friend then we can say it is probably starting to seem like it’s more than a cuddle. If you notice your friend starting to act more like a romantic partner rather than your platonic friend, then yes, we can also say maybe it’s going in another direction. But for the most part, friends cuddle all the time, it’s just a cuddle.

Its a lot of fun

The great thing about cuddling with your friend is that they can be a substitute for when you don’t have a partner, look at it this way, when your feet are cold guess where you can hide them? Well, under your friend’s feet, Hahaha, that is provided that he or she will agree with it, but it’s worth a try.

It relieves stress

Cuddling is such an excellent way to relieve stress, think about it after a long day at university or at work, you come home, have dinner with your friend enjoy a nice move, and cuddle, I have cuddled countless times with my friend while watching a movie, it honestly doesn’t or didn’t mean anything on both sides.

It feels good

Come on, girl, we cannot deny the fact that cuddling feels good, we don’t have to attach any romantic feelings, we are simply going with the platonic friendship route. Cuddling feels good for both you and your friend, it releases feel-good chemicals that are essential to what makes us human.

It strengthens the friendship

If you can lay in the same bed with your same-sex friends and be close enough to the point of touching without having any romantic feelings then you have a strong friendship. When you can be close to your friend without any ulterior motives both of you get to let your hair down, this strengthens the bond between the two of you, you can be there for each other during tough times.

What does it mean if your friend cuddles you?

It’s a show of affection, you can run to your friend when you are having a bad day, and they can comfort you, it allows you to let your hair down and be comforted. It’s also a great stress reliever.

What are the differences between friendly cuddling and romantic cuddling?

Friendly cuddling is done by two people who don’t have an interest in being in a romantic relationship, it can be done by friends of the same sex or friends of the opposite sex, and the intention of the cuddle has no romantic undertones to it. Romantic cuddling is done by two people who are in a romantic relationship or are planning to be in a romantic relationship.

Romantic cuddling can be done by people of the opposite sex or the same sex, these people are in love. In some cases, the cuddling can lead to someone more, usually two people who romantic cuddle ending up being intimate and engaging in some sort of sexual activity.

Can friends of the opposite gender cuddle?

Yes, friends of the opposite gender can cuddle, it’s a normal display of affection between two friends who have no romantic interest in each other.

Is cuddling always intimate?

Cuddling is not always intimate, cuddling can be done by parents when they cuddle their children, by dog owners when they cuddle their pets, and even by friends who can cuddle. Cuddling is not limited to romantic partners.

What is a cuddle friend?

A cuddle friend is a friend who you cuddle with regularly, you are not necessarily attracted to this friend and do not have any romantic feelings for them, this friend can be of the same or opposite gender.

Do guys cuddle with female friends?

Guys do not usually cuddle with female friends, when a guy cuddles with a female it’s generally because a romantic relationship is beginning to form. However, some guys have platonic friends with whom they can show affection by cuddling, although rare it can happen.

In conclusion

Cuddling with your friend is usually a fun and harmless thing to do, however, you need to take care and not overstep the boundaries of the friendship if your friend is in a relationship, furthermore if you do not intend on getting into a relationship with your friend and you can see that they want something more than just being cuddle buddies than you might want to take a step back or revisit the dynamics of the friendship.