No One Came To My Graduation Party- (8 Reasons Explained)

Graduating is one of the most important milestones in a person’s life, it signifies the end of a long and hard journey. But not only that, it’s the start of your working life. Graduation parties are a time to celebrate with our family and friends, but what happens when you invite people who don’t show up? What could be the reason?

Why no one came to your graduation party

There could be a variety of reasons why none of your friends came to your graduation party it could be because they had other things they had to do. The only way to tackle the question is to ask them what happened, and why they didn’t come to at least let you know that they were not coming.

You are not that tight

You might think your relationship with the people you invited is close, but do they also feel the same way? Some people see graduations, baby showers, and so forth as occasions where only the closest people are invited, if you sent out your invitation to people you speak to on an irregular basis, they might even be surprised.

You sent out the invitations late

Some people like to be informed well in advance about gatherings. I prefer to be notified at least a month in advance if it is something you have known about it for a while, and even sooner should I be required to travel. If you told some people late, they might have something already planned and your invitation arrived late.

They forgot about the party

I don’t have to tell you that we live in a busy world, everyone is trying to get the best job, the best home, and be happy. Before I used to be strict about my time, I never scheduled anything, if you told your friends about your party say six months in advance, a lot of things could have happened in that time frame.

Some friends might have gotten new jobs, some could have gotten married, and some could have even moved away. If you assumed they would remember, speak to them, some might tell you they forgot.

They couldn’t take time off work

With the rise of the gig economy, more people are working hourly paid jobs. No work means no pay. Some people work with very strict employers and not showing up for work can mean they could lose their job.

They are jealous

I attended university with many people who dropped out for various reasons. In the end, there were only two of us graduating from a group of seven friends. Many people are undercover jealous if they started at university at the same time as you and they had to leave for whatever reason, the green-eyed monster could be at play.

You also did not attend their graduation party (or any other celebration they had) 

If at some time you were invited to one of your friend’s events and you did not attend, your friend can see this as an opportunity to get back at you, I know it’s weird. But if you have a pattern of not answering friends’ calls or not attending events to which you are invited your friend (or friends) will think that is it okay for them to also not attend your graduation party.

Graduations are not that important to them

Some people see graduation as a waste of time. We have an up-and-coming toxic culture of people who adore what we call “hustle culture”. These people love starting businesses, they are always selling something and put a high value on entrepreneurship. Some people see education as a waste of time because to them you’re just another graduate”, who is going to work in a corporate company for someone else, and they are not about that life.

Financial reasons

Parties require presents and a graduation party is no different. Some people are silently going through financial hardships you wouldn’t even know about. It can be embarrassing being invited to something prestigious as a graduation party and showing up empty-handed. Depending on the country you come from, in some cultures or customs, it is mandatory to bring a gift.

What to do if no one came to your graduation party

Appreciate those who showed up

I am sure that even though non of your friends showed up you still had some people there. Even if it was just your mom, dad, or baby brother, they still came. Appreciate their love for you.

Be proud of your accomplishments

When all is said and done you did it, you focus and earned something many might never get to have. It doesn’t matter whether it is s certificate, diploma, or degree. You still have to pour your blood sweat and tears into it. Pat yourself on the back.

Do something to uplift your spirits

After all those months or years of studying, now is the time to relax and do something fun. Your friend might have missed your party but you can still do something for yourself. Take a trip to another city, book yourself in for a spa day, and change your hair color. This can be anything to brighten up your mood. 

Ask your friends why they didn’t come

Instead of spending sleepless nights imagining situations that might or might not be true, call your friends or send them a message and ask them why they didn’t come to your graduation party. The reasons might surprise you and you might even find that some of them had genuine emergencies and the fact that they didn’t come has nothing to do with you and you didn’t do anything wrong.

In closing

Not having any one of your friends attend your graduation party hurts, but don’t let that keep you from reveling in such a huge accomplishment. Take yourself out, eat your favorite food, indulge, and celebrate. Okay, so they did pitch, but it does not take anything away from the fact that you are officially a graduate, so focus on the next stage of your life.

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