My Friend Keeps Asking Me For Homework (Problem Solved)

“ My friend wants to copy my assignment, should I share my homework?” We have heard those words many times. Is your friend a homework mooch who piggybacks off the hard work of others? Are you always being bombarded with requests from your friend to let her copy your work? Why can’t she spend time doing the work instead of asking you? It’s not like you are not in the same class, so she has an equal amount of time to do her homework, but no, she asks you for yours.

If your friend is a bottom feeder who never does her homework, you have come to the right place, we have the perfect solutions that you must try, and hopefully, with a prayer, she will eventually do her work.

11 Things that you must do when your friend keeps asking you for homework

When your friend keeps asking you for homework there are two things that you must do, first, you can offer to help your friend understand the work but not share your answers, and second if she continues to ask for your homework you have to set boundaries.

Ignore her request

Do what everybody else does and ignore her, maybe she will get the hint and leave you alone, if she sends you a message asking you if you saw her homework request, act like you didn’t see it. You can say “ Oh, I am sorry I was busy and my phone battery died”. Let’s hope that she will have done her work by then.

Come up with an excuse

Make something up, you can tell her that the last time you let someone copy you got into trouble, and if you would do it again your place at school might be compromised. You can also say that the last time it happened you were given a low grade and you had to take extra classes and that your parents were suspicious of your reasons. If you are stuck, say something like “ I don’t think I can risk getting caught again” or “ I am also struggling with this”.

Say No

When you feel like you can’t do something No should always be your go-to answer, depending on how old you are you may be afraid that your friend will be mad at you, you are probably thinking “ If I say no my friend will think I am mean. That’s okay, she can think of anything that she would like, copying could get you both dismissed from school and that is when real problems will begin. Remember that in some states if you get caught copying it could mean a 5-year ban, imagine 5 years of no school because you were caught helping your friend who should be helping herself.

Unfriend her

If she starts getting nasty and saying things like “ You are so stingy with your homework” Or starts spreading rumors about you it’s a good thing because you don’t need a friend who will throw a tantrum because they didn’t do their work and want to copy yours, real friends respect boundaries even if it means that they might fail the class. If she speaks badly about you and you have to see her don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your ex-friend being in the same class as you, this is about your education.

Offer to help her

Okay, we can give her the benefit of the doubt if this is the first time that she is asking for your homework or assignment. You can set time aside after school or on the weekend to help her with the section of the work that she is struggling with. When you help her, keep your eyes open and do not let her charm you into doing the work for her, you are offering you help but this doesn’t mean thinking on her behalf.

Think of the outcomes

Many things could happen if you give her your work, what if you let her copy everything and she ends up receiving better marks than you, this has happened before. It’s not like you can go to the teacher and say “ Why did I get a lower grade than my friend when she occupied me?”

Organize a study group

This is the perfect way to kill not one, not two but three birds with one stone. Doing group work in the classroom is great because you are helping your friend with her homework, you are maintaining your friendship without her feeling like you don’t care and lastly, you get to form a social group of study buddies, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Study buddy groups are great because you won’t take the fall if your friend ends up failing, why would you when all the work and studying was done in a group, she won’t be able to blame you.

Be proud of your hard work

If your friend turns around and calls you a nerd or breaks off the friendship, keep your head high and be proud of your work. It takes a lot to understand everything that is going on in school, your efforts and determination for a good grade means you deserve it. Remind your friend that she will feel proud of herself when she stays up late at night and does her work.

Help only once

You are not the center for help, nor are you the teacher, help your friend once and make it a one-time thing, if the work is not related to group study, always helping her might mean that your work will suffer as a result of overextending yourself.

Inform your teacher

Tell your teacher that you have a friend who is struggling to understand the work and is asking you for help but you want them to get proper help. When you talk to your teacher, do not mention your friend’s name, keep the name anonymous, or create some fictitious character. Maybe your friend is not supposed to be in a particular course or class, telling a teacher or lecturer will help them see if they need to change any subjects or majors.

Give her online resources

Luckily for your friend, there are online resources like Google and Yahoo to help her when she needs it, tell her to use online resources to understand explanations, most subjects have forums like the Student Room Uk and she will be able to find tons of help by posting on there. Some schools have extended programs that offer tutors and things such as a peer support worker course online.

How do you say no to a friend asking for homework? (10 Things you can say)

  1. “I am not confident in my work either”
  2. ” I am sorry but I can’t”
  3. ” The last time I let someone copy it landed us both in trouble”
  4. ” The school has a plagiarism checker”-
  5. ” Tell me what you are struggling with and I will help you”
  6. ” No, this is the second time you are asking me”
  7. ” Is there a reason why you didn’t do yours”
  8. ” I don’t want to be involved in anything that will get me kicked out of the school”
  9. ” If you are having trouble with a section, Mr. Smith said anyone can come and ask him for help”
  10. ” I failed my last assignment, you don’t want to copy from me”

Should I share my homework answers?

Think about the consequences of sharing your homework answers, this might get you into big trouble and your teachers and parents might not trust you again.

Should I let my friend copy my homework?

No, you should not let your friend copy your homework because several things can happen such as getting in trouble at school or home or your friend might make it a habit to always ask you for your homework.

Is it OK to copy homework?

No, it’s not Ok to copy homework, if you are struggling it’s always best to ask your teacher for help or talk to your parents about getting a tutor.

To wrap it up, Darling

You love your friend with all your heart but it doesn’t mean that you should be taken advantage of. Should you help a friend? Yes, but not if it will get you into trouble. try our idea of helping her in a group work environment or when your teacher has given the class a group assignment, remember that depending on where your school is you might be expelled for plagiarism, why risk that? Friendships should be fun, they should be about crying, laughing, and talking about how cool the new Barbie movie is, not about assisting each other to copy, Darling let me know how it goes.