My Ex-Friend Is In The Same Class As Me ( Solutions To Try)

So you and your friend are no longer friends but wait a minute, you still have to see each other in class. AARGH, why can’t she go to another class, that would be awesome, wouldn’t it? But we live in the real world. Your ex-friend won’t disappear just because you don’t want to see her. It’s one of those things you have to put up with.

You have to let it slide and carry on with your life. You cant freeze just because she is in the same class as you, otherwise, you will never finish your education. So chin up, and have a look at what you can do when your ex-friend is in the same class as you.

9 Things you should do when your ex-friend is in the same class as you

You it should not let it bother you, don’t let her presence intimidate you or make you speak badly about her. Focus on your school work and channel your energy towards the friends that you do have.

Do not do anything

Well, it’s not like you go can to your teacher or professor and tell them “Me and Jessica are no longer friends, so can you put her in another class?” girl bye, your teacher or professor won’t take you seriously, and besides he or she has more important things to do like making sure that you understand the work that needs to be done. Don’t let your ex-friend know that her presence bothers you, don’t make a big deal about being in the same class, a year goes by very fast and soon you won’t have to see her again, well hopefully.

Don’t react to small things

Oh how easy it would be to show her that she can’t mess with you, wouldn’t it be nice to practice what you learned in your tae bo classes on her? Okay, I am not giving you any ideas here so back to what I want to say. Train your classy self to not react to anything that she says, don’t get involved in any drama that she creates, behave normally, and continue to be the polite young lady your mom taught you to be.

Going back and forth with her on little things will create an unhealthy obsession between the both of you, a weird situation where your ex-friend is obsessed with you and you are obsessed with her which can lead to unhealthy behaviors.

Pick better friends

Learn to pick and choose your friends just like you would pick and choose your boyfriend. The energy you use to find the sweetest and most caring boyfriend should be the same energy you use to find good caring and intelligent friends. Your gut will never lie to you, so use your instincts to weed out the friends who have the potential to stab you in the back.

There are usually a lot of signs that we miss in the beginning, for example, if you meet someone that has the potential of being a friend but she always spreads rumors about people that alone should tell you that she won’t be a good friend to you, what if she goes around spreading rumors about you? like duh.

Don’t visit places that you used to visit together

Remember that park you and your ex-friend used to go to and have a chilled time? Remember that movie that the two of you used to watch over and over again because it starred the ever-so-sexy Bradly Cooper? Or how about the club you used to get dressed up for in your sexy Kim Kardashian dress and wow all the cute boys? Well, get all those things you used to do and places you used to visit out of your mind because if the friendship breakup is still fresh, it’s not a good idea.

Doing things or going to places that remind you of when the friendship was awesome is a recipe for disaster and all that it will do is make you feel bad. Imagine spending your weekends feeling awful because you keep on doing things that remind you of your ex-friend. Girl, you can do a lot of other things with your time, and besides find another Hollywood star to crush over on your own, so how about Will Smith? Maybe?

Pretend like she doesn’t exist

If you pretend that she doesn’t exist, well she won’t, you literally have to program your mind to think she does not exist so as far as you are concerned she is someone who used to be in your life but now she is not, plain and simple. So in the future, you don’t make eye contact, you don’t laugh at her lame jokes, you don’t say anything that will make her talk to you. The more tell yourself this the easier it will be to walk into class and do your work without her presence bothering you.

Talk to your other friends

If you are in the same friendship group, programming your mind to ignore her completely doesn’t make sense and it will not work because your other friends probably still want to be friends with her. It’s not like you can go around changing friendship groups because you don’t get along with one person. You can be around her without engaging her. It will be awkward for your other friends.

I remember when I was in high school and I was friends with a girl that my other friends didn’t like, this put me in such an awkward position because I wanted everyone to get along, I tried so hard to make everyone happy because I loved all my friends, in the end, I told everyone how they were putting me in an uncomfortable situation by not talking to each other.

To spare your friend from being uncomfortable you can be around her and not force everyone to not be her friend, you are not the boss of everyone so now is not the time to act like it. I am not saying be her friend again, but you can laugh at her corny jokes and comment on topics being discussed to make everyone feel at ease.

Don’t be petty

Hey, I know it’s tempting to tell her she was never that pretty or say something nasty about her but shoosh, keep your mouth closed and act like a lady, what will saying something bitchy or sarcastic accomplish? If your other friends are still friends with her it will drive them away and reaffirm everything that she has also said about you to them, so zip it, girl.

Focus on your studies

Let’s not forget why you are at school, ahem… coughs you are there to get an education sure making friends comes with the package and you should make friends but don’t forget to focus on your studies, I can only imagine how dreadful you would feel if you focused your energy on the negatives and forgot to study, and your ex-friend passed and left you behind. Put your focus that on, and you will have plenty of time to think about the ex-friend when you are done with your studies

Change classes ( as a last resort)

This should be the last thing you ever do, you should never run away from your problems that is not how a darling does it, and if you are here, I consider you to be a Darling. Changing classes should be something that you do if the ex-friend is displaying behavior that has you fearing for your life. If she gets petty to the extent of spreading wild rumors that affect your studies then and only then can you think of changing classes.

How do you deal with ex-friends in class?

You focus on your studies, and you delete their numbers and any form of communication. Don’t try to make them feel bad by saying nasty comments.

To close it up

Welcome to the real world where we still have to face the ex-friend that we couldn’t care less about. Now you know that you cannot always get your way, that friendships don’t always work out and sometimes you have to be in the same class as your ex-friend. Don’t spend your days searching for information on How to make your ex-best friend regret losing you, your ex-friend is most likely doing her thing and having fun with her other friends, so start on a clean slate and pass your class with flying colors