My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Cheating (6 Reasons For This)

Your boyfriend thinking you are cheating is a very common problem in relationships. Even if you are not doing anything your boyfriend might still accuse you, so what do you do?

So whether the question that you are asking is: My boyfriend thinks I’m going to cheat on him why? or Why does my boyfriend think I’m cheating when I’m not, we have all the answers.

My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Cheating (6 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Thinks You Are Cheating)

Your boyfriend thinks you are cheating when you are not because he has self-esteem issues, he is afraid that you are going to cheat and wants reassurance that you are not. He might be the one who is cheating and is accusing you of doing it as a way to avoid taking responsibility.

He is insecure

None of his ex-girlfriends might have even cheated on him, he might be a man who is insecure by nature. He has no self-esteem due to past issues that have nothing to do with you, he thinks you are cheating because of his insecurities.

You have cheated in the past

If you have a history of cheating or doing anything you are not supposed to do, then my darling that man has every right to think that you are cheating because of your history. To spell it out, he thinks you are cheating because you have a history of cheating and getting caught.

His past girlfriend cheated on him

One bitten twice shy, being cheated on is not something that anyone gets over quickly, and if he has been cheated on in the past then he will have his guard up. It’s not that you are cheating it’s just that he is anticipating that you will cheat because his ex-girlfriends cheated on him in the past.

He is the one who is cheating

It takes one to know one, I mean how does he know that you are cheating unless he is the one who is cheating, see where I am going with this. His guilt is eating him up, so instead of confessing or better yet stopping the cheating he is accusing you of cheating. Don’t let him treat you like you are stupid, this is called projecting.

He wants to sabotage the relationship

He is accusing you of cheating with the hopes that you will set him free, he might have his sights on another lady but doesn’t have it in him to break up with you. Men do this a lot of times, a good example of this would be a man who does something and knows that it bothers you. If that man is not fully committed or is looking for a way out he will do the exact thing that you don’t want him to do.

The same goes for your boyfriend saying that he thinks that you are cheating. Come on darling, who cheats these days certainly not one of our darling readers. Your boyfriend knows you are not cheating, he has his reasons for saying that he thinks you are, and one of those reasons might be he is looking for an escape.

He is playing mind games

We are back with the Monopoly games that men like to play, the truth is that he knows you are not cheating he knows that you are committed and he is using the “I think that you are cheating” speech to control you.

Once again a tactic to get to do what he wants when he says jump you will say how high so that you prove to him that you are not cheating. Controlling behavior starts like this, he will accuse you of cheating you will deny it, and because you want to keep him you will do everything in your power to prove to him that you are not cheating.

You might find yourself telling him your every move, giving him your passwords, and going with him everywhere because you are afraid of being accused of cheating.

My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Cheating (5 Things You Should Do)

When your boyfriend thinks you are cheating you must tell him that you are not and if he continues to think this you must find out where he is getting this information from you should also find out if he is the one who is cheating.

Find out if he is cheating

I know I always tell you not to play detective but if he is constantly accusing you of cheating then you need to find out the truth. You need to know if he is the one who is cheating because there has to be a reason for all of this.

Ask for proof

His thinking you are cheating is one thing but where is the evidence if he says that you are then he must show his proof. Tell him to show you things like dates, times, places, and the person he is accusing you of cheating with.

Make a decision

“Should I go, should I stay, I’m in control either way” is a song by R&B singer Brandy and she is right, you have the choice to leave you know. How long are you going to put up with being accused of cheating when you are not?

It’s exhausting to always have to defend yourself, defend your actions and your words. What if he wants to control your every move in a bid to see if you are not cheating, what then?

Show him you are not cheating

Shame, maybe he is saying this because he misread your body language with one of your male best friends in this case show him that your best friend has his own girlfriend and you and him are not together.

If his homeboys are the ones you planted the cheating seed, then ask him to bring the friend who is accusing you of cheating.

Remember to remind him that his friends might tell him that you are cheating out of jealousy. If you are scared you can send him the I’m not cheating text and see what he says.

Give him a choice

This is not necessarily an ultimatum but it’s close to one, he needs to get help for his insecurities. If you know that you are not cheating and have given him the evidence and his accusations are not substantiated your boyfriend needs help.

He needs to get to the root of why he does not trust you. If this stems from his past relationships then he needs to speak to a trained professional so that this does not affect his relationships. He needs to get help, or you are out.

In the end

Stop saying to yourself My boyfriend thinks I’m cheating on him but I’m not: CALM DOWN darling and do the steps that we told you to, one of these solutions is bound to work, the main thing you should focus on is getting him to stop his unfounded accusations.