My Boyfriend Says I Ask Stupid Questions (This is Why)

There is no such thing as a stupid question, right? Well wrong because your boyfriend thinks that your questions are not that good. But what does he mean by “ You ask stupid questions?” Is he joking or is this a way to make you anxious about asking anything in the future?

We have the answers that you need, here are the reasons why he says you ask stupid questions and you have to look at the solutions.

My Boyfriend Says I Ask Stupid Questions (8 Reasons Why He Says This)

Your boyfriend says you ask stupid questions for a few reasons: He thinks that some of your questions have obvious answers, he thinks he is intelligent or he is saying this to manipulate you so that you don’t ask him any questions about things that he does.

You always ask him the same question

Sounding like a broken record is only cute the first few months of dating then it becomes irritating. If you ask him the same thing he will tell you “What you are asking me is stupid”, because he has answered this over and over again. If you ask him the same thing you will eventually get answers like this, so try to remember what he tells you, or get yourself some ginkgo.

You act like you don’t know anything

I know you love to act like you don’t know the answers to make your boyfriend feel good, but don’t he is tired. He thinks your questions are stupid because sometimes he thinks they are stupid because of the way that you act.

It’s human nature for females to want their boyfriends to give them answers even if the answers are so obvious. Because he knows that you know the answer, he thinks your question is stupid.

If your boyfriend treats you like you are dumb then check out this article my boyfriend treats me like I’m stupid and have a look at some things that you can do.

He doesn’t want to take accountability

Men are master con artists, if he is in trouble and you are asking him something that he is uncomfortable with, maybe a girl you have seen him talking to will be his first line of defense to tell you that you are asking a stupid question. He will do this in the hopes that you will back off so that he doesn’t have to account for anything.

He is a manipulator

Oh, darling now is the time to keep those eyes as open as you can because this might be the start of a traumatic relationship. If he is a douche bag then he wants you to be on high alert, always doubting yourself and your intelligence.

This is a tactic to dumb down your power so that you walk around anxious as to what he is thinking about you and do everything in your power to get his approval so that you don’t appear stupid.

He doesn’t know the answer

The thing about men is that when they don’t know the answer they don’t like to admit this, your boyfriend might not know the answer to whatever it is that you are asking him, and he is too embarrassed to simply say I don’t know the answer. His defense for this is that you ask stupid questions knowing fully well he doesn’t know anything.

Your questions are too personal

Darling, how long have you been dating the love of your life? If it’s only been a few months or even a year he might think the questions that you are asking are too personal. Men love to be mysterious and that boyfriend of yours is no different.

If the relationship is still in the honeymoon phase and you ask him questions about his childhood and a trauma stemming from this, instead of telling you to keep quiet he will mask it but saying that your questions are stupid.

He is not interested in the relationship

For a man who loves you, no question will be dumb, now it’s not to say that your prince charming doesn’t love you, but if he says that everything that you ask doesn’t make sense, then where is this relationship going?

He should be happy that you are coming to him for answers, not acting like he doesn’t care. If he continues this pattern of behavior then he might have one foot out the door.

He is intelligent

Aaargh dating a nerd can be cute but annoying, I mean your boyfriend is naturally smart and you know how smart people act, they can act like they know everything and treat you with an attitude as if they are thinking ” This is so easy why don’t you know the answer”

In his defense being smart can be exhausting and if he is the only super-intelligent person in your area I am sure he is tired of people coming to him for answers.

My Boyfriend Says I Ask Stupid Questions (9 Things You Must Do)

You must have a conversation with him about how this makes you feel. If he avoids answering important questions and labels them as stupid then think about whether or not you can still have a future with him. Relationships are about communication and asking questions even if those questions may be uncomfortable.

  1. Don’t feel pressure to have a conversation: Sometimes sitting in silence with your boyfriend can be the most romantic thing you can do, but you don’t want to do that because in your mind you are thinking “My boyfriend thinks I’m boring“, but that is not true, so why not do that? There is no need to feel pressure to create conversation by asking him questions that both of you know the answers to. Silence darling it can be so mysterious and sexy.
  2. Ask your friends and family: Friends and family are friends and family for a reason, they are the people that we can confide, laugh, and cry to. If what you want to ask is general and has nothing to do with him, why not call your BFF? or your sister?
  3. Google the question: The creators of Google created the search engine for times like these, when our boyfriends think that our questions are stupid, I mean who needs boyfriends when you can google the answer? So use Google, it’s the most user-friendly search engine. For example, general questions like Is China open for travel, can babies see ghosts or Why is Temu giving free gifts are questions you can type on Google.
  4. Keep asking him questions: There is nothing wrong with asking him questions, if you have a question then ask him, if he continues acting annoyed, then why are we here darling? 
  5. Keep quiet: So keeping that pretty mouth of yours quiet will do two things, one he will ask you why you are quiet all of a sudden and this will be your chance to tell him how you don’t like it when he says that you ask stupid questions. Secondly keeping quiet will give you the opportunity to get used to not asking him a lot of things you might find the answer on your own and that’s okay, girl power darling this is girl power.
  6. Evaluate the connection: What a difficult situation you will find yourself in if you have to hide who you are, hide the questions that you want to ask so that he doesn’t think it’s stupid. Can you honestly see yourself doing this day after day, being afraid of saying anything? 
  7. Tell him how you feel: To avoid a big blow-up, think about what you will say to him beforehand, and don’t rush into having the conversation without jotting down a few valid points. You want to have this conversation once and once only. Think about saying something like ” Honey, I apologize if you think my questions are stupid, but I do not like it when you speak to me in this manner”. 
  8. Understand why he says your questions are stupid: Are you asking something you have talked about a million times, are you asking him about his family and you know that he doesn’t have a good relationship with them, are you putting him under pressure to commit while knowing the relationship is still new? We could go on and on so think about the validity of your question. It might be misplaced. 
  9. Don’t ignore the signs: If this is a pattern and you end up feeling down about everything that you say, this is a warning that worse days are ahead. If your mental health depends on whether or not you don’t ask a stupid question, maybe call it a day.

Why does my boyfriend get so defensive when I ask questions?

He gets like this because he doesn’t want to open up about whatever you are asking him, it’s his way of avoiding having to answer your question. He gets defensive with the hopes that you will back off.

In conclusion

You need to be in a relationship where you feel secure enough to ask a question as many times as you want. Granted it can be irritating for your boyfriend if your questions are repetitive, so do your best not to sound like a broken Lindsay Lohan audio.

Remember to keep those beautiful eyes open for any signs of manipulation in a bid to avoid taking accountability because that might be the only reason he says your questions are dumb, he is afraid you might find out something.

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