I Want My Boyfriend To Gain Weight (11 Things To Do)

Ask yourself why you want your boyfriend to gain weight are you a feeder and are attracted to guys who are overweight? Is this a fetish thing or is your boyfriend so underweight that you are worried about his wellbeing?

It is completely okay to tell him he needs to gain weight if it’s affecting his health but if it’s because you are not attracted to him do you think it’s right? Or is this a sneaky way for you to brag to your friends and say my boyfriend is gaining weight and I like it.

Here are the steps that you must follow if you want your boyfriend to gain weight and still keep him around.

I Want My Boyfriend To Gain Weight (11 Things To Do)

If you want your boyfriend to gain weight you need to ask yourself why. If he is underweight and you are worried about his well-being you must tell him. If you want him to gain weight because you think he will look good or you have a fetish you need to rethink your reasons and try to accept him for the way he looks.

Ask yourself why he needs to gain weight

Why do you want him to gain weight does his weight make you feel embarrassed? Do your friends make fun of his weight? Does his weight affect his performance in the bedroom? So think about why you need him to look the way you want him to.

Do you love it when he eats in front of you and the thought of him stuffing food in his mouth turns you on? Maybe you are a feeder and have a fattening up my boyfriend fetish.

Put yourself in his shoes

No one in the history of weight wants to be told to lose weight or gain weight, it can be seen as demeaning and downright rude. In my country for example it’s common for women to tell other women that they have gained weight, but just because they can say it doesn’t mean it’s right.

How would you feel if he said to you “ Babe I think it’s time that you tone up and lose some weight”, ouch, I can almost bet you this will make you mad and you will most likely spend the whole day, or even days thinking about what he says. And if it hurt your feelings you would most likely also go to the gym or watch what you eat.

Look at the bigger picture

Let’s look at the overall picture, how important is his weight gain to the overall relationship? Is he a good guy with morals and values, will gaining weight make the relationship stronger or are you spending time obsessing over something that is neither here nor there? What if he gains weight and you find something else he needs to change, are you sure this is the one thing that will make you happy?

Have an internal dialogue

Okay say he does not want to gain weight what will happen to the relationship, is this your way of looking for a way out and you are picking at anything that you can find so you can use the weight gain as an excuse to break up with him?

The thing is darling when we are looking to end a relationship and we don’t know how we often look for any and every excuse in the book. First, it’s his weight then you will have a problem with the way that he dresses and God forbid you find a problem with the way that he looks at you. If you want to leave, then leave.

Understand health

Gone are the days when thin was associated with the word unhealthy, The way a person looks on the outside is no way to measure overall health. As long as they are not fainting because they are underweight or huffing and puffing and can barely climb two flights of stairs and their BMI is in the right number, they are healthy.

To have a deeper understanding you can look at what is a BMI and the BMI calculator for men and if he has the right BMI, you are nitpicking.

Think of the consequences

Say your lovely boyfriend loves you enough to put on weight and then overdoes it, will you be able to live with yourself? What happens when he loves the process of putting on weight so much that he becomes overweight then you have another problem to deal with.

Have you seen the program on TLC called my 600-pound life? If not check it out and listen to the stories of men and women who went overboard with the weight gain.

Keep it to yourself

Sometimes when we don’t have anything nice to say we do not have to say anything, it is not necessary to tell him everything that you are thinking. Yes, you want him to gain weight but until there is a justifiable reason for him to put on weight and you can find a nice way to tell him, keep this desire to yourself. What if he takes it the wrong way?

Be prepared for questions

I hope you have your spiral notebook out and are ready to jot down all the questions that he has because there will be a few things that he wants to know. Any normal healthy, man who is content with his weight would want to know why his girlfriend wants him to gain weight and this applies to your boyfriend. He is going to want to know why you want him to gain weight so be ready with your answers.

Make the weight gain fun

Who says gaining weight can’t be fun, this is more fun than losing weight if he agrees then it’s up to you to make it fun. If he has a hard time eating because he is busy then create an eating schedule with the food ready so that he knows what he is eating at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It’s time for you to cook and cooking is what you will do, there are healthy home meals that you can prepare that will help his weight gain. And if you are that lazy look at Kwik Trip take home meals, they have a variety of microwave meals that you are going to love.

Don’t make it about looks

Do not, darling, I repeat do not make this about the way that he looks, otherwise danger zone and you must abort the mission. Do not say to him that he must gain weight so that he looks more attractive to you, I suggest that you make this about his health and tell him how dangerous being skinny for his height is and that you are worried.

Address your concerns

If he had a normal weight when you met and lost weight during the relationship address the issue. Because he can gain all the weight that you want him to gain but if it’s a mental or emotional issue that is the cause for him being thin he needs to seek him. Ask him if he has been under any stress at work or school and help him come up with ways to cope with his stress.

Is it OK to ask your partner to gain weight?

If your partner is healthy and is in the normal weight range you can ask them to gain weight but don’t be forceful about it. If they say no respect their decision not to gain weight.

To wrap it up

If you have a fantasy of feeding your man until he is 600 pounds then your intentions are wrong, if he is healthy and you want him to gain weight because you’re embarrassed darling you must address your concerns. If he he becoming less attractive to you because he is skinny why not set him free and find a man who loves to gain weight?