My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Pregnant (18 Reasons Why)

He thinks you are pregnant because you have several pregnancy symptoms and behaviors. You would think that as a woman you would be the first one to know whether or not you are pregnant after all this is your body.

But it’s not always the case sometimes your boyfriend or husband will be the first one who can tell and say “ you are pregnant” even before you start showing. Call it a gut feeling or sixth sense but this does happen.

So the question is can a man tell if a woman is pregnant before she knows, some men think they can and so does your boyfriend.

My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Pregnant (18 Reasons Why)

He thinks you are pregnant for various reasons: You might have gained weight, you are eating too much food, you guys have been trying for a baby or he is hoping that you are pregnant.

You have weird cravings

You have started eating carrots dipped in sour cream for breakfast, potato salad dipped in barbeque sauce for lunch and you even have a craving for salt at weird times of the day. Yup, that might be an indicator that you are with child and your boyfriend notices this.

You have gained weight

You can no longer fit into your size 28 ripped jeans shein or those pink jeans from Zara, that new red dress from Amazon that you bought last month is already too small.

Your eating habits might be the same but like it or not when you are pregnant you gain weight. If this is you, this is one of the signs.

Your breasts are big

No, you didn’t get a boob job that has given you a double DD bust that almost looks like Pamela Andersons so where does all of this new boob gain come from? A lot of pregnant women gain a cup size or two.

When I was pregnant I gained a cup size and boy it was uncomfortable. Your body might be giving away signs such as an increase in your bust area.

You hate your favorite foods

You used to love going to Truluck’s Ocean’s Finest Seafood and Crab and eating your favorite South African cold-water lobster tail and finishing it off with a sushi-grade tuna. But not anymore, the thought of eating seafood is enough to ruin your day.

Your taste in food has changed so much that your boyfriend doesn’t know what to feed you. Unless you are undergoing a health transformation, a good sign of pregnancy is the inability to stand the smell or taste of certain foods.

Think about your eating habits in the past few weeks. Have they changed without an explanation? If so well you might be pregnant darling.

He is hoping that you are pregnant

You might not have signs that you are pregnant and your eating habits might still be the same he is saying that you are pregnant because he is hoping that you are.

He dreams of having a family of his own and maybe just maybe according to him you might be, and this is what he is hoping for.

You are moody

God forbid your boyfriend says something that you don’t agree with, your reaction is to snap at him and call him names. You don’t want to do anything that you used to do. You are always tired, sleepy, irritable and you are always complaining.

You never used to do these things, and women who are pregnant are notorious for mood swings. A pregnant woman can go from being so sweet like Cinderella to being nasty like ms Agatha Trunchbull from the movie Matilda.

You change your mind constantly and your emotions are a mixture of rage. A baby does this to you, not all women but the change in hormones is responsible for this.

Your period is late

Well, well well, high school life orientation class taught us that if we don’t get our periods every month then we are pregnant. A late period is the most obvious sign that you are pregnant. If we eliminate factors such as diet, stress, aging, or hormonal imbalances, a late period is a sure sign that you are pregnant.

Track your period did you even get it this month? Your boyfriend spends a lot of time with you and he knows your body like the back of his hand, no pun intended. He would be the first one to know or notice that you have missed your period.

Sex is different

Yup, the intimacy is different, a lot of men swear by this I don’t know it might be some deep male intuition or sixth sense during sex. I am not a man so I can’t tell you what feels different, who knows maybe he feels the baby’s tiny body.

This could be anything, some men swear they know that their parents are pregnant because of how they feel, maybe ask him if this is true.

You are glowing

You are glowing and no, it’s not because you are using the new Fenty Beauty full coverage foundation, it has nothing to do with that, your skin is smooth, your face is rounder and you just have a natural beautiful glow to you, a different glow.

A positive side effect of being pregnant is that it can change your skin for the better, many women have what we call the pregnancy glow.

You will not notice it until you are far along in your pregnancy but other people like your boyfriend can, you just look different.

He has a gut feeling

Our gut feeling is there to guide us in the right direction or choices, but it can also be used to speculate about things such as pregnancy. His gut feeling is at work here and it is telling him he is a father to be, sometimes our gut feeling can let us know these things.

You have morning sickness and so does he

Women are not the only ones who have morning sickness you know, it’s a strange phenomenon called Couvade Syndrome and it can best be described as men having the same pregnancy symptoms as their partner.

This is when your boyfriend mimics your pregnancy symptoms, most people talk about gaining weight or nausea. Now you might be thinking how long does Couvade syndrome last? No one knows but we can rest assured that your boyfriend will appreciate you more if he has this syndrome.

Darling you might be gaining weight and he might also be gaining weight, you might be irritable and he also might be irritable. You might not like certain foods and he might also hate certain foods, the only way to find out is to take a clear blue pregnancy test.

You have been trying for a baby

This one is obvious, but darling if you and your boyfriend are actively trying to have a baby and you are not using protection and you have missed your period and are gaining weight, then we have our answer. He is praying that he receives the good news that you are pregnant because this is what both of you have been trying to achieve.

He had a dream

Usually, when people dream of others being pregnant it doesn’t mean that they are, so you are thinking what does a pregnancy dream mean? It can mean two things, it’s a sign of good fortune or that you are pregnant.

In some cultures, it becomes true if your spouse is the one who dreams about you being pregnant as opposed to one of your friends.

He might have had a dream or he thinks that you are pregnant because you had a pregnancy dream and told him about it. You could have had a pregnancy dream before missed your period and you are anticipating the results, either way, it won’t hurt to take a pregnancy test.

You eat a lot

When your local Chow King Grill & Buffet hosts an all-you-can-eat buffet you literally eat all that you can eat but before you would grab a chicken wing and maybe some ribs. Remember that pregnant women can gobble up food meant for two and sometimes three people because they are eating for more than one person, your eating habits have changed and he is noticing this.

You are sensitive to smell

His expensive allure homme cologne used to be your favorite smell you couldn’t get enough of it, but all of a sudden should he even spray a little you don’t want him to get near you. The smell doesn’t only turn you off, it makes you nauseous.

Everything around you smells weird, you complain about the taste and the smell of certain food, smells that didn’t bother you in the past. Pregnancy changes can make you hate your most expensive perfume and we can blame that on the changing hormones.

You smile at every baby

You were never a baby person per se, you liked how cute they looked but your focus was always on yourself. All of a sudden you can’t get enough of babies, you spend time googling babies and commenting on how they look.

When you see a mom walking with her baby in the stroller you are hoping to get a sneak peak. But not only that a dead giveaway is that you have developed motherly skills and emotions that were never there before you have gone from fly woman to motherly Susan.

You sleep a lot

If anything is annoying about being pregnant, especially in the first trimester it has to be the fatigue that comes with carrying a baby. You will experience this a lot in the first few weeks or months as your body adjusts to the added weight and your changing hormones. If you spend a lot of time sleeping and you have missed your period your boyfriend is looking at these signs.

You are not yourself

Sometimes there is no real explanation other than he has a gut feeling or that you are not yourself. This could be anything under the sun and who better to know when you are not yourself than your boyfriend?

To wrap it up

You might be pregnant or you might not be, he could be right or it’s just plain speculation and hope, do yourself a favor and take a clear blue pregnancy test….