When My Friend Talks To Me With Respect (9 Signs To Look For)

When your friend shows you respect in your friendship it is the highest of honors, apart from love respect means that your opinions are not only safe but validated, so If you have a friend who talks to you with respect, keep her, love her and cherish that friendship.

If you are pounding your head and can’t figure out if this applies to you, look at 9 signs that show your friend has respect for you

What is respect in a friendship?

Respect in a friendship is when you accept each other’s boundaries on certain things, itis also holding each other in high regard, and nurturing the friendship by doing things together. 

How do you know if a friend respects you?

A friend who has respect for you is someone who values your opinions, asks you for advice, and gives you the space to be yourself.

She lets you know that she respects you

There is no better source for confirming respect than your friend telling you that she has respect for you. This is clear as daylight, she has let you know and it is one of the greatest compliments that you will ever get. You will probably remember this for a long time to come.

She asks you for advice

I cannot think of a clearer sign of respect than your friend coming to you for advice. Advice is not something that we ask any random person walking down the street. You will know if your friend has respect for you when she constantly whats to know your take on different subject matters that have to do with her life. Your advice to your friend can be anything from relationships, kids, her career, or even her family.

She always asks how you feel

This is the foundation of basic manners and is one of the biggest signs of respect. In different countries asking someone how they are is considered to be respectful. If your friend is concerned about your well-being and is not self-centered then she respects you.

She doesn’t put you down in front of others

Oh my, this is one of the most annoying habits that female friendships can have. So many women are constantly complaining about being put down in front of others by their so-called best friend, and the confusing part is that the friend will act all nice when they are in private. This is a red flag and should not be ignored. If your friend points out your flaws in front of people or openly discusses something that you told her in secret or are embarrassed about then she does not respect you. A true friend will not only amplify your strong points but will never put you down in front of others.

She encourages you to voice your opinions

If you find yourself having to fight your way into the conversation, or having to constantly repeat yourself, then this is a sure sign that your friend does not respect you. On the other hand, if your friend is always encouraging you to voice your opinions no matter how hard the subject is, even if you feel that she is in the wrong then that is a true friend who has the highest form of respect for you. 

There is nothing more off-putting than being afraid to voice your opinions, if you can’t say what is in your heart then my dear what is the point?

She checks up on you

If your friend checks up on you then she is a keeper, there is nothing more frustrating than being in a one-sided friendship. A one-sided friendship will have you always calling your friend first, always sending texts, always arranging lunch or dinner dates, and dare I say, always scrambling for your friend’s attention. Think about your friendship with your friend, does she also pick up the phone? Does she also make an effort to arrange a meet-up? If she does all of these then this is another sign of respect.

She defends you in your absence

Remember back in high school when you used to be absent from school and when you returned your friend would give you all the gossip of what happened and with whom? Yes, those are the types of friendships I am talking about. When we used to defend each other like crazy. Adult friendships are a bit more complicated, in fact, adults should ideally stay away from gossip. But if you happen to be the topic of discussion and your friend calls you to tell you what happened, who said what, and what she said in your absence then, girl, your friend respects you.

She thanks you for being a good friend

This is one of the sweetest compliments that you can ever get from your friend. When she tells you this it is clear that she has respect for you. Think about it, why would she even take the time to tell you this if you have not had a positive impact on her life, Once again sometimes you need to hear it directly from your best friend.

She doesn’t ignore you

This point goes hand in hand with your friend checking up on you. Arrg, we sometimes have to deal with lazy communication from our friends which can leave us feeling like we are being ignored. If your friend has never ignored you, or at least never ignored you on purpose then we have another sure sign of respect.

What does a true friend feel like?

A relationship with a true friend feels effortless, both of you like similar things, you encourage each other to go after your dreams and you care about what happens in each other’s lives.

To end it off

Respect is high up there when it comes to maintaining and keeping friendships. It is no longer enough to have a friend who only wants to go out for a good time. One of the main reasons that friendships do not last is because of the lack of friendship. 

Remember to also show some respect when you talk to your friend, friendships are about giving and taking. A friendship with mutual respect will ensure that you have a bond that lasts for decades.

If your friend has ticked the boxes on most of these, then congratulations, you have found a diamond.

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