Why Does My Boyfriend Have Two Phones? (Problem Solved)

Secret phone and boyfriend are two words that should never be together unless you say something like My boyfriend and I send each other love notes in secret, now that sounds like it.

It is difficult to know why your boyfriend has two phones without knowing all the facts because this could be innocent, but maybe it’s not. So is having two phones a red flag?

My boyfriend has a secret phone

I will remain anonymous, I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and he has a second phone and he kept it a secret. This boggles my mind because you would think that after dating for such a long time I would know that he has another phone. It fell out of his work lunch pack and I asked him whose phone it was and he said it was his. I don’t have a problem with this but I have a problem with him not telling me. I don’t know what to think at this point, is he cheating or am I overreacting?”

Why Does My Boyfriend Have Two Phones?: 6 Reasons why your boyfriend has two phones

Your boyfriend might have two phones for several reasons such as he wants to separate his personal life from his work life, he likes to have two phones for an extra battery or he might be cheating and doesn’t want you to find out.

To separate work from personal life

Oh, darling many people have two phones to separate their personal life from their work life. It makes it easy to destress from work so you are not mentally on all the time. Receiving work emails on your phone when you are not working can be frustrating.

To cheat

Let’s face it, you think he has two phones because he is cheating and you can be forgiven for thinking that because that might be true. He wants to separate his cheating ways from your relationship.

He might be talking to someone else or several people and it’s easy to get caught cheating when he mixes up his main girlfriend with his side-chicks. If he doesn’t answer the phone in front of you or pretends it’s not ringing, that might be his other woman calling.

To have more phone memory

Android phones are terrible when it comes to memory, at most, you can take a few hundred pictures if that. He might have two phones to store pictures. His other phone might only be used for storage because his main phone has run out of storage space.

For Job applications

If his old phone has an issue he may use the other phone to send out job applications there is nothing more annoying than seeing a job application on Job sites such as Glassdoor or Indeed and then having to switch on your laptop. Doing this on your mobile is so convenient. If he is searching for a job, he may use the other phone to receive uninterrupted calls for interviews and to send out applications.

He was given the other phone as a present

Friends, family, or even his colleagues might have given him the second phone as a present. If it’s the first time you have seen it that maybe be because he doesn’t use it or he only uses it on occasion.

To have an extra battery

Your boyfriend might need a second phone because his main phone sucks when it comes to battery life, have you seen them. These modern phones barely last 3 hours without having to run around reaching for a charge or walk around with a power bank plugged in. It might be convenient for him to have two phones so that people can reach him because his other phone has poor battery life.

Why Does My Boyfriend Have Two Phones? : 7 Things to do when your boyfriend has two phones

If your boyfriend has two phones and this bothers you ask him why he has them, respect his privacy, and don’t assume the worst.

Don’t assume the worst

Don’t let your darling imagination get the better of you, stop thinking the worst and thinking to yourself How do you tell when your boyfriend is cheating, or what are the signs of a cheating boyfriend? His two phone life might be innocent and you are getting yourself all worked up for nothing.

Take control of your insecurities

Yup, once you start playing Detective Benson from Law and Order you can find yourself in a spiral of questions about everything that he does. If he logs onto social media your immediate thought will my boyfriend keeps searching a girl on Facebook, if he happens to mistakenly mention his ex-girlfriend you will think My boyfriend thinks his ex is prettier than me, and if he wants to have a fun night out with the boys your will think my boyfriend thinks I’m boring.

The fact that he has two phones is not the issue, the issue is how you feel about him having two phones is what is at play. So this is not about him, if he is a great and supportive boyfriend, then this is about you and your insecurities.

Ask him why he has two phones

Well, he is the one who has two phones so he is the one you should be ideally asking. Go ahead and ask him and say why do you have two phones? Don’t lead the conversation just give him the space to tell you why.

Be prepared

If you confront him about having two phones or you find the phones by accident and you accuse him of keeping secrets you better have your ducks in a row. This is because he might confront you with secrets that he knows that you are keeping but he chooses to keep quiet about, men are like that they keep quiet and only talk with necessary.

Ask him to give you the number for the other phone

If all of this is innocent like we hope, ask him to give you the number for his other phone. As his girlfriend, you should be the one who knows how to get a hold of him the best. If there is nothing sinister going on, he will give you without hesitating.

Dont look through the second phone

Darling, are you prepared for what you may find if you have asthma you might need a nebulizer, seriously don’t play detective and snoop through the second phone what if you find some things that he has said about you?

See a counselor

Say your relationship ends for whatever reason you are aware of the fact that you will have to date. You don’t want to carry baggage from one relationship to another. It’s best that you find out why you have these issues, and why you think the actions of possessions of your boyfriend have anything to do with you.

Why would someone have a secret phone?

People keep a secret phone for several reasons: To separate work from their private lives to have extra battery life, for business, or relationships.

In closing

Should you be on high alert if your boyfriend has two phones? Maybe, but that is up to you. There are a plethora of reasons why your boyfriend like to have two phones and more often than not the reason is completely innocent.

The last thing you should do is spend your precious hours Googling search terms such as How to find a secret cellphone or My boyfriend has multiple phones, use that energy to focus on growing as a couple.