My Mom Wants To Get Rid Of My Cat ( Problem Solved)

“Dear Sindi, My mom hates my cat, in fact, my mom hates animals and I mean all animals. A few months ago a adopted the cutest fur baby. I love my cat and even looked through a few of my fur baby favorites. Everything was going well until she gave me an ultimatum. She told me to get rid of the cat or move out. I am 23 years old and I am nowhere near ready to move out. What can I do, Yes, my mom hates my cat but I don’t want to fight with my mom my cat has been my saving grace, I have no friends my cat is my friend”. – Alicia, Tennessee

Her Darling Life

If you have dreams of being a cat mom or booking yourself and your cat into a fur baby pet spa, sounds lovely. But wait…. your mom hates your cat, she doesn’t want it in her house. So what can you do? You can’t just throw away your fur baby like that? How mean, but this means you have to choose between making your mom unhappy and keeping your pet cat. Oh, what is a girl to do?

You know I have a few things that you can do when your mom wants to get rid of your cat, do tell me which solution worked out for you in the end, fingers crosses that you get to keep your fur baby.

9 Things you can do when your mom wants to get rid of your cat

If your mom wants to get rid of your cat try negotiating with your mom. You can find workable alternatives, look at housing your cat in temporary cat accommodation. Places like cat daycare will help give your mom space from being around your cat all the time.

Get your cat trained

Let us speculate for a minute, what if your mom wants you to get rid of your cat because he has no training? Your cat might be cute, but what if he is a menace? He may be ruining your mother’s furniture or breaking antiques, if this is the case I am with your mother on this one.

Just like taking a dog to dog or puppy school, you can take your cat to cat training classes. These classes will focus on cat training so that your cat will learn acceptable behaviors when living with humans.

Take responsibility

Well, it’s not your mom’s cat it’s your cat, so take on the responsibility. Impress your mom so that she won’t mind you keeping the cat. So please do what you can, things such as feeding your cat on time, getting him vaccinated, and cleaning its potty should be at the top of your priorities list.

Know your options

Suppose you have to go to work or school during the day, and you have a bit of extra money at your disposal you can look at getting a cat sitter. Deciding how much to pay a cat sitter is up to you, try to negotiate. You should have no problem finding one cause lots of people are looking for cat sitter jobs.

In addition, If the cat is yours your mother can’t take it away. The only issue would be if you are living in your mother’s house, at the end of the day it’s her house and if she wants to she can kick you out because of your cat.

Keep your cat occupied

An idle mind is the devil’s worship, but does that apply to cats? I am not saying that your cat is bored but let’s face it cats are easily distracted, one moment they are sitting on the sofa and the next they are on the top of the refrigerator. If your cat is running around with no direction, I can see why your mom wants to get rid of him, there is no order at home. Your cat needs to have more active playtime, this will tire him out in no time. There are many things you can use such as a cat play mat or a cat play house, these things will keep him occupied for hours.

Tell her about the benefits of having a cat

If you have no friends for several reasons, these reasons could be that you don’t trust anyone, and that’s why you have no friends or you lost touch with your old friends and you have no friends from high school. Use these points so sweet talk your mom. Tell her the truth and the truth is that your cat is your only friend and there is nothing wrong with that.

Look for a temporary home for your cat

I hate to say it but if your mom is not willing to see the bigger picture you have to think of a backup plan. Housing your cat in a temporary home will give you time to think of what you can do. You can try using cat daycare, you have to look at your budget because cat daycare costs can be expensive depending on the area that you live in. You have the option of housing your fur baby at cat daycare overnight, you will have to get up early in the morning to get your cat.

If you are stuck you can type words such as cat daycare Los Angeles or cat daycare Chicago, you can make the search relevant to your location.

Try to reason with your mom

Negotiate with your mom, just like how you would negotiate with your boss about your salary do this with your mom. Don’t go overboard there is no need to apply strict negotiation tactics hear, this is your mom. You can tell her that you will do extra chores around the house, and make the effort.

Think ahead

If you know your cat likes to knock things over and that irritates your mom then move those things. Move the house plans or store the expensive glasses far from your cat. It would also help to clean the mess your cat makes immediately. If it’s possible try and keep your cat in your room and take it out to the park for regular playtime.

Take your mom to an animal shelter

You can show here that many cats do not have a home and end up being abandoned the same thing could happen to your cat and there is no guarantee that your cat will get a good home, hopefully, this will make your mom think twice.

To wrap it up

Remember that having a cat is a lot of responsibility, sure your fur baby is cute, but it needs to behave so that your mom can change her mind, try some of the solutions we suggested.