My Mom Wants Me To Wear makeup (7 Ways You Can React)

Whooo, since when do moms want their daughters to wear makeup? Don’t moms want their lovely princesses to look all-natural? What happened to raising children who feel confident in their skin?

Okay, we are exaggerating but seriously? Why is your mom pushing you to wear makeup? Does she know that this could affect your self-esteem?

We have a few things that you can do when your mom wants you to wear makeup and she’s not willing to negotiate. You can look at the story one of our readers submitted and tell us what you think.

I don’t like wearing makeup

“I have a huge problem with my makeup-obsessed and overbearing mom. Ever since I can remember she has been on my case about wearing makeup, at first I used to brush it off but as soon as I turned 18 she has been acting out of control. I used makeup once in a while but I really don’t care about it. She is always telling me that I won’t get married, or a good job if I don’t use it. We spend hours arguing about it and it has started causing me stress. I don’t like make-up but I also don’t have a problem with it, I just don’t think it’s for me, what should I do?”- Anon

7 Things you can do when your mom wants you to wear makeup

If your mom is adamant that you always wear make-up and you don’t want to, you can come to an agreement and negotiate the occasions when wearing makeup is compulsory.

Accept your mother’s insecurities

You might be aware of this but choose not to think about it but your mom was once a budding young woman like yourself, she was young, carefree, and good-looking ( I am sure she still is good-looking today). She could have grown up around people who made her feel insecure about her looks, she could have been pressured to be the best looking amongst her relatives or her friends, so take the time to listen to how she grew up.

Tell her how you feel

Speaking hypothetically, let’s say that you have always done what your mom has told you to do without voicing your dissatisfaction, this includes putting on makeup even when you didn’t feel like it. Because you have always been the obedient child, your mom is within her right to assume that you like putting on makeup, or at the very least it doesn’t bother you to do so. But you have changed or you never liked wearing makeup but were too scared to say anything, girl now is the time to tell your mom the truth.

Show her the dangers of wearing makeup

Every makeup has some sort of chemical whether they claim to be animal cruelty-free or not, some dangers come with putting on cosmetics. Some people have skin irritations, inches, or red patches. This is the perfect excuse to get out of wearing any makeup. Let your mom know that your skin is starting to break out and that your face is constantly itching. You can also sit down with her and go through the list of ingredients in each makeup sample, look at what each ingredient is, and the side effects. If anything, she will be worried about your skin getting pimples and unnecessary breakouts, fingers crossed.


You are the only one who knows your mom and you know if she is overbearing or not, but if your mom has a strong personality and she leaves you with no room to do what you want then it’s time to negotiate. If this is an issue of you not knowing how to apply makeup you can always google how to wear makeup, tons of search results are available.

There is no reason for you to spend two hours a day applying makeup if you are going to sit at home, that doesn’t make sense. But if you are going out with her maybe you can put on makeup just to get her off your back. You don’t have to do this every time you go out, just on the days that you are together. This includes family functions and dinner dates, any occasion that the both of you will have to be around people and at the same place, then try and suck it up for a few hours.

Make this whole this easier on yourself, wearing makeup with glasses can seem like a waste of time, if you wear glasses then don’t focus on the eyes, maybe up on some lipstick.

There are certain situations that your mom must be realistic about, if you guys are going to swim then wearing makeup to the beach seems a little extra. For example, I never wear makeup if I know that I am going to sit at home.

Calculate the cost of wearing makeup

With so many makeup brands such as Mac cosmetics, Jaclyn Hill cosmetics, and Revlon cosmetics it’s no wonder the beauty industry is ever-growing, a lot of beauty enthusiasts are looking for the latest magic makeup trend that will keep them looking younger. The truth is no one will be able to keep up, even if you could spend an entire week, 24 hours a day shopping for makeup, with so many global brands on the market, that still would not be enough.

Wearing makeup costs money, and once you start you have to maintain the “look”. This means purchasing foundation, lip liner, and mascara to name a few. Not to mention that makeup expires, so you have to check the expiry date and the foundation formula is ever changing so you have to keep up with what foundation goes with your skin tone.

All of this means you or your mom will have to keep supporting these makeup companies, you should tell your mom that you can use the money to buy something else. The money which was meant to buy makeup can go towards other things such as gas, food items, or the electricity bill, something which is a need and not a want.

Prove you can achieve your goals without makeup

We live in a world full of vanity and everyone wants to look beautiful because of pretty privilege. So pretty privilege is nothing new, it’s been around for centuries, this is the belief that good-looking people can get special treatment or they are likely to get ahead because more opportunities will open up for them because of their looks. If you don’t care about that, or you are in or planning to get into a profession that values hard work then prove to your mom you can be successful without putting on makeup. Work hard to get into university, land that internship, or get that job promotion, this will show her your intelligence is enough.

Lots of people can be successful without putting on makeup, let’s look at the Alicia keys makeup situation. She decided that she loves her natural self, and my gosh, she looks amazing, and we as the public has gotten used to seeing Alicia Keys without makeup she has become one of us.

Be proud of yourself

You must be proud of yourself, not many females can be confident without makeup, I mean look around. So many celebrities are pushing makeup brands in our faces and you have to have the courage to stand up and be yourself. The fact that you feel good without makeup speaks volumes, you are who you are, and that is something you should celebrate.

Is it normal for a girl not to wear makeup?

Yes, is normal for a girl to not wear makeup, many girls all over the world don’t wear makeup, they prefer a natural look and that is okay.

In conclusion

Okay, I know you are saying to yourself, I don’t want to wear makeup end of story and that is perfectly fine. Let her know that her insisting that you wear make is starting to make you feel insulted, and it makes you feel like you are not being your true authentic self, if all fails, try the negotiating tacking we mentioned.

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