My Mom Never Stops Talking (5 Reasons, Solutions)

Ok, so you have a mother who rambles, I mean what could be the problem? In actual fact nothing is the problem except the fact that you are constantly bombarded with thoughts of “ my mom never shuts up “, and you want a moment of silence or at least a moment where she lets you get a word in.

No need to panic my dear friend, just because you have a mom who is a chatterbox doesn’t mean that you have to hang in the towel, we have some possible reasons why your mom is always talking, and of course, we have a few solutions you can try, you can thank me later.

5 Reasons why your mom never stops talking

There could be a variety of reasons why your mom never stops talking, it could be that your mom doesn’t have anyone to talk to, or she could also be going through personal issues such as stress or anxiety.

She has no friends

At your age you should know how hard it is to make friends the older we grow, I mean after the age of 18 it becomes tough to form new friendships. If your mom has spent most of her life caring for her family, she might have pushed social relationships aside. This means it’s almost near impossible for her to make new friends, she can try but she will have to put in a lot of work. So until she finds herself a new group of friends why not be that friend that she needs, you might be the only ear that she has.

It is who she is

Some people just like to talk, and yes, in case you are wondering I am also one of those people just like your mom, heck I even take it a step further because I always talk to myself. It could be who is she, you can’t change nor do I think you want to change those little things about your mother that make her who she is, it might be in her DNA.

You entertain her

Well, if she is talking all the time and every time you respond with a question, then it’s clear as daylight why she keeps on talking, it’s because you give her the green light to go ahead. If you want her to slow down, then girl don’t send her mixed signals.

She is stressed

As weird as it may sound, some people handle stress by talking a lot, I know that happens to me sometimes. Maybe your mom is always talking because there is something that is bothering her, she might not want to tell you but she could be going through some form of internal conflict. If you catch her not only rambling to you but also talking to herself, then sit her down and try to find out what the problem is.

She has anxiety

Never-ending babble can be a symptom of anxiety or psychological insecurity, this could be a cry for help. Pay attention to obvious signs such as repetition in doing things or a sudden obsession in wanting to know your whereabouts and constantly keeping tabs on each family member, don’t try and do this on your own there are resources that you can use to help you.

How do you deal with a talkative mother?

If your mom is talkative, negotiate a time when you both can have a chance to speak, let her know that you are busy and will give her a limited amount of time to talk so that you can also say what you want to say, remember to be strict but kind.

7 Things you can do when your mom never stops talking

Record the conversation

The only way your mom will know that she constantly hogs the conversation is to show her proof, this means you can record the conversation. If you have tried to speak to her about her talking and she still does not listen then the next time you have a conversation take out your phone, if you are not speaking face to face press the record button so that it is automatically saved on your phone.

Look busy

Look busy, girl, look busy, if you have a book you can use as a tool take it out, and if you have a laptop switch it on. I mean your mom is smart enough to know when her dear daughter needs some time to herself and I am willing to bet anything that she won’t bother you, even if you are just on Youtube watching videos, she doesn’t have to know.

Be grateful

So let’s pause for a minute and think about all the women in your shoes who would give their right arm to have a mom who wants to talk to them, there are millions. Now I am not saying you should listen to your mom out of guilt, but come on, who knows how long she will be around, you might miss moments like these.

Find her a hobby

The older we grow the more time and freedom our parents have and that means that they have way more time on their hands to find a hobby. Encourage your mom to look around her neighborhood and maybe find volunteering opportunities or join a society for older women, this will keep her occupied and at least she will have something new to ramble about.

Change the subject

Okay girl, now we know at Her Darling Life that changing the subject is our number one go-to thing because guess what? It works. If she is repeating stories about her childhood or telling you what happened at work between her and her work enemies and you have heard the story a thousand times, then change the subject. Changing the subject catches a lot of people off guard because they are not prepared, and this is your window of opportunity to get a word in, so run with it.

Suck it up

Sometimes we have to put on our big girl panties and just suck it up, your mom means no harm, she wants to tell her daughter everything and unfortunately that sometimes means listening to her go on and on about the same thing, if she is excited to speak to you, don’t dampen her spirits, you can listen.

Don’t respond

Have you ever spoken to someone and you were so excited to tell them something and when you were done you received no response? So you know how it feels and I am willing to bet that it stopped you from finishing the conversation because you could clearly tell that the person was not interested in what you had to say. Okay, it’s a little harsh, but give it a try.


Having a mom who loves to talk can be an issue, people like your mom tend to dominate every conversation, and depending on the person that she is, she might be a narcissist. It sucks, and if it bothers you you should nip it in the bud, remember to be calm, relaxed, and kind, I am sure your mom will appreciate your honesty.

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