My Friend Left Me Alone At A Party ( 8 Ways You Can React)

Friends who arrive at a party together, stay and leave together right? Well clearly that is not the case with your friend, unfortunately, you were left at a party alone by your so-called best friend. The number one rule of friendship is to stay together at all times especially when out at night.

But why did your friend leave you? Leaving a friend at a bar or a party without warning is not okay. Can you still be friends after the stunt that she pulled? Worry not because we have a few ways in which you can react to this situation, you have every right to think twice about the friendship and possibly never see your friend again.

There are many ways in which your friend can abandon you, so for now we will focus on the friend who leaves you alone at a party and never returns.

8 Ways you can react when your friend leaves you alone at a party

You need to talk to your friend about leaving you alone at a party, next time before you go out you need to lay down the rules of what is acceptable if your friend can’t consider your thoughts then you can put the friendship on a little break.

Process your emotions

If I were you I would be furious flames would be coming out of my nostrils, I mean how could she leave you at a party? You have a right to be upset and you can take as much time as you need, it’s also fine to be disappointed in your friend and question the friendship altogether, and no, you are not overacting.

Going out with your friend should be a fun time, filled with laughter and joy, don’t let your friend ruin the fun for you, but if it does happen you can check out what to do when your friend ruins your birthday party, whooo, it’s another one that will have you thinking.

Let’s get back to the issue at hand, here are some more things that you can do when your friend left you alone at a party.

Analyze the situation

So there is a difference between being left alone at a party and being left at a party. When someone leaves you alone it usually means that your friend went to mingle with other people, she danced or socialized without you. When you are left at a party this means your friend came with you and for whatever reasons decided to leave without you, so which one is it.

Was she speaking to a guy at the party and you felt left out? Was she drinking with other people and you felt left out? Did she leave and come back?

If she completely left you then she has to be called to order, and so many things could have happened, what if you never made your way back home?

Go out with people you can trust

ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING could have happened to you, if you can’t hang out with people that you can trust then you have a problem. The type of people that you go out with need to have your back, for example, if you drink too much and someone tries to take advantage of you then they can step in and say no on your behalf. The same goes for when you don’t have money to get home and you have no car, your friends need to be able either help pay for your transportation or better yet, drop you straight home, you see what I mean? Your friends need to put their trust in you and you need to also be able to trust them, it’s all about trust.

Learn to socialize

Your friend leaving you at a party is not your fault but take this as a chance to evaluate how you act in social settings. Now is the time to work on your social skills so that if this happens again, hopefully, it won’t, then you won’t be left all alone not knowing how to act. Learn to be okay around people that you don’t know, be approachable, and also approach people. Take the first step and this can be anything, smiling, laughing, and cracking jokes are all behaviors that will help you blend in at a party, you won’t need your friend to also be by your side.

Put the friendship on time out

So think about the future of the friendship, what if something worse happens? What will you do? Can you even trust your friend at this point? So let us be fair if this is the first time that something like this happened then the friendship has a fighting chance, we can put this one time to your friend having mood swings and not thinking straight.

But if this is the second or the third time then a time-out is needed, your friend has a responsibility issue, I say this with confidence because having friends means being responsible for their safety as when needed, you do not have to beg anyone to be your friend, make some new friends who won’t leave you at a party.

Ask your friend why she left you

Well, Bob is your uncle and your friend has all the answers, well what are you waiting for ask her why she left you. She can’t just vanish in the middle of the night and leave you hanging? Sit her down or send her a text. When you send her a message let her know how her leaving affected you and how scared you were and the inconvenience it caused, let’s see what she has to say for herself.

Have a backup plan

I shouldn’t have to say this, mainly because I don’t think you need to be friends with anyone you need to have a backup plan. But let’s be realistic because we are living in the real world and a backup will always come in handy. So what will be the backup plan? I would say have some extra money when you go out in case you need to call a cab, you don’t have to tell her this because it is your plan, not hers.

Even if you stuff the money in your socks or your bra, have some emergency money handy just in case. If you have a credit card, girl take that with you, and most importantly charge your phone and make sure it is fully charged before you leave your house, the last thing you need is to be stranded without any transportation, and a dead phone, is a NO NO.

Lay out the rules

Maybe your friend needs a crash course on how friendships work, YAWN, okay you can go through some basic rules. Before you go out talk about the plan, for example, what will happen if she meets a cute gut and wants to go with him? Or what will be the plan after you go to a party, is everyone going home? If so how will everyone get home?

In closing

If my friend left me at bar I would be angry unless we had arranged, you need to know under no circumstance is that okay, but it is usually not a cause not completely wave goodbye to the friendship, talk to your friend, monitor not only the behavior but the response and most importantly keep yourself safe, let me know how it goes.