My Boyfriend Told Me To Mind My Own Business (5 Reasons)

When your boyfriend tells you to mind your own business, what can this mean? Is he hiding something? Is there something that you are not supposed to know or maybe you are nosey and you truly need to mind your own business?

There is no need to dump your boyfriend or sulk, it’s hard to hear ” mind your own business” especially if it comes from your man. But it does happen but why?

My Boyfriend Told Me To Mind My Own Business (5 Reasons Why)

When your boyfriend tells you to mind your own business he is not hiding anything it is because he feels like you are asking him too many questions and he thinks he doesn’t have to tell you what you are curious to know. If his behavior is suspicious then he is hiding something.

He is not invested in the relationship

My boyfriend tells me it’s none of my business, is he invested in the relationship? You don’t need to know everything your boyfriend does, but if he always tells you to mind your own business or you feel like you don’t know a lot about him, his friends, his work, or his family he might not be as invested in the relationship as you might think

He is hiding something

If he tells you to mind your own business when he is sitting on his phone, smiling, giggling, and taking his phone everywhere then you need to be worried he might be hiding something and he doesn’t want you to find out.

He has trust issues

Your boyfriend has his history and because of this, he might have been in relationships that left him bruised and afraid to open up. He may say this not to hurt your feelings but he doesn’t want you to know a lot about him just in case you hurt, disappoint, or leave him like his ex-girlfriend.

You ask too many questions

It’s in our nature as women to ask a lot of questions, baby girls start speaking faster than baby boys so this should tell you something. Women love to speak even when we don’t have to, this might be the case.

He may tell you to mind your business not because he is hiding anything, but because he doesn’t want to go into a long-winded explanation, next time ask shorter questions, darling.

He feels you are controlling

He may feel like you are controlling and this is his way of taking some of his power back by not letting you in on a thing or two. Men want to feel in control, and sometimes we as females can take over everything. If you know his secret is harmless, let him have it and you focus on your conversations with the girls.

My Boyfriend Told Me To Mind My Own Business (8 Things You Can Do)

You must communicate your feelings and give him the space to tell him when he is ready, do not nag or pressure him to give you information he is not ready to share.

Understand that he has the right to privacy

Before your boyfriend is your boyfriend he is an individual with his ideas, dreams, and ability to think for himself. If you know that he treats you like a princess and does everything in his power to include you in every part of his life, let this one go, he has a right to privacy.

Keep communicating

If he has a habit of hiding things and he has strange behaviors such as going outside to answer his phone, keeping his phone on silent, and jumping every time his phone rings then bring this up.

Communicate how his behavior makes you feel, how you are starting to doubt his intentions, and how he doesn’t have to tell you everything but you don’t like open secrets.

Give him options

Be the bigger person or in your case the bigger lady, encourage him to share what he feels okay with sharing, and don’t interrogate him like a detective from CSI, because you are not, you are his girlfriend.

If he is hiding a secret from his childhood you may want to do this when he feels like he can trust you. Ask him what he feels comfortable sharing in the relationship, and tell him that he doesn’t have to hide things from you because you are the one person that he can trust.

Approach him with kindness

Maintain a strong relationship by approaching him with love and care, there is no need to make a big deal or send him a message that says ‘We need to talk’ ‘, no one likes that. Be kind but firm and start the conversation by saying something like ” You know that I love you, but there is something that has been on my mind”, and then take it from there.

Learn to let go of control

Have an internal dialogue with yourself, because the truth is you don’t care about the content of what he is hiding. This is all about that female brain of yours losing power. Admit it darling you can’t stand to lose control, Deep breaths. This is your fear talking, let go of the need for control and see how he comes to you and tells you everything.

Dig deep

Why do you want to know everything? Does he have a habit of cheating and this is your way of keeping tabs on him just in case he cheats again? If this is the case darling you have to let it and him go before all this detective work drives you insane.

If you want to know his business, well just because you have no reason to do your best to let go, let him have some secrets that you don’t know it’s part of a healthy relationship.

Don’t force or nag him to share

I know you want to say ” Tell me this, tell me that, why are you hiding things from me”, dont just don’t. If he wanted you to know what he is hiding he would have told you, it’s hard to not nag especially if you and your boyfriend share information about everything. Try it this once, ask him to tell you what you want to know, and if he doesn’t, let it go.

Think long-term

You need to think about the long-term viability of your being able to handle your boyfriend not telling you everything. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know what he is up to or wanting him to tell you everything.

Some boyfriends don’t mind telling their girlfriends everything but if your boyfriend is not one of those open men do you think you can handle it? Think long term, there is nothing wrong with asking him to tell you things if he wants to, the problem comes when he doesn’t.

What does it mean when a guy says it’s none of your business?

When a guy tells you “Mind your own business’ ‘ he is telling you not to ask him about something, he thinks you don’t need to know anything.

Is your partner supposed to tell you everything?

No your partner is not supposed to tell you everything, a healthy relationship has boundaries. It’s okay to give each other space and not tell each other everything because, at the end of the day, you are still individuals.

To wrap it up

It is common for couples to hide a few things from each other, that is what makes a relationship healthy. If he starts acting suspicious, you have every right to ask him what he is hiding.

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