My Boyfriend Told Me Nobody Likes Me (7 Odd Reasons)

Telling you that nobody likes you is a mean thing to say, how does your boyfriend know all of this or is this a tactic to get into your head and isolate you from everybody who loves you?

There are several reasons why he might be saying this, have a look at them and when you are done read all the solutions that are proven to work.

My Boyfriend Told Me Nobody Likes Me (7 Odd Reasons)

When your boyfriend says that nobody likes you he might be trying to isolate you so that he has you all to himself. Telling you this is a way to get you to distance yourself from your friends and family. He might also be projecting his insecurities and because he knows that nobody likes him he wants you to feel the same way that he does.

He is trying to isolate you

This can be seen as classical jerk behavior, this can be the start of a very traumatic and hard period in your life if you take everything that he says seriously. He might be trying to isolate you from your friends and family. He is kind of saying “Nobody likes you but I do and that is all that you need, you need me and body else”. If you are not careful your mind might believe him and even though you wouldn’t want to subconsciously you might start to distance yourself from your friends and family.

Relationship isolation is when your friends ask you to go out you start coming up with excuses, when your family wants to see you, you start coming up with excuses. When this is happening you might not be aware, until you wake up years later isolated with no friends and family wondering where it all began.

He might be telling the truth

I am not on his side here but maybe just maybe he is telling the truth and you are a mean person which I highly doubt. There is a one-in-a-million chance that he is telling the truth. How you might ask?

Well, he might have heard this from your friends, your family or people that you hang out with that nobody likes you. Your friends might have been gossiping about you without being aware that he can hear them. His opinion might be based on the interactions that he has with people in your circle. Once again, this is a one-in-a-trillion chance but we can’t deny that it does happen.

He was trying to hurt you

So this has an emotional blackmail element to it. You know that hurt people hurt other people right, this might be his way of trying to hurt your feelings because of a fight that you may have had.

If he always complains about you spending time with other people, he might retaliate by saying “Why do you spend time with your friends, don’t they even like you” all because he wants your attention or wants to hurt you in some way.

He is projecting

Self-projecting is a big thing, you know your boyfriend, does he have any friends? Does he get along with his family and is he a socially likable person? If the answer is no then we have a winner.

He is dumping his insecurities about not being liked by people onto you. He knows that you are the one everybody likes, well not everybody but if you are more sociable and have more friends his insecurities might be talking.

He is an abuser

It starts with telling you that nobody likes you, then telling you that he is the only one who will ever like you, followed by telling you that you are difficult then telling you to give him all of your attention since he is the one who loves you and then you find yourself completely and utterly isolated from everyone and depending on him.

This will be a dangerous position to be in because he can and will use it to manipulate you into doing things that you wouldn’t normally do to keep the only person who likes you. For example, he might tell you to change your entire dress style and dress sexier for him. This might not be you but because you want to keep him and again, he is the only person who likes you, you will do it. Red flag darling, red flag.

He is jealous

Come on darling, you’re beautiful and intelligent and you have a lot of friends, meanwhile, your boyfriend might have one or two friends or no friends at all. In this case, he is jealous of you, and yes boyfriends can be jealous of their girlfriends.

He is trying to get inside your head

Yes, narcissists love doing this, well they love doing a lot of things that get us riled up, and your boyfriend might be a member of the narcissist club. If he has narcissistic traits this is one of them, everybody knows that telling anyone that nobody likes them will leave them feeling sad. Narcissists love it when they are all that we think about.

My Boyfriend Told Me Nobody Likes Me (5 Solutions You Can Try)

When he says this and you know that this is not true you must tell him how this bothers you and if you see any signs that indicate that he might be controlling and is using this as a way for you to depend on him you need to break things off and move on.

Understand that everyone has their preferences

I have never met anyone who likes everybody, heck even though I don’t like a lot of people, I don’t think that everyone likes me. I have a very small social circle and that is okay. So understand that even if there are people who don’t like you, that is part of life, and I am sure that there are people that you also don’t like so what is the problem here?

Nip the behavior

If he is worth all the trouble and nine out of ten times he is a good boyfriend then nip the behavior as soon as it happens. When he says that nobody likes you there are two things that you can do.

One is to tell him that you have good information that nobody likes him and everyone around him is pretending and let’s see how he likes it. The second thing that you can do is tell him “ I don’t like it when you say this, it’s almost as if you are saying to project your insecurities or to make me doubt myself, please stop or I will have to distance myself from you”

Laugh it off

If you know that everyone likes you and you have a good solid trustworthy social circle and you know that he was joking and he doesn’t usually say things like that, LET IT GO. don’t ponder on it because if you play that tape over and over in your head you will end up questioning the motives of everyone around you. But only do this if the first two points are true.

Get away from him

Run, run, run, there is no need to stay with anyone who says that you are difficult, thinks you are crazy, and in this case who says that nobody likes you. Once is already a red flag but if it becomes a pattern I would keep my eyes open.

Men who do this love it with others feel bad, they love commenting on other people’s imperfections even though they have their own. They also love to use the line “ nobody loves you besides me” in an attempt to create some sort of relationship dependency.

Fix the problem

Let’s say he overheard your friends speaking badly about you or that you do not have any friends, why not fix the problem? It hurts when others tell us our flaws but this can be the start of a good journey or meeting people.

If he is right and you are alone with no friends and you are living a life without friends, this is a good time to start putting yourself out there and meet people and socialize outside of your relationship.

All you have to do is a Google search and you will find terms like 40 no friends, 45 and no friends, 30 and no friends and I have nobody. We could go on and on but you get my point. Plenty of people don’t have friends and if that doesn’t bother you it’s okay, but if it does maybe you should do something about it.

To wrap it up

He might be joking, and he might not be but if he is telling the truth and you find yourself with no friends it is not entirely your fault but the way that he says this comes across as insensitive. However, if you know that what he is saying is false, tackle his comments and look out for any isolation signs and red flags.