My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Crazy (11 Things You Must Do)

Crazy what does he think I’m insane, what makes a girl crazy in a relationship., if he wants to see a coo-coo girlfriend I will show him ….Oh boy, what has your boyfriend done and why does he think you are crazy? Do you stalk him all the time, follow him when he is out with the boys, or check his messages?

Either way, being called crazy is nothing to take lightly sure the word doesn’t mean much, but this might be the start of a drama-filled relationship that will have you spending years in therapy trying to undo the crazy your boyfriend created.

My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Crazy (11 Things You Must Do)

You must tell him that you do not like being called crazy, and he needs to find a way of expressing himself when he is not happy. Should he continue you need to spend some time alone and think about whether or not you see a future with someone who doesn’t mind hurting your feelings because calling someone crazy is a way of belittling them.

Express your feelings

When he calls you this you can’t sit there and take it, it starts with calling you crazy, then it moves to treating you like you are stupid and if he gets worse he might even start insulting you in front of his friends.

Talk to him in a normal tone, don’t get too riled up, but if you do that’s okay. A quick sentence saying “ I don’t like it when you call me crazy, can you tell me why you do this or please stop” will do.

If I have my thinking correct he will respond with “ You are overreacting why are you so emotional” If he says this you know where you stand. No, you are not emotional, and if you are you have every right to be. No, you are not being dramatic, crazy is a statement that should be reserved for well, crazy people. Not girlfriends who are supposed to be shown love and respect.

Focus on yourself

This might be the perfect time to focus on yourself and get back to your hobbies and outings that don’t involve him. You could be spending so much time together that both of you need to do things separately. If you don’t live with him start with some self-care activities, there is plenty that you can do.

ProTip: If you can’t afford to go out, you can do things at home like home art classes or online book clubs, if you have the time or energy and you are a bookworm worm you can look at how to start an online book club. All of these will keep you busy, the point is to get back to doing all the things that you did before you started dating him and being called names.

Don’t take it to heart

The most important opinion here is yours, you know that you are not crazy so don’t start doing things that will start making you seem crazy. What I mean is that to prove that you are not crazy you might do things that you wouldn’t normally do.

He knows that calling you names will make you feel insecure and he knows that you will do anything to not look insane in his eyes. So if he starts with the “You are crazy speech” ignore it and don’t say anything.

You know that you are not crazy and you know he is saying this to get under your skin, hurt you, or manipulate you into doing something to prove that you are not Loca.

Look out for narcissistic traits

I would say don’t waste your darling time with anyone who calls you names but I know you love him so I will continue to give you solutions. So look out for narcissist traits, one moment he calls you crazy or insane then the next he calls you the love of his life.

Then in the morning, he wakes up to “ You are delusional, crazy, and stupid” and in the afternoon he reverts to “ I love you, I think you are perfect”. All of this indicates he has narcissistic traits.

He knows that you will spend the whole day at work or school doing nothing but mope around making everyone around you miserable because he called you crazy. He relishies at the thought of belittling you, he loves the hold that he has on you, and narcissists love nothing more than to be the center of attention even if it is negative.

Another good indicator of a narcissistic personality is the way that he speaks about his exes, does he always talk about the crazy ex-girlfriend? I mean why does he attract crazies, he is the one who has the problem.

Listen to your inner voice

Well, I don’t mean to point out the obvious but if you are reading this article then your inner voice is saying “ Please leave him, he is not the one”. You can do anything that you want but ignoring your inner voice is not it.

Move on

Unless you live in Antarctica, Scandinavia, Brunel, or somewhere so isolated that you only see people outside once every six weeks, it shouldn’t be that hard to find a nice man who will treat you like a princess and one who likes doing all the goofy things like take pictures of you.

A man who when angry won’t retaliate by saying he thinks you are boring, or crazy because he knows that the word crazy makes you feel insecure. Beyonce had it right darling “ To the left to the left, everything you own in the box to the left”.

Get yourself some help

Spending your days thinking What if my boyfriend calls me crazy? Is not going to help, monitor your behavior. If it’s to the point where you are obsessing about being crazy and doing your best to not look or do anything that will make him think you are crazy, it’s time to get some help.

If you find yourself googling terms such as “ How to not act crazy in front of your boyfriend”, “How to make your boyfriend think you are not crazy” Or “ How to act a certain way in front of him”, get it under control.

If you also find yourself spending all night taking the “ Am I crazy quiz” or “Am I a crazy girlfriend personality tests” You are now starting to thread on alarming waters. Should this become an obsession, seek help right away.

Stand up for yourself

Stand up for yourself because he might be playing and means no harm and I am almost willing to bet that he is, but that’s not the point. Set some boundaries because he is most likely testing the waters to see how much he can get away with in the future. He wants to see how much nonsense you will take before you tell him to stop it if you ever do.

Look at his behavior

We always have to give men the benefit of the doubt because we women can sometimes overreact. So how was his tone of voice? Was he smiling, joing, ticking you? Was this the first time that he was calling you crazy? And after that, he has never said that and your mind just doesn’t want to forget. Suppose your situation ticks all of these boxes, then it’s safe to say that he can be forgiven.

Look at your future plans

You need to think long and hard about your future with him. I would not stay with anyone who called me crazy, unstable, or ugly, but that is just me. The thing with situations like this they quickly get out of hand.

He has shown you how he is, If you let it go once he will ramp it up from crazy, to calling you delusional and if he is a real jerk he might even call you these names in front of your friends, family, or colleagues, how Embarrassing.

Remember the rules of love

He is your boyfriend but no one is entitled to speak to you in a way that makes you feel ashamed. If the relationship dynamics have changed so much that you find yourself begging for love or his approval so that he doesn’t call you crazy, take a step back.

What to do when partner class you crazy?

The best way to respond is to immediately call him out on what he said. Tell him how this makes you feel and gauge his response. If he says you are overacting then maybe break up.

Why does it hurt to be called crazy?

It hurts because the word crazy is associated with someone who is mentally unstable and society stigmatizes people who are crazy, they are viewed as weird or unable to function in society.

In the end

My boyfriend makes me feel like I’m crazy… Darling don’t let him turn into someone you are not, don’t feed into his words. Be careful of insults, especially guys who insult women its never a good sign. He might try to wear you down to such an extent you lose all self-respect for yourself, and then you will be the crazy that he talking about. If he is unhappy he needs to find appropriate ways to express his feelings the best way to express anger is not to call someone crazy in the hope of hurting their feelings.

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