My Boyfriend Says I Have No Personality (8 Odd Reasons Why)

Understanding each other’s personality types is a part of every relationship, but what happens when the love of your life tells you that you are boring, uninspiring, unambitious, and not outgoing? Ouch, it can hurt. There are a million reasons why he will say that and we have narrowed those reasons to the most common ones.

There is no need to sit there thinking “My boyfriend told me I have no personality what does that mean?”, we have all the answers.

My Boyfriend Says I Have No Personality (8 Odd Reasons Why)

He says you have no personality because he doesn’t understand your character and he doesn’t understand how you think or why you do certain things. He might also be picking up on some of your habits, such as a lack of ambition or introvertedness which all make up your personality.

He doesn’t understand your personality

Some people are well… just not compatible, it doesn’t matter how in love you are or how good the two of you look together. The best way to describe the time you spend as a couple is dry, bland boring. Not because the two of you are boring but together you don’t gel well.

He might be used to the loud rowdy type of girls and here you come, the quiet introverted girl who keeps to herself. I love that but he might not.

You don’t think for yourself

You love to be recused like Cinderella or Snow White so you don’t think for yourself you are happy with your boyfriend or other people being in the driver’s seat. You always ask your boyfriend for his opinions on what the two of you should do.

When he takes you out on a date you let him order your drinks and meal for you. Even when you have to make an important decision you never do that instead you always ask your friend, family, or boyfriend what they think about something before you make a decision.

You let others put you down

Even when you get a promotion at work and tell your friends, when they respond with “It’s just a promotion, nothing to be so happy about” you take it. You let them walk all over you. The times you look good or get a new haircut and your friends say “That hairstyle does not do you wonders”, instead of responding with “ I love my hairstyle and that’s all that matters”, you keep quiet and still hang out with the same people who put you down.

You never express yourself

You are fine with decisions made, even when he asks you if you are okay with something you say yes or go with what he wants. You never express your true feelings whether you are happy, sad, or upset about something. You are also afraid of saying anything because you don’t want him to think that you ask him stupid questions or that you are crazy. So, he cannot tell if you are happy, sad, or mad at him, he has no clue what he should do

You mimic others

You have never had your unique dress sense, your sense of style comes from copying others be it your friends, family, or celebrities. Because of this your style constantly changes depending on who you look up to at the point in time. You choose things because your friends or celebrity think it is in style.

If your favorite celebrity let’s take Nicole Kidman for example, she buys a dress that you think is not cute, but you end up buying it because she bought it but deep down you hate how the dress looks.

When you want to change your look you always have to get a second opinion or a third, you can never decide if a certain look is what you will choose. Your style is dependent on what other people choose whether you think their choice is right or wrong.

You also mimic other people when it comes to goals, dreams, and visions, and what you want to do in life is not your own choice but is influenced by others. You don’t plan your future nor discuss long-term plans with him.

You never say anything

You are happy to sit with people and do nothing but smile, laugh, or nod your head. Have you ever started a conversation or brought up a topic? Your conversations with your boyfriend are mainly led, driven, and maintained by him. If he doesn’t ask you how your day was you don’t ask him anything.

If he doesn’t ask you “What do you think of that new restaurant we went to?” you don’t think to bring it up. When he takes you around his friends you don’t mingle with his friend’s girlfriend, you choose to sit with him even if he is with his friends and you should be using this time to mingle with other females.

He is a douchebag

Okay, let’s start by saying that he is a jerk, a real piece of work because telling you that you have no personality will hurt your feelings and is awful. He has no problems taking you out and showing you off but when it comes to your personality he is not happy. He might be self-centered, and egotistical and finds it amusing when you are upset

He thinks you are boring

He thinks you have no personality because your demeanor comes across as boring to him. When he asks you to do something fun you never want to go out. Instead, you prefer to be all snuggled up with your glass of wine, and pizza.

I love that too but not all the time. When Friday comes you know he loves to go out and listen to music, when he asks you to go with him your answer is always no.

My Boyfriend Says I Have No Personality (7 Things You Must Do)

Relationships are about compromise and understanding so telling him how this makes you feel must be your first step, if he still doesn’t understand who you are or forces you to be more ambitious, more outspoken, or more outgoing and you do not want to be that, find yourself a boyfriend who will love your personality type.

Find a boyfriend who cares about you

Your personality will always be a problem to the guy who is not meant to be with you forever. The right guy will not mind if you are an introvert, hardly say anything, or never want to do anything. He would never leave you saying I feel like I have no personality, put you down, or make you feel that you are a boring woman. You will always be good for him.

Never change for him

Even if you change and start doing all the things that will make you seem like you have a personality in his eyes, who is to say that he won’t think of anything else to critique? What if he treats you like you are stupid?

Are you going to try to seem intelligent by going to the library and reading all the books? What if he says that you act like a child? Are you going to change yourself and never laugh and never giggle all because you want to look mature in his eyes? It will never end. He will find something else to smear you with.

Understand that there is nothing wrong with you

Suppose all the points that I have listed are true and you indeed have no personality? There is nothing wrong with you the fact that you have no personality, this is your persona but we usually use other words to describe it like, quiet, reserved, or shy.

Know what you deserve

You need a man who will look at you with all the love and adoration even if you stare at him with a blank face. A man who will think that you are perfect and everything you say is the greatest sentence ever even if all you say is “ thank you”. What you don’t need is a man who will make you doubt yourself, and make you feel like your persona is not enough and you need to do more to keep him.

Find out what he means

Ask your prince charming what he means. Does he want you to dominate the conversation? Does he want you to talk about your plans? Does he want you to make TikTok videos to show your personality? So what does he mean?

Understand that his behavior is not right

I can already hear it in your voice you want to tell me” But he is my boyfriend he has a right to tell me when he is not happy”. Yes, there is a difference between telling you he is not happy and telling you that you have no personality. Those words are directly linked to who you are, your entire makeup is your character so what is he saying? That you are not human? It’s a complete lack of respect.

Find what you love

The way that he has said this is mean, but maybe he has a point and you do let people walk all over you and you have no goals or dreams. Use this to find out what you want in life, and how you can move forward.

When your partner says you have no personality

He may be referring to your passion or life goals, the things that you want to achieve in the future. You never plan or talk about those things.

In conclusion

Everyone is different your personality might not be loud, ambitious or the go-getter type and that’s okay. Whatever he wants is something that he is also willing to provide before he says he thinks you have no personality, does he have one?

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