My Boyfriend Says I Dress Like An Old Lady (13 Solutions)

Your boyfriend says you dress like an old lady, what is he, the fashion police? Does he have a master’s degree in fashion design? Even if he has one, why is he using it on you?

Wait just a minute but are we getting worked up for nothing, do you indeed leave your house looking like a 60-year-old who is going to play bingo?

Jokes aside, if your boyfriend constantly calls you names or puts you down in any way it’s not funny and cute. So what can you do about it? We have a few surefire solutions that you must try.

My Boyfriend Says I Dress Like An Old Lady (13 Things You Must Do)

When he says you dress like an old lady tell him you love your fashion style and you are comfortable with what you choose to wear. If he continues with his remarks and you feel insulted, inform him that he needs to respect your fashion sense, and you take a break from spending time with him.

Own it

I love owning my flaws, when someone tells me I am too big, okay, I know that thank you and I like my big self. The same thing applies to your fashion style. If he says that you dress like an old lady, then fine. And who says dressing like an old lady can’t be cool? Own it by responding with something along the lines of “ I love my old lady style, or John, thought it was cute”. Anything that will make him keep quiet.

Educate him about vintage style

There is a difference between old lady and vintage and most guys can’t tell the difference. The thing about vintage clothing is that it is not designed to make you look sexy or like an Instagram baddie, that’s why it’s vintage.

It represents the way ladies used to dress in the ’60s, ’70s, or ’80s, it’s not supposed to look like anything you would find at H&M or Fashion Nova because that’s not what vintage it’s about. It’s about long dresses, long skirts, pearls, and long-sleeved blouses. So educate him about your vintage style..

Make him pay for your new clothes

Well, it’s his statement that has brought us here so he should be the one to pay for your makeover. If I were you I would try to take advantage of the shopping spree. It’s only fair that he pays for everything since he is the one who wants you to look fashionable like Kimora Lee Simons.

Tell him to give you a budget and work around the money that he will give you, first look online, and if you don’t find anything you can go to a shopping mall.

Criticize his appearance

Unless he dresses like George Clooney he has no room to criticize the way you dress. If he starts calling you names and saying things like he thinks you are crazy, he thinks you are boring, it becomes a free-for-all.

If you have the guts, you can tell him you have booked him an appointment at the dentist to get his teeth whitened or booked him a consultation at the gym, and let’s see how he likes it when someone comments on the way he looks.

Look for style inspiration

If you think he is telling the truth and you don’t know where to start I suggest you get on Pinterest, you can choose to keep your old lady or vintage look but add a modern twist. Pinterest has a lot of style ideas that will get you thinking.

Stick to what you like

If you want to dress like a man one day and like a fairy godmother the next, do it. If you love the vintage look and you know how to style it, even if you have no idea what you are doing, this is your body, and your clothes and the choice of what to wear is up to you.

Keep your guard up

You can choose to ignore this. It’s fine, it’s the first thing that I would do, but if he doesn’t stop and gets nastier you need to keep your guard up. If he doesn’t take your hints and demand you start dressing like you are going to Paris Fashion Week or he ramps up his name-calling with a statement that makes you think you have no personality, you need to expect this to get worse.

Tell him it bothers you

If he is so focused on your clothes that he repeats what he says then he has a real problem. Talk to him about this because his words might affect you so much that you start thinking of what to change.

Changing yourself is fine only if it’s what you want, not because he thinks you will look good in a red bodycon dress, so speak up. If he respects you enough and he is truly joking he will understand your feelings and stop.

Don’t take it to heart

Couples who joke together stay together, right? I just made that up, but in all honesty, couples crack jokes on each other all the time. It’s what people in relationships do. How long have you been together?

You don’t want to be in a relationship where both of you are so serious, you never smile, you never make jokes or you never play around. What kind of a relationship is that? More like a military boot camp. You know what kind of a man your boyfriend is, this might be one of those times where you need to lighten up.

Let it go

I was exactly like you and used to spend days saying to myself My boyfriend doesn’t like the way I dress. Listen, Darling, suppose he feels sorry and apologizes and you can see that he didn’t mean it. Accept his apology and keep it moving, don’t dwell on what he says. But if he becomes defensive and lashes out and brings up the past, it is a different story.

Remember the rules of engagement

Darling remember a relationship is supposed to bring you joy, you are supposed to be creating a life full of love There will be challenges but remember the saying Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs.

Understand he might be insecure

Should he dress like he got out of bed and stand next to you in your modern vintage day clothing he might feel insecure. He might be the one who needs the makeover and is projecting his style insecurities onto you. Observe how he is when he is wearing something, if he always fishes for compliments or asks you to help him pick what to wear, that could be the issue.

Get a new boyfriend

You know that I don’t like saying this but I speak of relationship anxiety for this exact reason. So if he doesn’t stop with his name calling…Do you see yourself in a relationship with someone who is obsessed with the color of your jersey or how trendy your jeans are?

Do you see yourself spending hours before work or school putting together a great outfit because God Forbid you step out of the house looking like a granny? It’s the little things that may cause you relationship anxiety. How about you at least think about getting a new boyfriend?

My boyfriend doesn’t approve of my clothes sometimes, what should I do?

Tell him that you love your clothes the way that they are, you make your own decisions on what to wear and he should respect whatever you choose to wear.

What does it mean when my boyfriend says I dress too conservative?

It means that your dress style is not revealing or sexy, you mainly wear clothes that cover your whole body. You don’t wear dresses that show your legs or tops that reveal your breast area.

Why does my boyfriend comment on what I wear?

Your boyfriend might have insecurities and is afraid of you getting attention or possibly leaving him if other men think you look good. His negative comments might be a way to get you to change your clothes so that you look less attractive and he won’t feel as insecure. Some men try to control what their partner wears because they’re insecure and worried about their partner getting attention from other people because of their clothes.

In the end

Who cares if you dress like Martha Stweart or Oprah Winfrey on a bad day, these days no one judges anyone based on what they wear. Don’t let it get to the point where you say my boyfriend is telling me how to dress. Style is a personal thing, you make it your own.

Have you seen how Gen Z dresses? It’s a mixture of I got out of bed, and I am going to bed, totally confusing. Wear what you want, if you look like an old lady, you will still look great.