My Boyfriend Says I Act Like A Little Girl (8 Reasons & Solutions)

Why does your boyfriend have to be a party pooper and mention that he thinks you act like a child? And what does your acting in any type of way have to do with the relationship? What happened to being together through the good times, sad times, and all the childish times?

Oh darling, have a look at all the reasons why he says this, and you must try at least two of the solutions that we have listed.

Why does my boyfriend think I act like a kid?

“ I am so angry and I am starting to doubt my relationship, my boyfriend and I have been seeing each other on and off for 5 years, he was my first love but he broke up a few times because we always argued. He always tells me that I act like a little girl, so we go out on Saturday, I ordered a pink milkshake and he ordered a soda. After receiving our drinks he said, “ Oh, there you go again acting like a child”. I didn’t say anything but when I got home I thought about it and his comments are starting to get to me. So I can’t order a milkshake? Someone tell me that I am not being childish?” Robin- LA

My Boyfriend Says I Act Like A Little Girl ( 8 Reasons Why)

He says you act like a little girl for several reasons: He might be unhappy with how you act during arguments, maybe you never listen to him or give him a chance to speak, if he is older than you the age gap is the reason and lastly, he might have said it jokingly and he didn’t mean it in a bad way.

He doesn’t understand you

Relationships are finicky sometimes your boyfriend will think you don’t understand him and sometimes you will think he doesn’t understand you. You might be one of those people who laugh during serious situations because you don’t know how to handle them.

You might put on a sweet little playful voice because you want to be treated like a baby and it’s cute. Your boyfriend might be one of those no-nonsense super serious guys who barely laugh and take life seriously. It is all about understanding each other’s personality types.

He had to grow up fast

If your boyfriend comes from a home where he had to take responsibility for his younger siblings he had to grow up fast. This is not his fault but because he had to do this, his mental state is far ahead of his age. On the other hand, if you come from what we call a normal home with both your parents taking care of you and supporting you financially he might not understand this.

To him, you act like a little girl because you have had most things handed to you your whole life, and that’s not your fault. And if you still run to Mommy and Daddy for everything his opinion is based on this.

You act like a little girl

If he doesn’t call do you threaten to dump him, if he doesn’t get you what you want to do refuse to talk to him, if he doesn’t come and see you immediately do you right on social media about how much your boyfriend is a loser? Can you see how this behavior can make you look like a little girl That is because little girls throw unwarranted tantrums.

He is older than you

I have heard stories of ladies who say he won’t date me because I am too young and they don’t understand why. This is the thing say your man is older than you by at least five or ten years. This means that things that you grew up with are not the same as his. Let’s take music for example, remember when we listened to Whitney Houston, TLC, and Pebbles? Yes, if you are young and reading this you won’t resonate with what I am talking about.

Back to the point, small things such as tastes in music can be big when the relationship age gap is huge. Because you are younger than him you listen to different genres of music and he listens to what we call old school.

And yes, you act like a child because you should, you must act as childish as you want to when you are young and it’s your time to. You will have plenty of time to act mature and worry about paying rent, bills, or preschool for your kids.

He is playing with your mind

Remember that men are men even that boyfriend of yours has naturally built-in instincts that help him manipulate you if he wants to. He knows that you hate it when he says this, he may say this because he wants to get a reaction out of you.

If he wants you to do something you are not comfortable with he might say “Oh, you are acting like a little girl again” because he wants to see how you will act. and because you want to show him that you are not a little girl you will do want he wants, does this make sense?

He doesn’t mean it in a bad way

There is acting like a little girl and there is acting like a brat who doesn’t know what she wants. Boyfriends love it when we act all cute and sexy, he might have meant that you act like a baby but not in a bad way. Look at how he treats you does he treat you like a princess and is filled with love and all things nice?

He might not have meant it in a bad way. Think back to his tone of voice, when he said this was he mean, was he angry was he sarcastic or was he normal? If he was using his normal tone of voice, he didn’t mean any harm. Loosen up, don’t take offense, darling.

You are molding

You are subconsciously turning yourself into a child for several reasons: you think it is what he likes. You secretly like being treated like a child in a relationship, you have mommy or daddy issues and your parents were not present in your childhood so this relationship is making up for your missed parent experience, in your previous relationship you acted like a child and your ex-boyfriend loved it, we can go on an on.

You always him for advice

You treat him like he is the end all be all of your life, you ask him to give you advice about anything, the relationship is starting to feel like a friendship advisory or he is starting to feel like your dada because you don’t make your own decisions.

Honey, it’s okay to ask him a few things here or there, but don’t do it it the detriment of your personality. We previously mentioned molding yourself, a lot of girlfriends do this subconsciously, in your mind you want him to feel wanted, and you want him to know that you take what he has to say seriously so you ask his opinion about everything.

All this behavior will contribute to his opinion about how childish you are. Slow down a little, you don’t always have to run to him for advice.

My Boyfriend Says I Act Like A Little Girl (How To Stop Acting Like A Child In A Relationship)

When he says this ask him exactly how you act like a little girl so you know how to respond and give him reasons for the way that you act, try to act accordingly in situations that need you to be serious. If he is still not happy, don’t change who you are there is nothing wrong with acting a little silly from time to time, don’t do it all the time.

Examine how you act

Try not to throw tantrums when things don’t go your way, learn to communicate calmly, and if you are still not happy with the outcome spend a few days alone to cool off.

Understand what he says

Ask him what he means when he says that you act like a child, for all we know he was playing and honestly did not mean anything by it.

Call him out

You are not the only one who makes mistakes in your relationship and a part of acting mature is calling him out on his behavior if you are not happy. Keep quiet will not help you nor will it look like you are mature.

If he does funny things that are not acceptable such as insulting you in front of his friends or treating you like a pet, tell him about it. Defending yourself is a sign of being a mature lady.

Don’t change who you are

If being childish is a part of your persona and you love yourself and don’t want to change, don’t do it. You have survived on earth however many years just fine and you have dated guys who didn’t mind you being childish and you will still come across many guys in your future who don’t mind a goofy, funny, clingy, and childish girlfriend. Don’t change yourself for anyone, be your child-like self.

Apologize and move forward

Suppose he tells you all of the reasons why he says this, and you feel like you are in the wrong you must now act like a mature lady and apologize and do your best not to do it the next time. ‘

To close it off

Why do I act like a little girl around my boyfriend?…… Who knows darling, but acting like a child is usually harmless and no need for concern, so talk to him once, ask him for examples, explain why you act a certain way, and keep it moving.