My Boyfriend Only Got Me Flowers For My Birthday (8 Reasons)

So your birthday comes and you got all dressed up and ready to go out with the love of your life, you are so excited to see what he got you for your birthday, and then BAM, he arrives carrying red roses, and nothing else, not wanting to seem ungrateful you take the flowers but is that is? I mean he didn’t buy anything else. So this keeps you awake at night thinking My boyfriend makes no effort for my birthday, but can we say he has made no effort?

Roses, sunflowers, and mimosa flowers are all beautiful and smell lovely, but are they right for a birthday present? Why oh why did he only get you flowers? Here are the reasons and solutions, but first read the story submitted by one of our readers.

My boyfriend bought me cheap flowers

“Dear Her darling life, I am so disappointed that my boyfriend only got me flowers. We have been dating for a year, and I thought he would buy me something. I know it’s sweet that he got me anything, but this year has been a rough one and he knows how hard we have worked to make our relationship work and the only thing he gets me is a bunch of roses, am I being ungrateful?” – Amy, Washington, USA

8 Reasons why your boyfriend only got you flowers for your birthday

Your boyfriend got you flowers for your birthday for two reasons: Firstly he knows that you love flowers and he thought that giving you flowers was the perfect gift and secondly he was not sure of what you get you so he thought that it was better to get you flowers than not to get you anything for your birthday.

He does not have money

Oh, Darling, your boyfriend may have only gotten you flowers because his finances are not up to par. He can only afford flowers and that is it. Have you looked at the current state of inflation? Worldwide hunger and lack of jobs? If he is unemployed or going through a tough financial patch then flowers are all that you will get.

You love flowers

He thinks that you love flowers and got you flowers because he sees how much they make you happy. Men are creatures of habit, if we show them that we love something once, then guess what? They will buy it over and over again. He might have thought you love flowers, you adore making flower arrangements and that is what he decided to get you.

You told him not to get you anything

Darling, maybe you told him not to get you anything because well you thought he would ignore your “ You don’t have to get me anything request” and get you something. If that’s what you told him and he still bought you flowers then you need to check your attitude and stop sending him mixed signals.

He doesn’t believe in birthdays

How many birthdays does a girl need? He might not care about birthdays and was brought up around people who did nothing for theirs. For him, a birthday is just like any other day, a day nothing less and nothing more.

He hates spending money

He might be watching his spending because he hates spending money on anything that he deems a waste of money. Some men only like to spend a lot of money on things such as a house, a car, or education. Getting you a birthday gift will be an added expense that he is not willing to incur.

Your relationship is new

If you just met him last week is it reasonable for him to get you a gift? Think about this, the relationship is not even a year old and you want him to buy you something? Women who are in decades-long relationships don’t even get gifts all the time, the relationship might be new and that’s why he only got you flowers.

He didn’t know what to get you

Have you been to the mall lately? So many shops, so many items and so many choices to choose from. He might have been so confused and he left the gift buying to the very last minute with the hopes that he would decide later, and unfortunately for him, time was not on his side.

He forgot your birthday

Flowers are the easiest gift to buy especially if you forget someone’s birthday, they are convenient and you don’t have to wrap them in everything. Maybe out of panic, he got your flowers because it was the easiest choice at that time because he forgot your birthday, don’t blame him it happens.

7 Things that you must do when you boyfriend only gets you flowers for your birthday

When your boyfriend only gets you flowers for your birthday you must thank him for the gift and tell him how much you appreciate it, you can also let him know that you are disappointed that he only got you flowers and give him some time to make it up to you.

Tell him you are disappointed

Start by telling him how much you love the flowers and how grateful you are for them, let him know you appreciate everything that he has done in the past and now. Remind him of what a great boyfriend he is and then hit him with “ I love the flower but I am a little disappointed”. It’s a hard conversation to have because you don’t want it to seem like you make everything about yourself and that you are ungrateful.

Give less

If you are the only one buying extravagant gifts such as a room at the Hilton hotel in Miami or a trip to Turin in Italy, it’s time to cut back on spending too much on him. He knows how much you give so he should ideally match your giving.

Let him make it up to you

Boyfriend needs a little push in the right direction so give him time to make it up to you. After talking to him he will likely be embarrassed and ashamed that the only thing he got you were roses and he will hopefully want to make it up to you, give him a chance.

Be grateful

Hey, flowers are still beautiful, right? And it’s the thought that counts, imagine how you would feel if he arrived empty-handed. If you are sad because you received flowers, imagine how you were going to feel if he showed up with nothing.

Forgive and forget

This is just one birthday of many more to come, use this as an opportunity to voice how much you are hurt and then keep it moving. Darling, you cannot be thinking about this for years to come, how miserable of a life you will have.

Look at the bigger picture

Okay so for this birthday you only got flowers, but look at the bigger picture. Is he a good boyfriend, is he supportive? Does he treat you like a princess? Does he buy you chocolates when you are on your period? You see he is not that bad.

Don’t keep score

Try not to keep score of who does what in the relationship, don’t say things such as” I got you this and that for your birthday but you only got me flowers” Darling that’s not how love works, you cannot keep score of who bought what and how much it cost.

What to say when a guy gives you flowers (9 Things that you can say)

It can be heartbreaking When a guy buys you flowers for your birthday and you wanted a gift but Receiving flowers from your boyfriend is not that bad so here are a few things that you can say:

  1. “ Thank you for the flowers”
  2. “You know these flowers are my favorite”
  3. “I love how thoughtful you are”
  4. “You have the perfect eye for picking the best flowers”
  5. “ I have the perfect place to put these, thank you”
  6. “You keep spoiling me”
  7. “ I love how these flowers look and smell, thank you, baby”
  8. “ These flowers have just made my day”
  9. “ You know flowers are the perfect way to my heart”

Why should you break up with a partner who doesn’t give you gifts?

If you are the only one who attempts to buy gifts then you should break up with your partner because it shows that they do not pay attention, do not care about how you feel, and think you are not worthy of any gifts.

Is it wrong to expect gifts from your boyfriend?

No, it’s not wrong to expect gifts from your boyfriend especially if you have given him several gifts but your expectations should be reasonable you shouldn’t expect him to buy you gifts all the time.

Are birthday gifts important in a relationship?

Birthday gifts are not compulsory in a relationship but giving your partner a gift can mean a lot to them, it shows that you care enough to buy something for their birthday and can strengthen the relationship.

In the end Darling

Don’t be too sad because flowers can be good gifts as birthday presents, it doesn’t take away from the fact that he gave you something so walking around constantly saying to yourself and anyone who cares to listen, My boyfriend, only got flowers on my birthday is not going to help the situation. And I mean it’s not as if he didn’t get you anything or you would be saying My boyfriend didn’t get me flowers on my birthday, do you see where I am going with this? Chin up, and enjoy your birthday.

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