My Boyfriend Hates His Job (13 Things You Can Do)

I hate working with Catherine from accounting. She is so bossy, John from Marketing is also annoying, Oh I hate my job. Does this sound like your boyfriend who spends his days telling you how much he hates his workplace?

This can be draining, but what can you do about this? Apart from telling him you are tired of hearing about how unhappy he is, is there something you should be doing as his girlfriend? And can a job ruin a relationship?

If you are tired of your boyfriend constantly whining, we have a few things that will hopefully help the both of you. Before you get mad at him for venting, have a look at the solutions that we have.

My Boyfriend Hates His Job (13 Things You Can Do)

If your boyfriend hates his job encourage him to resign once he gets a new one. Have a limit to how much you help and ask him to speak to his workplace if he is unhappy with his workload. He might also benefit from the help of a career coach if he hates the industry that he is in or if this starts to affect his mental health.

Be honest

If he is the problem then he is the problem, if he hates every job he is the problem. If no one likes him at the office then he is the problem. If he is the only one who didn’t get a raise, guess what he is the problem. Deep in your heart, you know that if your boyfriend doesn’t want to work and is lazy or generally doesn’t like people, it’s safe to say that he is the problem.

Help him find a new job

Help him find a new job only if this is not going to have an impact on your life. If helping him find a new job will cause you stress or anxiety, don’t do it. Helping him should be something you do in your spare time, an activity that does not negatively impact your life or work, and something you should do if you want to.

Encourage him to resign

He is unhappy and it is hurting your life, and the relationship furthermore he is not doing anything about it. If he is that miserable it’s time he hands in his resignation. Be careful when doing this.

He can not resign if he doesn’t have another job lined up, he cannot resign if he is under the impression that you will support him financially and he cannot resign so that he can sit around and work out what he wants to do with his life and in the meantime you are stuck with the financial bill.

Tell him that he can resign when he has another job, this will motivate him to get another job. Don’t let him twist your arm by saying that he will resign and spend a few weeks on the sofa figuring out his next move, he will become your financial responsibility.

Tell him to think about what he wants

Ask him where he sees himself in the next two to three years, and his answer can’t be something like “I see myself with a lot of money or I see myself as a musician” Those are red flags and you should run. A relationship with a boyfriend with his head in the clouds brings no emotional, mental, or financial comfort. He needs to tell you exactly where he wants to be and how much he wants to be earning.

If he is stuck there are many goal setting examples that he can look at and if he has a problem with sticking to his goals he can download a goal setting app. Sure he cannot control the economy but he can control his actions such as goal setting at work and in his personal life.

He needs to have short-term and long-term goals. His short-term goal can be to get a new job and his long-term goal can be to get a degree in graphic design. You see, at least you can work with these.

Tell him how you feel

No one wants to be around a man who whines all day, a man who complains and doesn’t do anything about it. Tell him how this is making you feel. Sooner or later you will find yourself making excuses as to why you don’t want to see him and deep down the reason will be because he is always complaining about his job.

Simply tell him” I love you but you are always complaining and when we are together you don’t pay attention and the only thing you ever talk about is how miserable you are at your job”.

Another side effect of being with a man who does nothing but complain is that when you have good news you won’t feel comfortable sharing the news with him. Because once again he is unhappy and you don’t want to come off as insensitive.

Ask him what bothers him

Okay, he hates his jobs, but what exactly does he hate about the job everyone on earth has to work at some point unless your father is Bill Gates and your Mom is Oprah Winfrey? What does he hate? Does he hate his coworkers? Well, he has to suck this up. Does he hate his boss? Again he has to suck this up.

Does he have too much work to do? Well, he can speak to his supervisor to ease the workload. Is he uninspired and doing something he has no interest in? Well, he needs to find a job that aligns with who he wants to be in the future. Is it the commute? Maybe he can find an apartment close to where he works. So what exactly bothers him about his job?

Don’t take on his problems

As his lovely and caring girlfriend your first instinct will be to shoulder this burden for him and resume him. Do not do that under any circumstances it is not your job to save him or anyone.

Yes, help him but the final decision must be his. He can cry about how depressed he is and don’t offer to support him until he finds a new job. You have your own life and issues to worry about, his work money is not your work money let him carry his own baboon.

Distance yourself

There is nothing wrong with creating a bit of distance and no you are not deserting him you are giving him space to figure out what he needs to do. This will also give you time to think about the relationship.

There is nothing to feel bad about, you might even find that your boyfriend has been bringing you down and you have not had a chance to breathe since the relationship began. You might also discover you have different goals and wants in life.

On the other hand, the distance might make you realize that you don’t want to be away from this man, he is the love of your life and who you want to be with forever.

Tell him to get a career coach

Unless you are a certified career coach you are limited to giving him general advice, he might benefit from a career coach. Google how to find a career coach online. This way he can do this in the comfort of his home. A career coach will help him outline his goals; he doesn’t have to see the coach or pay forever; doing this for one month should be enough.

Have a limit

Girl, have a limit you can’t spend your precious evenings which are supposed to be dedicated to relaxing, listening to him. The time that you should dedicate to pouring yourself a glass of red wine and decompressing should not be spent lending an ear to his problems.

Listen to him but not for the entire night, tell him to offload his day and keep it moving. Your entire evening can’t revolve around how much he hates his boss. You have other relationship things to discuss.

Watch his behavior

If you guys come up with solutions and he doesn’t take any steps to solve his issue with his job then you have to think long and hard about the relationship because some people love to complain.

If he says that he is going to apply for ten jobs a week and he doesn’t do any applying take note, if he says that he will register for a course to upskill himself and he doesn’t do this take note.

Remind him of his talents

Be the loving girlfriend that you are by affirming his talents make him see that he is intelligent and can go far. His confidence might be affected by his work environment so remind him why you fell in love with him.

Encourage his passions

A part of living a good life is balancing the need to work by working at jobs we hate with doing what we love. If he is doing something he dreads he can still be happy by doing his passion on the side.

If he loves making music he can do this during the weekend, he can find a balance between work and being a musician. But it cannot be all or nothing because he needs to work to have some money but tell him to balance this with his passion.

Being in a relationship with someone who hates their job

Being in a relationship with someone who hates their job can put a strain on the relationship. You can offer advice and lend an ear but encourage your partner to seek the help of a career coach or speak to someone at their job who can help. If the job is making their mental health bad they need to seek new employment immediately.

What to do if your boyfriend hates his job?

Get him to work on what he loves, and ask him where he sees himself in a few years. You also need to have a limit on how much negativity you can listen to, encourage him to share his feelings but also encourage him to take action if he is unhappy.

In the end

Having a partner who hates his job can put a damper on things, every time you are happy you have to watch what you say because if he is unhappy it can turn the relationship into a negative one and leave you feeling resentful. Try some of our solutions, good luck.

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