My Boyfriend Calls Celebrities Hot (12 Things To Do)

Most people have a Hollywood celebrity crush, I mean who doesn’t, celebrities can be very hot and sexy. But when your boyfriend starts saying that he finds them hot, it makes you feel insecure, self-conscious, and a little bit jelly, doesn’t it?

There is a difference between a healthy crush and a not-so-healthy crush, if he starts comparing you to them then it’s not healthy

So you ask yourself is it okay for my boyfriend to have a celebrity crush? We have a few things that you should do.

I get jealous when my boyfriend says celebrities are hot

“I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for two years and he has always been a good guy. But I am starting to get bothered when he comments on Instagram posts of celebrities. He is always showing me pictures of pop starts including K-pop, I do not have a problem with this but its starting to make me feel like he would leave me if any of them were to give him a chance, I spoke to my sister about this and she said that I am freaking out about nothing. I don’t like it when he does this but I also don’t want to come across as being jealous, but I am, please help” .-Lisa, Houston

My Boyfriend Calls Celebrities Hot (12 Things To Do)

When your boyfriend calls celebrities hot it’s usually harmless and doesn’t mean anything, if this bothers you talk to him and set rules that will limit him talking about them when you are around. Ultimately you have to know that it is normal to find celebrities as att and if this affects your mental state or your boyfriend becomes obsessed with them, seek the help of a trained professional.

Understanding your feelings are valid

Oh darling it’s okay for you to feel a little jealous when your boyfriend says he thinks Talyor Swoft is the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen. Because let’s face it, why is he with you when he can spend his days thinking about her? Your jealousy is an indication that you are human and that you love your boyfriend. I would be concerned if you didn’t feel anything at all.

Stop saying to yourself am I overreacting? because if this makes you feel uncomfortable no you are not overreacting.

Set ground rules

The rules you set don’t have to be serious there are casual relationship rules that you can think of for example, when he is with you he must not talk about his crush on Ariana Grande, that sort of thing You don’t have to mind when he likes their pictures or comments on their status because that is his business, he must do all of that when you are around.

Monitor his response

If you tell him to stop his comparison of you and his celebrity crush and he tells you to mind your business or is so emotional and adamant that you don’t understand him to the point where he blows up you have to worry.

He cannot be so emotionally invested in something that has zero chance of happening. Even if he were to bump into the celebrity nothing would ever happen, monitor how he responds when you tell him to stop, if he explodes in anger, we have a huge problem.

Get hold of your insecurities

If he calls celebrities hot why does that make you jealous, why do his celebrity crushes make you feel insecure? Do you feel like you have to change yourself to also look like the celebrities?

If this is the case you have to get a hold of your insecurities because there are millions of celebrities and your boyfriend can have a crush at any given time.

If you feel insecure because he compares your lips, legs height, or hair to the celebrities that he calls hot then we have another issue and he is the one with the problem.

Compare him to your crushes

It’s only fair that you take out a picture of Channing Tatum, Benicio Del Toro, Enrique Iglesias, or Tay Diggs and compare him to them. Let’s see how he feels when you openly go crazy about men who are celebrities.

If he continues to crush in front of you knowing that you have a few insecurities and he is serious then you can do the same. The issue is not that he calls them hot, he can do that but the issue is him continuing to do that in front of you knowing fully well that it bothers you.

Dont change yourself

Very well, he loves Kim Kardashian’s hourglass body and you happen to not have a big booty or bust area. But there is nothing that you can do, short of having plastic surgery which I don’t recommend you have to accept yourself.

Find a mature boyfriend

Find yourself a man who looks at you the same way your current boyfriend goes gaga over celebrities in front of you. There is nothing wrong with his crushes but a mature boyfriend knows when to turn it on and off.

Get the truth

He knows his complimenting celebrities in front of you annoys you but he keeps doing it, so ask him what he wants because if he does something over and over again knowing it makes you mad he might be looking to end the relationship but doesn’t know how. He hopes that this will irritate you enough and turn you off the relationship so much you break up with him.

Keep an eye on his obsession

How deep are his crushes does he only call them hot or he is obsessively scrolling on social media for hours if he starts having what we call a celebrity worship syndrome think about leaving or getting him help.

It will also be a red flag if he comes to you and says my celebrity crush making me depressed. He needs the help of a trained professional to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

The last thing that we want is another celebrity stalker story, imagine if he got arrested for stalking and everyone in your community knows you have an unstable boyfriend.

Control your jealousy

Darling if you continue to give yourself a heart attack about all the celebrities your man likes and comments on you will never be happy. Even if you get a new boyfriend who is to say that he doesn’t think that Meagan Good is hot, To be honest, she is hot.

Does this bother you because you think my boyfriend’s celebrity crush looks nothing like me? You have to find a way to control your emotions otherwise you will find boyfriend after boyfriend and realize that all of them have one crush or another, just live with it.

Know that a celebrity crush is normal

Where have you been living under a rock? Everyone at some point has found celebrities to be hot. Let’s use Brad Pitt as an example back in the day he was the poster man for every woman, every woman with a brain cell had a crush on him.

Not anymore because let’s face it people age, but you get my point. It’s normal for your boyfriend to find Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, or Gigi Hadid hot.

It’s considered a normal part of life. What is not normal is when he starts comparing you to them, now we are talking about something totally different.

Know your worth

So what if Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Gabrielle Union, Beyonce, and Halle Berry have all got flawless skin, great teeth, and a body that would knock any man out? You might not have all of that but that’s because you don’t need all of that, you are you. So know your worth.

Is it OK for my bf to have a celebrity crush?

Yes, it’s okay for your bf to have a celebrity crush as long as his crushing does not lead to toxic behavior such as comparing you to his crush or stalking them in any way.

Are celebrity crushes red flags?

Most celebrity crushes are not a cause for concern and are considered to be harmless and okay. When the crush turns into unhealthy behaviors such as an emotional investment, researching where the celebrity lives, or impacting day-to-day activities then it becomes a red flag.

What is an unhealthy celebrity crush?

An unhealthy celebrity crush is when you are unable to separate fantasy from reality, the crush starts to form a big part of your life. Going from a simple crush to imagining a future with this person. It’s also unhealthy when crushing starts impacting your self-esteem and you feel angry when your crush is in a relationship or is getting married.

Is it disrespectful to have a celebrity crush while in a relationship?

It’s fine if the person has no intentions of acting on the crush, celebrity crushes are usually harmless because there is no chance of anything happening. Usually, the person who has the crush will never meet the celebrity or the crush will fade over time. It’s acceptable only if the crush does not interfere with your relationship.

To end it off

Darling, this is not going to go anywhere, nothing will happen his crushes will stay his crushes for a long time unless he wins the lottery and even then there is no guarantee that all the celebrities he thinks are hot will even want him. So relax.