I Yelled At My Mom ( 8 Solutions You MUST Try)

O, OH, you’re in trouble, or at least scared that your mom might not talk to you again after you yelled at her. Ask yourself why you lost your temper was it necessary? I am not here to make you feel bad because I know you already feel awful for yelling at the woman who gave birth to you.

So instead of making your situation worse, I am going to give you solutions that you can try when you have yelled at your mother, and hopefully, this will be the first and the last time.

8 Things you can do when you have yelled at your mom

Apologizing to your mom should be the first thing that you do, after that try and find a solution to what caused the yelling so that it does not happen again.

Apologize to your mom ( and mean it)

Think about how sorry you are and don’t apologize if you don’t mean it, don’t apologize for the sake of saying sorry. People who give a genuine apology are easy to spot and people who don’t mean what they say is even easier to point out.

Pro tip: You can promise your mom that you will control your outbursts. The apology will go well if you say what you mean and mean what you say, you should also be honest with your mom and conclude that it will never happen again.

Manage your anger

I don’t know about you but I can almost tell when I am going to get angry and that is usually a sign for me to walk away, calm down or not say anything. To manage your range you need to find ways to cope when you get angry. For example when you and your mom get into an argument instead of trying to get the final word in how about telling her that you will finish the conversation at a later time? Or you can take a 10-minute break from the heated discussion and stand outside or scroll on social media, the point is that you need some sort of discretion to avoid saying anything that you will regret.

Identify your triggers

Your mom is like any other mom certain things will annoy you about her, for example, your mom may be at the age where she talks too much and that can be annoying. The same goes for when you teach your mom something technology related it can be very frustrating to have to repeat the same thing over and over again and your mom still won’t understand how certain technologies work.

Another point of argument can be if your mom doesn’t like your boyfriend and wants you to break up with him. If this is the case maybe you can try and avoid talking about him or bringing him around the house because he is an obvious trigger for an argument between you and your mom and that will lead to you yelling again.

Find a solution to the problem

Finding a solution is a must, if you are teaching her something and it’s not going well then find someone to teach her or show her on your behalf. If you yell at each other because she doesn’t like you hanging out at night with your friends then agree on when you can go out, once again. The same applies to your romantic relationships for example if you hate your mom’s boyfriend then tell her she needs to see him outside of the house and not bring the relationship around you, so find a solution to what is making you yell and stick to the resolution.

Channel your anger

Direct all that yelling rage into something positive, rage gives you energy so take that energy and do something, you can go to the gym and get your anger out, this is a great solution because you get a healthy workout and a nice body in return. Have a few hobbies that you can try, get that rage out, and channel it into creative energy.

Don’t hold all that anger in or the next time you might do more than just yell at your mother, negative energy lead to bad vibrations.

Give her a small gesture

This is my favorite part, the making up, girl if you have the time and money why not get your mom something to make up for yelling at her> What does she like? Even better what do you think she can use around the house? Get her something that will make her feel good, take her for a spa treatment or buy her a nice blouse that will go with a pair of pants that she owns, you know your mom, so be creative.

Dig deep

You might not like me for this, but give me a second to explain, you see sometimes when we are unhappy we tend to take it out on the people around us, hence that is why you yelled at your mom. I am not saying that this is the case for you, but if you can’t pinpoint the reasons why you yelled then you might have to dig deep inside yourself. Ask yourself a simple question and that is, “Am I happy with my life? Why am I sad, why am I angry”. When you are unhappy it will lead to outbursts just like this one.

Dont feel guilty ( if the reason is valid)

Girl, you are not the first nor will you be the last person on earth to yell at their mother. It’s quite normal and sometimes you are not at fault, so many things can make you yell and even though we love our dear mothers sometimes they just don’t listen.

Is it bad to yell at your mom?

Yelling at your mom is bad and you should try and manage your rage. Yelling at your mom is a sign of disrespect and is not a solution to your problems.

How do you apologize to your mom after yelling at her?

A sincere apology should be enough to show her that you are sorry. The best way to prove to her that you feel bad is by changing your behavior, the next time you feel like yelling don’t, and find healthy ways to resolve the conflict.

To end it off

Apart from sewing your lips shut, there are times when you will yell at your mom, the next time she gets on your nerves think about the special points I mentioned and try using the coping strategies, or you will be back here saying to yourself “ I yelled at my mom and I feel bad”.
let me know how it goes.