I Have No Friends To Go To Prom With ( 6 Things You Can Do)

The time to go to prom has come, your dress is ready, and you know what hairstyle you are going to do, the lipstick color you are going to wear, but wait there’s a problem here, you have arranged everything and you suddenly say to yourself I need a prom date. It’s even worse because you don’t have any friends in high school so you have no friends to go to prom with, oh no, a scary thought goes through your mind I can t find a prom date and I have no friends to ask to prom.

So many people have been where you are, prom is a night to remember but you don’t have to feel sad about not having friends. Here are 7 things that you can do when you don’t have friends to go to prom with.

Should I go to prom if I have no friends?

“Dear Sindi, I need your help, I am a 17-year-old girl with no friends. I am currently in my senior year of high school and prom is coming up I have no prom date. Everyone in my class is excited to go to prom but not me. I have no idea what to do, I spoke to my mom and she insists that I go, but I am not sure how prom night will turn out if I have no friends”. – Sue, Texas.

6 Things that you should do when you have no friends to go to prom with

Dont put pressure on yourself

Maybe you do not want to go to prom because you can’t afford an expensive dress so don’t put pressure on yourself to find the perfect dress or the perfect shoes, You need to work with what is in your budget. No one will know if our prom dress is a second-hand dress, no one will know where you bought your prom dress, and most importantly no one will care.

Go to prom anyway

Think about it what do you have to lose? Just because you don’t have friends doesn’t mean that you can’t go, I mean what’s the worst thing that could happen? Having been to prom and been a date for prom for my friends who needed a date I can tell you that on prom night everyone socializes with each other. You might think no one wants to go to prom with me and I will have no friends to talk to, but your mind playing tricks on you.

The truth is

Girl, on prom night everyone chats with each other. No one will care if you have no friends and who knows prom night might be the night that your classmates get to know the real you and you might walk out with new friends.

Furthermore, the people who do have friends to go to prom are lucky, but I can assure you because they are friends in high school doesn’t mean that they will be friends for life, lots of people do not have friends from high school as they grow older, so don’t feel embarrassed to go alone.

Ask a family member to go with you

The great thing about family members is that they make good prom dates as well, its even better if you have a brother or a sister who can go with you because you won’t have to worry about looking perfect, how your dress fits, or be obsessed with how you should act.

Ask an acquaintance to go with you

You have several options for this, you can find a prom date online, but please do yourself a favor and look for someone who you have some sort of relationship with. If you are a gamer why not ask one of your gamer friends to go with you? Think outside the box, maybe you are still in touch with your old elementary school friends, if that’s the case you can ask one of them to accompany you, but again, this must be someone that you talk to one and off.

Don’t go to prom

Not going to prom should be your last resort, you should skip prom only if you truly feel like you will be alone and that no one will talk to you. When you look back 10 years after prom you will realize that you were stressing about nothing, sure because you are young prom seems like a big and it is, but dont right off going to prom alone, just because you have no friends doesn’t mean you will have a terrible time.

Spend the prom money on something else

If you have decided that on no I am not going to prom that’s fine, you can spend the money on something else. To make yourself feel better do something nice for yourself on prom day. This could be anything, a trip to the local zoo, a mini getaway with your family, or a movie date alone at night. It’s better to do this on the day of the prom so that you don’t spend time thinking about what a great time your classmates must be having.

Can you go to a high school prom alone?

If you have no friends to go with you then yes you should go to prom night alone. Prom night is what you make of it, just because you don’t have any friends to go with doesn’t mean that no one will talk to you when you get to the prom venue, you can always socialize with your classmates when you get there.

In closing

Prom night is one of many nights that you will have to get used to meeting and socializing with people, and yes sometimes this means going to events like prom night on your own. The only time that you should not go to prom is if you know that the event will be complete hell for you, other than that why not give it a go, it is only a few hours of your life, tell me how the night went.