I Have No Friends After My Breakup ( 13 Things You Can Do)

So your dream life with your dream boyfriend is over, and you are thinking to yourself now what? How about I call a friend? Then you realize that you have no friends or no one to call.

I have no Friends

When you have no friends after breaking up with your boyfriend it is because you dedicated all of your time to your relationship. Friendships get neglected when we prioritize our love life over the relationship we have with our friends 

Here are a few things you can do if you have no friends after your breakup.

Start a new hobby

You can discover new hobbies that you had never even thought about. To take your mind off things think about what interests you. What hobby have you always wanted to try? This can be anything from playing the guitar to taking swimming lessons.

Start a new list of goals or revise neglected ones

This is the perfect time to take stock of very important areas that you might have neglected. So often when people get into a relationship many dreams and aspirations take the back seat. Think of a goal that you have always wanted to achieve. Maybe you want to travel the world or revisit a goal that you pushed back. This is also a lesson to never push back your dreams for a relationship so get back to achieving those big and small goals, and remind yourself to continue with your goals even if you get into another relationship. 

Make new friends

Now that you are single and free you have a lot of space to have new people in your life. These people don’t have to be romantic love interests. You can join your local meet-up or sign up on websites where you can chat with new people. Remember to now arrange a face-to-face meeting until you know enough information about the person you chat with. You can also join our monthly girl talk online meetup. Just go over to the about page. 

Reconnect with old friends

You might be scared to reach out to old friends because you neglected them for your relationship. But trust me your “former” friends probably understand this more than you think. They are probably looking forward to hearing from you, think of it this way, you get to vent to them about how “horrible” your ex was, all females have a similar story to tell.

Spend time with family

This is probably the safest space that you can be in. Your family probably has not spent proper time with you because you were busy being “drunk in love”, but the wonderful thing about family is that you don’t have to explain yourself. So set up a time to go and see your grandmother, your brother’s kids, or your mom and dad. They most likely won’t even ask you why you are visiting, they just want you to be around.

Join the gym

Nothing like getting your anger and frustration out while burning a few calories. Joining the gym is the perfect way to let go of the stress that you may feel, the bonus will be a great revenge body.


Giving back is a great way to take your mind off having no friends. Look up volunteering opportunities in the area that you live in. You can look at many areas such as working with troubled teens, working homeless people, or your local old age home. There are plenty of online volunteer opportunities. You can teach English online, if you are interested you can send me an email on the contact page, we have online teaching volunteer opportunities for people who want to teach teenage refugees in the Mae La refugee camp.

Take a trip abroad or a staycation

Take a trip to a country you have always dreamt of seeing, the good thing is that you can do what you want and visit the places you want to see without having anyone saying “no”. If a trip overseas is out of your budget range then book yourself a staycation. Your local hotel or guest house might be the change of scenery you need.

Start reading

Yes, go to your favorite bookstore and pick up a great book. Reading will take your mind off the breakup and help you relax. You don’t have to read a self-help book, this can be a time to find yourself, a good non-fiction book will get your imagination racing. 

Start a new educational course

So you have always wanted to be a teacher? Enroll in a teaching course. What is an accountant? enroll in a finance course, or what to be an interior designer? I don’t have to tell you, now is the time to enroll in that course. Instead of worrying about what he is doing, focus on upskilling yourself.

Let go of the hurt and anger

Write him a letter, read it out loud, burn it or tear it up, that is how to let him go. Be sure to express yourself fully, even if the letter is twenty pages long it doesn’t matter, write down how you feel, all the anger, pain, and resentment then let him go.

Embrace the good and the bad days

Now many how optimistic about your future you may feel, you will have good and bad days. One day will you feel like Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, the next your world will feel like it’s closing in. This is part of the healing process, embrace it, this is how you grow and find out how strong you truly are. The bad days are not there for you to call him because you feel lonely and have no friends, take those days in, and they will eventually pass.

It can be so tempting to say yes to the first guy who asks you out or call someone you know will always have a feeling for you. Don’t do it, I come from the school of hard knocks will that one. It will have you feeling like you are desperate for any attention, this person might not even have your best interest at heart. Having no friends does not mean you have to substitute friendship with another romantic relationship, don’t go there girl.

Don’t jump into the next relationship

People disappear when in a relationship for several reasons. The main reason that people disappear when in love is to focus on the relationship. They want to know everything about the new partner, the habits, the likes, and the dislikes. The early days of any new relationship are the happiest. During this phase friendships take a back seat, you might not see your friend as often because they are now coupled up. Not all friendships survive when a friend suddenly falls in love. 

To round it up

Neglecting friends when you are in a relationship happens to a lot of people. When you find a boyfriend it is natural to want to give the relationship your full attention. We learn the hard way because now all relationships are meant to last. Then what happens? Who do you turn to when you no longer have a boyfriend? If this is you, take heart in learning the importance of maintaining a friendship. When you find a new man, do forget your friends.

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