He Won’t Date Me Because I’m Too Young (6 Reasons)

Before you sleep with a broken heart, read the story submitted by one of our readers and then the possible reasons why he won’t date you because you are young, and maybe there is something you can do, so look at the solutions that might help you.

We have to give this man some credit for being a man, very few men will say no to dating a younger woman because they feel it’s not right, most men will date any woman so props to him. But that’s not what you want to hear, you want him to date you because…well you want him to date you and there is nothing wrong with that, but Darling sometimes we don’t get what we want and that’s okay.

He told me I was too young for him

“I have been dating this guy for two weeks and I didn’t tell him my age because I never thought it would be an issue. I am 19 years and he is 38 I don’t think that my being young is an issue, We were at his place and everything was going fine until he asked me when my birthday was, and I ended up telling him my age. I could see that he immediately lost interest, and later on, he sent me a text saying that he likes me but he thinks that I am too young for him, I am so disappointed.” -Alley, Atlanta.

6 Reasons why he won’t date you because you are young

If he tells you that he can’t date you because you are too young it could mean one of two things: That he thinks the age gap between the two of you is too much so the two of you won’t have anything in common, it could also be that he is using your age as an excuse and doesn’t want to tell you that he is no interested.

He doesn’t want to take advantage of you

If this is his way of thinking you have a good man on your hands, but wait.. technically he is not on your hands but you get my point. The dynamics between an older man and a younger woman can be tricky especially if the younger woman has no dating experience or the older man wants to settle down. Because you are young, it’s very likely that you will agree to almost everything that he says and because of this reason he doesn’t want to take advantage of you.

He doesn’t want to hold you back

Again, this is the right way of thinking, if you are young and still in your prime dating an older man can hold you back. Because you are still young you will naturally want to go out partying, have dinner with the girls, and have a good time, and you should it’s your time to have fun. But he on the other hand is another story, he has been there and done that he doesn’t want to do young people’s activities anymore and he should not because he is older. If you commit to an older guy this could mean that you have to give up certain age-appropriate things that you should be doing, and because he doesn’t want to hold you back he has decided the relationship will not work.

He has had a bad experience with dating younger women

Younger women have a reputation for going wild, partying all night, and getting drunk, and YES THEY SHOULD, when you are young you must get all the partying out of your system. Maybe he had a bad experience with dating younger women, who would sit out all night until God knows what time, and for him, all of that turned him off dating younger women or any woman who has not reached an age at which he is comfortable dating.

He is using your age as an excuse

Oh, Darling, men can come up with the strangest excuses when they do not want to do something such as dating us, some men might refuse to date you and use the fact that you work together as an excuse. Unlike women, men cannot be direct and say “ I do not want to date you” They find it hard to break a woman’s heart. But the internet is flooded with older men dating younger women so it can happen but if he has no feelings for you he will tell you that you are younger because he doesn’t want to come off as a jerk.

He doesn’t want to be seen as a creep

Depending on the country that you come from, older men who date younger women are frowned upon. He might not want to be seen as someone who has no respect for himself by dating a younger woman when there are plenty of ladies who are his age that he can choose.

He is setting you up

Ya, remember that men play mind games all the time, he might say that you are young because he wants to test and see how you will react. He might be hoping that you will do something to ‘prove’ to him that you are mature, something along the lines of having sex with him as a way to show him that you are ‘old enough’.

He likes dating women his age

If this is the case, then you are not at fault but unfortunately for you, there is nothing you can do about the fact that he is older and you are younger, its not like you can change your birth certificate or go back to him and tell him you were joking and that you are older. That is one way to get him to run away and think that you are immature, imagine not knowing your age.

He doesn’t think that you will be compatible

Because you are younger than him your interests might not be aligned, on the one hand, you might only be interested in Watching the Kardashian and he on the other hand might only be interested in watching the Economics channels. These interests are worlds apart, and yes if you are a young woman now is the time to watch all the silly reality TV that you want because there will come a time when you will grow out of it. The same goes for him, as an older man he must watch what men his age group like to watch.

He is not sure of your intentions

Younger women tend to view older men as meal tickets, kind of like a way to get out of poverty, get some money, basically all the things that a guy your age might not be able to provide because he is young, etc…

6 Things you can do when he won’t date you because you are too young

You can accept what he says and find a boyfriend who is closer to your age or you can ask him to explain what he means when he says that you are too young and try your best to convince him that age is nothing but a number.

Respect what he says

You can’t go back in time and ask your parents to give birth to you in a particular year, so accept what he says and make peace with it. He has an issue with the age gap and he has a right to decide if a younger woman is for him or not.

Find a guy your age

Hmmmm… younger guys can be immature but they can also be very sweet, romantic, and a lot of fun. Why do you want someone who is older and will act like Morgan Freeman? He will most likely make you mature faster than you should. Find a cute Chris Brown or a Justin Beiber-looking guy in your neighborhood one who is close to your age and one that you will grow with.

Seduce him

The great news is that you are still young and I can almost bet that you are sexy, so if this man is the man that you want forever, you can use your feminine prowess and have him wrapped around your finger. Seduce him, Darling, seduce him.

Don’t succumb to pressure

In an attempt to prove to him that you are mature, you might think sleeping with him is the trick, but it’s not if you are thinking of doing something to prove to him that you are not young.

Live your young life

Okay you like this guy and you want to date him but he doesn’t want to date you, you are not a magician and you cannot hypnotize him to change his mind. So live your life, and enjoy being young.

What to say when a guy says you’re too young (16 Comebacks)

Here are some sarcastic, quirky, and good comebacks when a guy says that you are too young.

  1. “ I am too young for what?”
  2. “ Why don’t you let me show you how old I am?”
  3. “Says who?”
  4. “ And you are old so what”
  5. “ Age is nothing but a number”
  6. “ Well…we could still be friends”
  7. “ Why are you scared of a younger woman?”
  8. “We are all young at heart”
  9. “ Let us use our imagination and pretend that we are the same age”
  10. “It’s a shame, yes I am young but I have a good heart”
  11. “ Well, young and old is a good combination don’t you think?”
  12. “ I can teach you what young people like and you can teach me what old people like?”
  13. “ Are you afraid that you won’t be able to keep up?”
  14. “Trust me, I may be young but I feel old insert laughing emoji
  15. “ I am young but I have a lot to offer”
  16. “ That’s okay, I understand”

How young is too young for you to date?

There is no set rule for someone being too young to date, this depends on the preference of the individual, in some places, it’s normal for a couple to have a large age gap as large as 20 years.

When a guy says he’s too old for you?

If a guy says that he is too old for you it can be several things: He might not have had a bad time dating women who are younger than he is or, he is not interested in dating you but doesn’t want to break your heart by telling you the truth.

The conclusion Darling

Liking someone too old for you is all fine and dandy and you might succeed in seducing him and getting him to have sex with but I caution you not to do that. It’s hard for you to understand this but he is doing you a favor, this is a blessing in disguise, when you look back you will thank him for being mature enough to know that you are too young to date him, and maybe, just maybe one day he might reconsider but in the meantime go ahead and live your young life.