Friends who make you laugh (11 Reasons Why You Should Keep Them)

Most of our friends at some point make us laugh, there is nothing as awesome as having your tummy hurt because your friend cracked the funniest joke. And all of a sudden the entire group is rolling on the floor with laughter. A sense of humor is essential when maintaining friendships, you cry, you smile and you laugh together. 

Let’s take a look at why you should not let go of your friends who make you laugh

11 Reasons you should keep friends who make you laugh

You learn how to have a good time

If you have always been around serious or boring people you might not even know how to lighten up, how could you when you are surrounded by serious talk every day? When your friend is funny this teaches you how to have a good time, let your hair down, and just smile.

They say opposites attract and this fact could not be any truer. Most people have different qualities than their friends, in fact, if you are in a group of friends all of you have different friendship roles whether you are aware of this or not. For example, if you are in a group of four ladies, one member of the group might be the clever one, the other member might be the adventurous one, you might be the one who they come to for advice and your jokester friend will be the funny one. 

You get to learn all the cool jokes

The cool thing about your friend being funny is that you get a front-row seat to all the cool jokes. This is so cool because you can use the jokes on other people, it’s a win-win situation. Have you ever told a funny joke and after a few days you hear the same joke from the same people that you told? Yes, it’s weird, and it has resulted in a lot of friendship arguments, but that’s not the point here.  When people say your jokes it usually comes from a harmless place unless there’s a secret funny jokes competition going on in the group. 

Okay back to you and your funny friend. I am sure that your friend wouldn’t mind you using here jokes to impress or play a harmless prank on other people. I am what are friendships for if not use each other’s jokes. 

You form a long-lasting bond

Have you ever walked down the street and noticed two old-aged-looking men or women laughing their hearts away? If you took a chance to get to know them they would most probably tell you that they have been friends since high school or university and they have a mountain of funny stories to tell. That is what happens when you mix friendship with laughter, you will be able to go through the good, the bad, and the fun times together.

They make the best speeches

So you are hosting an event and you need an MC? When you need someone to make a toast at your graduation party or wedding, well look no further than your friendship circle. You have your pick of the funniest friend to lighten the mood and make everyone laugh, just make sure to tell them to keep the embarrassing stories a secret. 

You will be able to tell when they are not in a good mood

Sometimes it’s not always easy to tell when our friend is in a bad mood, we can miss a lot of important hints.  It is much easier to tell that your friend is not okay when she is usually upbeat, happy, and cracking jokes. It can be hard for people who are jokesters to hide when they are going through a tough time. In most cases, you can pick it up instantly when she is not her usually chirpy self, and this is the time for you to come in and be there for her.

They make great babysitters

Hey, if you ever need a baby sister that will keep your children entertained for hours you won’t have to look very far. Your children will love your funny friend, and it’s another win-win situation, your children get an awesome baby sister and she gets to form a strong bond with them

They are the life of the party

Any party that you go to won’t be boring, you won’t find yourself scrolling through your phone trying to keep yourself entertained. Your funny friend is right there with you. I remember back in university when I had a friend who loved telling jokes, attending parties were always great because not only did we have our own secret language but she kept me entertained by doing and saying things that kept me in stitches throughout the night. 

You get to form your own secret language

Now, this takes me back to high school when all we did was look at our friends and we instantly knew what the joke was. If you have a great friend this habit has probably stuck with you throughout your adult years. Now, be warned, your secret language with your friend could land you in major trouble if the person you are telepathically speaking about notices this. How embarrassing, so while having your friendship secret language is great, try not to laugh at other people in public or do it in such a way that they pick it up. 

Your family will think they are a good influence

No one has your best interest like your family, they don’t want to see you sad, on the contrary, most of our families love it when we are happy. They will love your friend or group of friends who make you smile, laugh, and come home in a great mood. 

You will always look forward to catching up

I don’t know about you but after a long hard day at school or work, I am not looking at discussing anything that will add stress to my already hectic day. So when your friend is the funny one in the bunch, it automatically has you looking forward to catching up. Your lunch or dinner date will be the highlight of your day and with such positive dynamics, your friendship will only benefit.

You will feel good about yourself

It’s actually quite rare to have a naturally funny friend and they do even have to make much of an effort. In the past, your friend has most likely made a ton of jokes which not only left you hysterical but also feeling pumped up. Laughing is such a good way of releasing some of the things which weigh us down. This, makes way for good and positive vibes, and guess what happens? Suddenly you are left feeling energized and in a good mood.

In closing

As the saying goes friends who laugh together stay together, even without realizing it our friends can turn a bad day into a good one. Laughter is what makes us look forward to a new day, it’s also great for the body, mind, and soul.