Dumped Because of OnlyFans (Reasons & Awesome Solutions)

You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife, boy please get out of here Oh, what era are we living in? Is this 1907 where women can’t show their bodies, never mind doing what they want with their bodies? Oh God forbid that a woman decides to have an OnlyFans account, for whatever reasons that she has it. Not taking into consideration that not all the girls on OnlyFans are there because they are gold diggers, some women are on Onlyfans to pay for their college education and support their families.

Oh, what a crime it is for women to do that, and what an even bigger no-no for your boyfriend to dump you because you are on or you did have an Onlyfans account. Once again, is this 1907? YUK. For clarification purposes, I want you to know that women can have an OnlyFans account, and no that doesn’t mean that you are a slut, okay?

With that out of the way let’s have a look at the reasons why your boyfriend dumped you because of OnlyFans and most importantly what solutions you can do to feel better.

5 Reasons why you were dumped because of OnlyFans

The reason why you were dumped because of OnlyFans is that your ex-boyfriend did not feel comfortable with you being on the platform. He feels like because you were on OnlyFans lots of guys want you, Lots of guys have seen you naked and it makes him feel a little insecure.

He is scared of what others will think of him

Bare in mind that sites like Onlyfans have played a role in destroying relationships, some of his friends may have experienced something along those lines, and some of his friends may think low of women who are on OnlyFans, so if his friends find out that you have an OnlyFans account it can strip him of his dignity.

He has medieval viewpoints on women

In his mind, a woman belongs in the kitchen and should cover up. Depending on his background and culture he might be an old-fashioned man. Old-fashioned men are the best but they don’t tolerate things such as OnlyFans.

He is insecure

Dating an Insecure man can be a big drain, you always have to explain and justify why you do or did certain things, he might feel like the men on Onlyfans have a leg up on him, they have seen you naked and they have most likely paid you to do certain things on camera and his ego cannot and will not take that. You might not even be happy in the relationship you might always be thinking my boyfriend is insecure about my past or My boyfriend is so jealous and insecure, and if you marry him it could even be worse do you really want an insecure husband?

He has a reputation to protect

He could have dumped you to protect his reputation, come on you are on OnlyFans so you know the entire world judges people on what they have and who they are with. If your ex-boyfriend has a high-powered position, or he is a pastor or someone who is respected in the community you being on OnlyFans can damage how people see him.

Onlyfans is a deal breaker for him

Everyone has a relationship deal breaker, for some, it can be infidelity, for me it’s unemployment, I will never date a man who has no job, and for your ex-boyfriend, it’s the fact that you made an OnlyFans. You can’t blame him for sticking to what he believes in. I am sure that you also have your relationship dealbreakers.

8 Things you should do when you are dumped because of OnlyFans

If he dumps you because of OnlyFans you should respect his decision, lots of people have different relationship dealbreakers and for him, the fact that you are on OnlyFans is something that he won’t be able to live with, so focus on finding the right guy who won’t make you feel guilty about having an OnlyFans account.

Be happy that he dumped you

Think about it, do you want to be with a guy who will hold certain standards above your head, you will constantly walk on eggshells thinking “What does he think of me” or “ Can I do this without his permission, can I do that without his permission” you might as well be at California ladies maximum prison.

Even when you want to wear a sexy dress or try something new in the bedroom you will be afraid because, at the back of your find, you don’t want him to associate that with OnlyFans. God forbid, you try to spice up your sex life with something new without him thinking it’s something that you learned on OnlyFans. You dodged a bullet if he is not comfortable with your history that fine, but he can’t dictate how you live your life or earn your money.

Be upfront about OnlyFans

To avoid further heartbreak you need to be upfront about OnlyFans and tell the guy that you are dating that Onlyfans is what you do or what you used to do. If the only thing you were doing was solo acts then it should not be a problem, but if you had people with you on and off some guys might find it too much to deal with.

So save yourself and the new guy the trouble of going on dates and falling deeply in love only to have the relationship over because he doesn’t like the concept of OnlyFans. When you tell him, Don’t do it on the first date, you can wait until the third of the fourth date to tell him.

Find an open-minded guy

With the population increasing at a rapid date you won’t have an issue finding a guy who is open-minded enough to date you even if you are an OnlyFans girl. Lots of guys will be supportive and some will try to help you do other things that are not related to OnlyFans, you just have to keep your eyes open.

Don’t let his insecurities get to you

Insecurities about OnlyFans are his, not yours, Don’t take on his insecurity monkey, and make it your own. If he thinks that every guy will want you and you will cheat because of OnlyFans that’s on him, not on you. If he thinks you are damaged goods because, millions of guys have seen you naked, again, that’s on him not on you.

Make peace with his decision

You can’t undo the fact that you are an OnlyFans girl, and you can’t force him to change his mind, nor can you bad mouth him and call him a jerk because of his decision, it’s his choice to dump you and OnlyFans is his deal breaker, you have to respect his choice.

Think about your dating future

We can’t run away from the fact that even though millions of girls are on OnlyFans, men still think of OnlyFans as a no-go area when it comes to having a stable relationship. If you can stomach the fact that you will have to go through multiple guys to find one that is cool with OnlyFans then you will be okay, you will be a winner. But if you can’t take the rejection, the name-calling, and being dumped you might have to maybe reconsider Onlyfans.

If it makes you uncomfortable and causes anxiety think of an exit plan, maybe you can use the money that you make from Onlyfans to start a side business that’s, not adult entertainment related, or maybe you can go to university to further your studies using the money from OnlyFans, once your life is sorted then and only then leave.

Dont leave OnlyFans if you are making good money and it’s the only way to support yourself and your family but because you want a boyfriend you sacrifice your financial freedom, no, leave OnlyFans when you have your ducks in a row, or you might leave and then have to go back.

Keep OnlyFans to yourself

To be honest there are millions of women on OnlyFans and if you were doing it the right way chances of him finding out are slim to none, trust me. There are some things that we should go to our graves with, basically what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Are your videos out in public? Are you a world-famous adult start, if not, the next guy you date might or might not need to know that you had or have an OnlyFans, guys don’t tell their girlfriends everything.

Dont beat yourself up

Okay sure you made an OnlyFans account, but come on this is not 1901 where women do not show their bodies no one knows the exact reason why you did it, but I can always bet it was for the money. Not every girl on OnlyFans is a hungry gold digger some of the girls want to support their families or pay for university.

To Wrap it up Darlings

Let’s deal with the issue at hand, you were or you are still on OnlyFans, but if you have your whole future mapped out don’t let him dumping you be the end all be all. You are on OnlyFans for a reason, as stated, many women you did OnlyFans go on to open businesses and educate themselves with the money they make on the platform, so until you sort your life out, do you my Darling.