8 Reasons Why Your Mom Always Complains

Why don’t you do the dishes? Why don’t you focus on your career? Why don’t you do what I tell you to do? Does this sound familiar? Your mom is never happy with what you do even when you try to make her happy it is never enough.

I will tell you the possible reasons why your mom always complains the last one will shock you

8 Reasons why your mom always complains

Your mom always complains because she is not happy, an unfulfilled life leads to misery which leads to complaining. She is unhappy about her life and takes it out on you, she also wants to you do and be what she wants.

She is unhappy

This is on top because it’s the most obvious reason, your mom is unhappy because happy people rarely complain. There could be a mountain of reasons why your mom is not happy, I will leave that up to you to figure out but to give you clues it can be anything. She might be looking back at her life and is angry at herself for the choices she made in life, she might want to do everything over again but because we know that is impossible it’s making her unhappy.

She has low self-esteem

If your mom has low self-esteem then complaining is her way of feeling better about herself. Because she has a hard time feeling confident her complaining is her way of taking back control and making herself feel better.

Don’t let her self-esteem issues affect you, the lower she feels the more she will complain and the person on the receiving end is you.

She has good reason to complain

Well does your mom have a valid reason for complaining? Are you doing everything that you are supposed to? I am not talking about being perfect here but are you at least trying in life and trying to show your mom that you want to succeed and that you are not just some game-addicted daughter who only wants to play online games and watch Netflix all day? I mean if you don’t do what is expected of you then your mom has good reason to complain.

Maybe you are having a hard time finding a job and your mom has the responsibility of taking care of you financially, instead of kicking you out she has let you stay in her house so to make it easier on her don’t ask her for money for things such as makeup or an expensive phone, show her that you are you grateful that she is still taking care of you.

She knows what she wants

Unless you have a child yourself then you won’t be able to understand that all moms have a vision for their children and most moms what their children to be successful more than they ever could be. Maybe your mom is complaining because you are not in line with that vision, instead, you have become everything that she didn’t want you to be. For example, your mom wanted you to be a doctor but you want to be an interior designer and that is something she never imagined you would do.

You can speak to your mom about the person you have become or are becoming and make her see that her vision for your life was what she imagined and that is not you.

There is a communication problem

Most moms would love a life where they never have to complain, I mean who wants to spend day in and day out saying the same thing over and over again? You and your mom might have a communication problem, both of you are talking but none of you are listening to each other. If an argument starts and she begins with complaining, shouting at the top of your voice won’t exactly solve the problem.

If there is an issue to be solved and both of you are busy, trying to talk when she only has 2 minutes to spare is pointless, find a time when both of you are not busy and get to the root of the issue.

Because you are grown your mom might not be making as much effect as she used to when you were young, the less time you guys spend away from each other, the bigger the communication problem becomes.

Its learned behavior

If you sit with people who always complain then guess what? You will also complain. Your mom might have had a mom who is exactly like her, you don’t have to look far, have a look at how her mom or her siblings communicate and you will have your answer. If your grandmother or your aunt is like your mom, then this is learned behavior.

She is unaware of the behavior

Your mom can’t change what she is not aware of, if you have been quiet and hoping that it will go away, think again. When your mom is aware that she always complains, then she will be able to do something about it.

Its what moms do

There is a mom rule, and one of the rules is to be a constant nag to your kids, it’s what all moms all over the world do, they nag and complain, it’s part of the DNA of what being a mom means. It might seem like it but your mom is not the only mom in the universe that complains, trust me even your friends are probably feeling the same way about their moms, it’s not just your mom it’s moms all over the world.

Why is my mom always complaining about me?

Your mom always complains about you because you are not meeting certain expectations that she set out for you. Your mom whats you to be and do what she wants and she is not happy that you are doing the opposite.

Is it normal for my mom to constantly complain?

It is normal for your mom to complain about certain things, but it’s not normal for her to complain all the time. If she complains and doesn’t find a solution to what she complains about then she needs help with identifying the problem and coming up with a solution.

In conclusion

An unhappy life leads to frustration which leads to complaining, if you know that you have done nothing wrong that would make your mom complain, then the problem is not you it’s her, she needs to get to the root of what is making her internal problems.

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