6 Genius Things You Can Do When Your Mom Always Complains

So you want to know what you can do when your mom starts complaining, is there anything that you can do? I am sure that you have tried many things in the past and some of them worked but only for a little while and after a few days you were right back where you started with your ever-complaining mommy dearest.

You do not have to scratch your head or contemplate doom and gloom, it’s okay, we have a few things that you can do when your mom always complains, you can also look at the article about why your mom always complains and be sure to tell us which one worked for you.

6 Things you can do when your mom always complains

Make a list

It’s easy to have a counter-argument when you have evidence, the evidence you will need will be in the form of documentation. You can make a list of the things that she always complains about, you can also add the number of times that she complains about a particular thing or situation. So come prepared, and have a detailed list that includes dates and the names of the people who were there.

If she complains about you then make an effort to correct whatever she wants you to correct, if she still complains jot that down. When you have something in writing it becomes easier to see the full picture and your mom will not only be shocked at the number of times that she complains but will appreciate the effect that you made.

If your mom complains a lot about the way you do things you can ask her if she would prefer to do them herself, if not she can show you how to do something or better yet get someone else to do it.

Do what she tells you to do

The easiest way to get your mom off your back is to do what she wants, yes just do it for the sack of peace. When your mom has to complain for the hundredth time about the same issue it becomes very frustrating for her. As her child she expects you to understand that she expects certain things or behaviors from you. If she constantly complains about the same things then she feels like she is not being heard.

Connect with her

Try and understand who your mom is by asking her how she grew up, and ask her about her life and her struggles as a woman. Try to bond with her on a different level and make time for deep conversations. What she tells you might surprise you but most importantly you will have insight into why she is the way that she is. If your mom always complains about you not being serious in school it could be that she didn’t get a chance to further her education and this is her way of making sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to you.

This doesn’t have to be anything serious, ask your mom, if she would like to go out for lunch, or if lunch is not your thing you can ask her when you guys are eating dinner at home, instead of staring at the TV and ignoring each other, try to connect with her.

Dont repeat her mistakes

The worst thing that you can do is repeat her mistakes, is to repeat her mistakes, you can see how her complaining is affecting you so don’t do it to your children someday. Use this as a learning curve of the kind of mom you do not want to become, because you don’t want your kids to resent you, don’t internalize her behavior and make it your own.

Turn a blind eye

In other words, you can choose to ignore her but change the topic, fine she complains but you can get away with minding your own business. When she starts you can pretend you have something important that you need to do, or tell her you need to charge your phone, this can be anything as long as you stop hearing her complaining.

Help her to change

Suppose your mom is open to changing her behavior then by all means help her. You can help by doing several things, for example, if you know that something that you like to do dresses her out, then try your best to stop doing that. If she wants to take it a step further and speak to someone you can help her find a counselor or a coach someone other than yourself, give your mom credit for trying.

What causes constant complaining?

A lot of things can cause constant complaining, some people complain because of life circumstances and they are not happy with their lives and some people cannot help but complain because they have some emotional instability and their mood swings contribute to the constant complaining and it’s the way of their the emotions.

How do you deal with a mother who is never satisfied?

Find out what is making your mom not satisfied and do the opposite, take the time to get to know your mom, and find out things such as what she likes, and the way that she grew up all these factors will help you understand why your mom is never satisfied.

To wrap it up

So we have dealt with the issue of your mom always complaining, now that you know what to do why not put some of these suggestions into practice, don’t read and not do anything about the situation, if your mom truly gets on your nerves then its time to try some of these solutions.